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Bowser's Call


Hello there. I know that all of you guys have no idea who I am, but I've been working on my first complete hack [after numerous failed attempts that will never be seen:P] for about the past month or so, so I thought that I'd show off the first world, which is mostly completed. All in all, it's gonna be a 50 exit hack with 6 different worlds with mostly vanilla content that is focused mostly on pure level design. Any suggestions would be nice, and there's a demo within my filebin. So, here ya go!



Originally posted by serplux

That color on that background is really large, in my opinion. It goes from a dark sludge to a light sludge.
I like it so far.
In the OW, there are a few black lines missing ;D
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Originally posted by MetalJo
I like it so far.
In the OW, there are a few black lines missing ;D

Agreed, it is really confusing my eyes lol.

Thanks for all the feedback guys. I'm workin' on the main overworld right now, and I'll get back to this when I'm done.
Really liking this hack so far. The palettes look great.
The OW looks good too but the cliff can be improved. If you did something like in the picture below, that would look great. I drew the lines in MS Paint.
Small update (I'm currently working on World 2):