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Super Bombchu World 0.5 - Bombchu
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Name: Super Bombchu World 0.5
Author: Bombchu
(No description).

Alright, I'm going to be terribly honest with you, this hack felt like something you made in a couple of hours in Lunar Magic, I don't know if that really is the case, but at least it's the idea it gives. Your levels were too short, poorly designed and filled with repetitive and/or boring segments.

This title screen is not very appealing. Also, the file selection menu has a bad palette, so do the clouds in the background and the blocks spawned when Mario hits the "?" blocks (they look like green turn blocks instead of brown used blocks).

While this message is grammatically correct, I'm sure you can phrase it better.

These blocks act like coins when a blue P-switch is active; however, they still look like solid blocks.

Some levels end with a normal goal tape, but others end with these inverted ON/OFF block tiles (which aren't appropriate level ender tiles by the way). Having different level ender tiles with no specific reason is nothing but inconsistent, and you should avoid doing it.

Don't use floating or stacked munchers, they don't look good.

-Cutoff in the rope in the first screenshot
-Cutoff in the ground ledges in the second and third screenshot, these ledges need appropriate end tiles.
-Why were some sprites walking in the air (like that bomb) in the level featured on the third screenshot?
-The Blargg in the fourth screenshot is cutoff, that's why you shouldn't use them in slopes.

Bad palettes (chuck/midpoint, bullet bill cannons, block and water respectively).

Some sprite tiles disappear because of sprite memory issues. Set the correct sprite memory index with the Lakitu head button (A for the level with the wiggler, E for the level with the bubbles).

The message boxes mess up with the HDMA gradient in the background. Try using fake HDMA instead. Also, F.L.U.D.D. had a bad palette.

These are examples of empty and boring segments I mentioned before. There were more segments like this through your hack, but if I point out all of them, I'll spend hours writing this removal log.

1. All the levels in the overworld are accessible from the beginning. Just because this is a demo, it doesn't mean you shouldn't have any kind of progression through the hack.
2. Some levels still have their original name. This makes you look like a lazy hacker who doesn't even care about changing the names of their levels before submitting their hack.
3. I can only see 8 levels here, and you said there were 9 levels when you submitted the hack.

Your overworld has bad palettes and cutoffs everywhere. Even if this part is not accesible yet, you really need to fix this.

Cut-out sentence. Also, since the message boxes and the ceiling at the edges were too low, I had to duck down in order to proceed which is really annoying.

Red buzy beetles are not substitute for spinies since their shell isn't spiked, so it doesn't make sense if they hurt you when you jump on them.

What's the point on placing a mushroom here if I can't even get it?

What the...?

Summary: As I mentioned at the beggining, the main issue of this hack are the short and poorly designed levels. Read this and this in order to improve your level design skills; I also advise you to play some hacks in the site so you can get an idea of what kind of levels we expect to see in your hacks; also you should read the Hack submission guidelines before submitting this hack again.
Name: Super Bombchu World 0.7
Author: Bombchu
(no description)

Removed because the author submitted the hack twice.
You didn't fix a lot of things since the last removal log, most of the issues I pointed out were still present and the levels were still too short and poorly designed; if you're not willing to put any effort in fixing you hack, there's no way I can accept it.

There was a bit of slowdown here.

Since you disable spin-jumping, doing this without getting hurt is pretty much impossible. Didn't I tell you not to use these red buzzy beetles in the first place?

Part of the skull raft disappeared because of sprite memory errors.

This midpoint bar reappeared after I died.

I can't see the jumpin' piranha plant when its hidden behind the hill, bu I can still get hurt by it. This is an unfair hit.

The block has a bad palette.

When I beat this level, strange garbeled events appear in the overworld. Didn't I tell you to use a more conventional overworld anyway?

These blocks have a bad palette too.

You still have a long way to go before I can accept this hack. Almost everything I pointed out in the last removal log still applies, read both this and the previous removal logs carefully and fix everything you can.
You didn't fix almost anything from the previous versions. Read aj6666's removal logs and fix everything he mentioned. This is a warning.
Otherwise we can't accept your hack, really.

Some additional problems:

Mario's graphics are glitchy/garbled sometimes.

The bird's colors are very weird. This shouldn't be hard to fix.

Also, you submitted only one single screenshot. You'll definitely need to submit more screenshots next time (showing different levels, the overworld etc.).
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - Super Bombchu World 0.5 - Bombchu

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