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Super Mario World - The After Years - EvilGuy0613
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Name: Super Mario World - The After Years
Author: EvilGuy0613
Description: Many years into the future, after the former heroes of the Mushroom Kingdom no longer exist; strange events begin to take place when the new antagonist: Nova, moves onto the island. A young boy by the name of Mute, has been recruited by the new princess of the Mushroom Kingdom to help fight for what’s left of the land. But does he have what it takes to defeat Nova?
Play the first episode of the action pack series, “Super Mute World.”

Important Note: For the best results, use ZSNES. There's a few problems that I need to fix to make it compatible with BSNES, but it's perfectly compatible with ZSNES. (The others I don't know about yet.)

Removed because an updated version was uploaded.
Name/Author/Description: Idem.

General issues
This hack was quite fun to play, the story quite appealing and you did implement some neat gimmicks in several levels. Unfortunately, a lot of levels have major level design breaks along with other technical issues.

First of all, reading this auto-scrolling text can be very annoying, why don't use a regular cutscene like the ones you've used in the rest of the hack? Also, Mute's Graphics are quite simplistic compared to Mario's; not only he has no shading at all, but his moving/jumping animations were quite odd, and he doesn't even look up when I press up.

First screenshot: "except", not "accept"
Second screenshot: Nova said "after all" twice in the same sentence, which is quite redundant
Third screenshot: "a shame", not "ashame"
I don't know if there were more mistakes in your cutscenes, but these are the ones I caught. I advise you to double check your text.

A lot of midpoints in your hack reappear after I die. This is why you shouldn't place them via map16. Some of them also have bad palettes.

Easy 3-up moons (especially the last two ones since they're in the middle of the way). Now, it's ok if you place 3-up moons at the end of some dead-end levels, but these ones where in "passing" levels.

Your level ender blocks use different colors (and sometimes even different tiles) in some levels for some unknown reason. Now, I understand why secret exits have a different color, but all the blocks featured here are normal exits, which is ok, but if you're going to use different colors/tiles for your level exits, you should at least explain why. Same goes for secret exits: some of them were red stars while other were keyholes.

Why did you place invisible midway points in some levels?

-No screenshot-
The overworld had several dead-end levels with no actual purpose on beating them (I'm not talking about the ones with moons or hints, since those did have a purpose). You should avoid doing this, because a lot of players don't like it.

Not really a removal reason, but it would be nice if Mute had actual overworld graphics instead of just being an arrow.

These three levels were all airship levels, and yet the overworld shows a mountain. You should at least place some ships around this area or something.

Several overworld tiles were revealed before I could access them. You can use layer 1 events if you want to make them appear from a submap.

Where's the world 4 sign?

The color of the tiles next to the lava don't match the color of the wall tiles.

There's a glitched tile in the border, next to the rock.

The level I'm standing on in the first screenshot is unlocked by finding the secret exit in Defense Base 2, but the tile appeared when I found the normal exit.

Sometimes the music stops playing after I beat a level with a boss battle. There's a hex edit to fix that.

Hot undergrounds

Repetitive segment here.

Bad initial camera position

Boring climbing segment

Line guide caves

Repetitive segments.

I can get here. Make the corner tiles act like tile 130, not 100.

Green Green Valey

Empty segments.

K. Guardian's Castle

Those thwomps are partly placed in the wall, move them one tile to the side. Also, it's perfectly possible to get through this area without getting the P-switch to activate the light switch.

This room was quite repetitive.

City night

The second line guided platform refused to appear because of sprite memory errors.

Flooded city

Empty segment.

Weird space

Boring and empty line guide segment.

That turn block on the ground has a bad palette.

Satelite core

That message box text should have a black background.

Satelite base

Here, I can't see where I have to land; this qualifies as a blind jump.

Empty and repetitve segment.


The first part of this level consisted mostly in standing on Mega Moles like this, which is quite boring.

Nova's factory

If I enter the door in the first screenshot, I die.

This message was cut out.

It's hard to guess these koopas will damage me if I try to stomp them, the spike in their head is a little hard to see.

This level was full of empty and repetitive segments.

Hidden Factory

Aside from waiting for the bomb bros to attack, this room consisted mostly in going back and forth caring P-switches.

Sky factory

This turn block changes its aspect after I hit it.

Flight to greatMT

Those things don't look like mines, and those tiles were safe before this point. I advise you to use another tile for the mines.

The upper pipe looks different from the down one.

Airship escape

I have 130 seconds to escape? The cutscene said the airship would explode in 120 seconds.

Slowdown here.

Boring fall. I get what you are aiming for, but this could be way shorter.

