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Is repeating music in hacks really that bad?

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I've seen in lots of reviews and stuff saying things like 'the music repeated it is bad'. Is repeating music really bad? Like, a good part of the games I already played repeats music a lot. Some examples would be most of the Mario games and Donkey Kong game. So, what's wrong in repeating music?
I find it ridiculous. Complain about repeating music when you stop playing side-scrollers.
Not really. Didn't Mario 64 only use about five or so different level themes total? Nobody complained about the music then, despite the fact the very same music was used in sets of levels like Lethal Lava Land and Shifting Sand Land, or Hazy Maze Cave and Wet Dry World.

Not to mention, music takes up a lot of space, so in practice it often ends up being either 'lots of different music' or 'varying sprites/blocks/asm/graphics'.
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Not at all. Since you're not using a music three times per world. You can use one together with a graphics and palette set, per example.

And use one music for one level only is ridiculous in my oppinion.
Well, it's good to have some different things in a ROM (or a hack) but you must focus on the creativity, otherwise it'll start becoming more repetitive.
It's personal preference. When designing levels, I prefer giving each a unique feel and a new track to go with it, (this is coming from someone that uses a different tileset for each level) but repeating tracks for appropriate areas has been used in many commercial games and can save a lot of space (SMWCP2 is a good example). Still, the other extreme is when consecutive levels have the same song, which can get grating, or when the hack as a whole doesn't have enough music. For example, Radiant Historia was a great DS game and had great music... but only had 25 tracks that got old fast.

If music plays an important role in your hack, repeating themes can sometimes stifle creativity. Say you have two different cave levels: one might be grassy, one might have a lot of lava. Using the same theme for each makes them a little more similar and might make your design similar too. It depends on how much a certain song inspires you to build a level that uses it.
There is no wrong in repeating music (as long as you don't use the same damn thing over and over again).
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This discussion is reminding me of when SSHoPKC LPed Super Mario Bros. 5 Reborn. One of his complaints in the earlier parts of the LP involved my usage of the same track for several consecutive levels. This prompted me to add in a couple more songs when I did the last revision of the hack. For my current hack, I have used certain songs more than once, but there's usually a a level or two between one usage of a song and the next. An example would be the New Super Mario Bros. Main Theme. I used this song for two full levels and two sublevels. The two full levels that use it have two levels between them which use different songs.
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Wait - so people actually dislike the repeating music of every Mario game, even the most famous one from the first game?
Though I don't think repeating music is a bad thing and can also tolerate it, I'd prefer if hacks used different songs for most of the levels instead of repeating music. If a song is used in 2 or 3 different levels, then I'm fine with that but if it's the way Super Mario World does it then, I don't really like it. I'm just one who prefers to hear different songs instead of the same 5 songs in a full length hack at least.
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So far, every single level in my hack starts with a song that no other level starts with. However, every stage will also split up into smaller levels, and those sub-stages will always use songs from other levels. I'd like to have a very wide variety of tunes, but it's also good to keep some aspects familiar to the player throughout the game.

Now, as for other hacks that don't go quite as overboard with music, while overusing songs can result in the game appearing too repetitive in some parts, there's no harm in using a few amount of songs throughout the entire game. Just look at how much mileage Super Mario World got from 5 (7 if you count bonus music and boss battle music) different songs for stages throughout 72 levels! Using the same songs multiple times is not at all bad when applied correctly. The problem comes from being too predictable; not just using the same song multiple levels in a row, but using the same order of songs throughout a few worlds. If you can add some variety, then this whole thing is nothing more than a non-issue.

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I like a lot of variety, but repeating themes isn't a big problem. Depends on the length of the hack and number of themes.

Note that SMW's music is definitely too repetitive.
Isn't SMW second only to SMB on having the least variety of music?
It's all the same melody, I believe.
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The first time I heard that I couldn't believe it, but it's true. I never got tired of the music in any of the old games, though. You're all spoiled. -_-

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If the song fits the mood of the level pretty well, and is halfway decent, I don't mind. Music just enhances the level, it's not the thing that wants me to keep playing, though.
Although I do agree that you should try to have a unique feel if you can with each level. That said, if you feel the need to repeat the use of music just to help the mood and it isn't repeated OFTEN I could care less. To be honest I have noticed that sometimes I won't even notice the track after about 3 seconds of the level except sorta as helping the effect, since I'm mostly focusing on the level, NOT the music.
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Originally posted by Epsilon
You're all Most of you are spoiled. -_-


But yeah, I agree it's ridiculous.

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It's typical in Mario platformers to have music that corresponds to the type of level (land, sky, cave, water, castle, ghost, bonus, etc., sometimes more specific themes like desert, snow, lava, or jungle). If anything, I think some hacks have too much variation in music-- it's not as memorable to me if music is only used in one level (unless it's a particularly significant level, such as the final level).

I think I like the approach the newer 2D Mario games use-- mostly themed music, but new tracks are still introduced throughout the game, possibly in combination with new level types (for example, NSMB introduces a lava level theme in 8-5).

I prefer it when the same music track isn't used for more than two consecutive levels, though. (Most Mario games from SMB3 onward seem to do this most of the time, actually, though there are occasional exceptions-- SMW's last four special levels come to mind.)

(Now, repetitive music is a different issue...)

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It is not a bad thing unless the song gets annoying or unfitting. However, variety is still important.
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