Lower mountains

Empty segments.

Pipe factory.

So, not only I have to carry the P-switch all the way back, but I must also go through this room twice to hit the ON/OFF switch, not very fun.

Long empty segment. What's wrong with having to dodge some enemies while climbing?

This boss' graphics look quite simplistic, 8 bit sprites don't look very well in a 16-bit game.

Man eating forest
I think you meant "Man eater forest".

This giant eerie needs appropriate graphics, using large scale graphics of the 16x16 version only makes them look pixeled.

Ghost graveyard

I don't think this the best way to point out the invisible floor, walking through the coins is kind of weird.

Repetitve segments.

Same problem as in Line Guide Caves.

Boring and empty line guide segment.

Part of the Eerie disappears because of sprite memory errors.

This stream of boo buddies is hard to see.

Heaven or Hell

The twister has a bad palette.

Haunted house

I can skip all the way to the midpoint, or better yet, I can skip the whole level very easily by spin jumping on one of the eeries from the generator.

Waiting for these guys to move so I can continue is boring, also if I don't take the right door I have to redo the last room again, which is quite frustrating since I'm forced to do that room at least twice anyway (I have to come back with the key). Why don't you remove this room completely?

This phanto didn't start chasing me when I took the key (it did with the other keys though).

You should add a ceiling (or a ceiling generator sprite) in this level, otherwise I can jump over the walls like this.

Boring star run.

Haunted Cruise

I can skip a large portion of the level thanks to the water here.

Funhouse fortress

This midpoint was pretty pointless, except for skipping the cutscene. I advise you to replace it with a mushroom since most of the rooms are passable without taking a lot of hits.

The Chuck disappeared because of sprite memory errors.

Repetitive segment.

This black block not only looks bad, but it doesn't look like something that would hurt me.

Secret Funhouse

The camera doesn't scroll when I jump on these green bouncy blocks, this is quite annoying since I can't see where's the ceiling.

Starlight park

These guys hurt me sometimes when I jump on them.

I can get here.

This bridge doesn't look good.

Starlight Tower

Same problem as in Funhouse Fortress.

These spiky things are actually footballs, so I can actually jump on them which doesn't really makes sense.


That rope mechanism should be attached to the rope.

Haunted funzone

This boss was way too hard for world 4. You should either remove one of the crystals or reduce their HP.

Prison Breakout

It took me a while to figure out what I had to do here, a hint would have been nice.

Bad initial camera position.

I have to go through this whole room several times in order to break the shell blocks and take the key and go back to the first room. Don't do this.

And if I don't take the key here, I have to do everything again...

Repetitive segments.

Toxic undergrounds

Since you placed the no-cape blocks in at the end of the previous level, I suppose you didn't want the player to use a cape here, and yet it's possible to have one if I keep it in my reserve box.

Bad initial camera position.

Temple of Greed

The line guided platform refused to appear because of sprite memory errors.

Empty segment.

Temple of Vengeance

This room was quite empty and boring. I advise you to change the auto scroll to medium instead of slow.

The fishbone goes into the ground.

If I die after taking the midpoint, I can skip all the way to the boss.

Lemmy has a bad palette.

Airship Rescue

This part was empty and pointless.

That hammer bro got stuck into the log.

Artic Ilusion

I shouldn't be able to get here.

Cold Mountains

Boring underwater walk.

This whole segment was quite empty and boring.

The deep sea

Empty segment.

Frozen paradise

Repetitive and empty segment.

That koopa should walk on the ground.

You shouldn't make the player abuse this kind of glitches, find another way to hide the secret exit in Wet Dry Forest.

Ice caverns

These carrot lift segments were quite empty and boring.

This qualifies as a blind jump.

If your message doesn't fit in one message box, that's ok. Just don't cut out sentences like this.

Desert Beach

The quicksand looks the same as the normal sand.

Bad initial camera position.

Volcano Castle

These blocks hurt you from the side, even if they don't have spikes or anything. I know you added a message box to warn the player, but it still doesn't make sense.


There's no point on having those mushrooms here, since I can recover my health with the midpoint, which by the way, had a bad palette.

Wet Grasslands

That spiny doesn't look very good like that.

If I fall here, I'm suck and forced to kill myself

I can get through this slope. This is why you shouldn't connect them directly with vertical edges.

Dry Brdige.
This level was an airship level followed by a grassland segment, "Dry Bridge" is not the best name for that.

Slowdown here

Getting rewarded with a cape for dyeing after the midpoint is not very logic (same goes for other levels with similar situations).

The inside of the eating lotus doesn't look very good; it should have some shading, like the volcano lotus instead of being all black.

Plant Eating Forest
Does the forest eat plants? I think you mean "Forest of eating plants" (not sure if that will fit though).

Walking on these platforms without any enemies around is quite easy and boring.

Wiggler Jungle

The rock platforms are not synchronized correctly, so doing this jump without getting hurt is a bit hard.

Normally, I'd expect this tile to be solid.

The bush has a bad palette, the white outlines don't look good.

Where's the Light switch?

Toxic Forest Ride
-No screenshot-
This level felt quite empty and repetitive, all I have to do is wait in the skull raft, and there really aren't too much enemies or threats around.

If I go too fast, the skull raft will disappear, forcing me to commit suicide.

Wet Dry Forest

If I die after taking the midpoint, I appear in the area seen in the second screenshot. Also, that giant mucher needs appropriate graphics.

First screenshot: cutoff between the vine and the muncher, why don't you use a regular vine instead?
Second screenshot: the ground ledge is cutoff.

Repetitive segment

The purple coins look solid when I press the blue P-switch (which was actually grey) but they still act like coins. Also, as I told you before, your hack shouldn't require this kind of glitches.

The Lost Forest

This tile should be solid.

You should tell the player that these muchers with bad palettes are instant killers.

Digital Forest

Activating the P-Switch blocks my way; Mute is always big, so he can't get through places like this very easily.

I can't enter this pipe from the fire area.

Blind falls to death.

This time even the lava lotuses need a better palette.

Another slope you need to fix.

Night Cayons

Another 8-bit sprite which doesn't look good in a 16-bit game.

This room consisted only in bringing shells from a spot to another with almost no enemies around, really boring.

What do these weird blocks do?

Cloud island

This area would look better if it had a background.

This tile should act as tile 100, not 130

Repetitive segment which was also quite empty.

Sky palace

Empty segments.

This boss needs an accurate hitbox.

Airship Stand Off

Empty segment

I can stand on these birds, however, in the earlier levels, they died if I jumped on them. Things like these make your hack lack congruence.

Defense Base 1

Empty segment.

Sea laboratory

That cannon needs a better palette.

I can't see the climbing net because of the darkness.

I got here somehow.

The door next to the wall is placed next to a screen boundary, so it can lead me to the screen exit set for the previous screen (in other words, it can lead me to level 86 instead of level 80, and yes, I checked that in Lunar Magic).

Sea Aquarim

This room was quite empty. Also, you should set the horizontal layer 2 scrolling to constant, because it's weird to see the water moving horizontally as I swim.

Defense Base 2

These koopas look like the ones that hurt me if I jump on them; however, these ones are perfectly stompable.

This secret exit was ridicully easy to find, especially for a world 8 level.

I can skip all the way to here if I die after taking the midway point.

Sunset hills

Yet another ledge I can get into.

Subterranead Base

This key block looks like a level ender block.

The stairs are hard to see because of the darkness.

This ON/OFF block was pretty pointless; it's always OFF when I get here.

This level was really hard and long, so doing the whole thing again in order to get the secret exit is not nice.

There's no indication for when it's safe to jump on Nova and when I will get hurt if I try to do so.

The Escape

This door leads to the credit scene, which means I can easily skip this whole level.

The shells here sometimes refuse to appear.

Abbreviating usernames is ok for conversations and things like that, however, you should write the full names when you list them on the credits. Also, just like the intro, it would be better if this was done as a regular cutscene.

Crystal Caverns

Is there any reason why I can't collect these coins?

Grinder Base

Some of these arrow blocks will lead me to spikes which I can't see from bellow. This qualifies as a blind jump.

This can qualify as an empty segment; all I have to do here is press L or R to block the Thwomps.

Vanilla Dimension

These glowing blocks don't look very good. Maybe you should give them proper outlines.

This Yoshi Coin was a trap. By the way, it's not vanilla if it has custom sprites.

Dark Chambers
I don't know if you are aware of this, but I don't need to get the throw blocks in order to get here, I can simply use this shell.

Phantom forest

There's no way I can hit this message box since I can't jump in this room.

You really need to make these tiles solid.

The turn blocks disappear because of sprite memory issues; change the sprite memory index to 9.

Basically, you need to correct all the empty and repetitive segments out there, especially in the earlier worlds. I don't know if you already read them, but this and this should help you to improve your level design.

It took me forever to write this removal log.
Removed by author's request because a newer version was submitted.

(This feels like deja vu)
Will try not to bother with the updates so much.

My Youtube Channel for Hacking and Gaming.
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