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What dream have you had recently?
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Here you can tell any crazy screwed up dreams you might've had recently.
This one was way too random to remember it, but i can clearly remember the ending: I entered the bathroom, and realized "this is a dream, so i can make a ghost appear". The ghost indeed appeared, then i flew off and soflty woke up.

Weird, but certainly better than waking with a start.

they say... i forgot
Indeed a lot of random things, like becoming a girl and seeing my dad falling as victim of a screamer.

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I had one with porky minch and it went like this:
I was at a Restaurant with an SNES And a little tv.I was playing earthbound when porky said: *Look inside the Goggles.*
I didn't and he said: *You have Balls of steel... i will be your friend... Asdf.* Then he hopped out of the tv with the bed spider and we had fun at the arcade!

<Bender>:Bite my shiny metal ass.
<Fry>:Doesn't look so shiny to me.
<Bender>: Shinier than yours, meatbag.

My brother peeled off the label from a bottle of water I have on my desk.

I have no idea where that one came from.

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I don't have dreams often, and the ones I do have are so odd I wouldn't even know how to explain them.

"I have no words that would do justice to the atrocities you commit to the English language, as well as your continued assaults on the concepts of basic literacy and logical reasoning."
I had a dream a couple days ago. I was really weak and couldn't open the door to my house. In the dream, I probably sat there for a good 10 minutes trying to open it.

It was when I got a girlfriend, and then later a ghost of my girlfriend appeared at my house somehow.
I sometimes have future dreams. No, seriously.

I dream of a certain scenario, and get massive deja-vu when it occurs. Like this one time, My school was a huge ass maze, and i was looking for this one room, but kept missing it and ending up at a dead-end. Not a year later, I'm stuck, confused and experiancing massive deja-vu, trying to find a teacher's class room for an errand another teacher had me run.

Note that this has happened about 50 times in my life. I stopped dreaming about anything recently, sadly.

My dream self finds the scenes in the clouds when i fall asleep

Last night, I dreamed that I was in the audience of some show that was way too complicated to explain. It was just non-sequitir after another. And somehow there were stools in the audience that I could carry around. And when the show was almost over it paused for a moment and I eventually woke up.

I have these random unusual dreams a lot. Though sometimes, I can't remember if I even had a dream or not. And when I do, I tend to not be able to remember the whole thing.

I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
I once had a dream with Rouge the Bat. (HOT!) I was in that fighting arena in that one Sonic X Episode... I had my power suit on and i was fighting. When Rouge came to my stage i shed* my power suit except my boots.
I ran around the arena with speed booster. Then she did her kiss like she did with tails (annoying fox.) I gave her a hug then she fell in love with me...
Kerokerokero. I showed her my Gunship,Then flew to my house in mobius. *-Not Shat,Shedded

<Bender>:Bite my shiny metal ass.
<Fry>:Doesn't look so shiny to me.
<Bender>: Shinier than yours, meatbag.

Originally posted by ShadowFire
I sometimes have future dreams. No, seriously.

Oh my god! Dude, so do I!! I'm serious as well D:
I had a dream that stuck out in my mind, mainly because it was oddly realistic for one of my dreams, and also because I remembered it surprisingly well, which is not normal for me.

Anyway, not going to bore you with the full details of my dream, but the weirdest part was when a senior in my highschool trapped me in the bathroom and wanted to beat me up. This is really odd to me because:
-I barely know the guy.
-I have absolutely no conflict with him.

Anyway, I was scared as hell. I found this also kind of weird, considering that physical bullying has never been an issue in my life, and I have no idea what it's like to be physically bullied. Kind of weird, huh?
I had a dream last night that the Earth split in two. Highlights included steering one of the Earths close to the Sun for a few minutes (and everyone surviving), steering one of the Earths into the Sun for a few minutes (which promptly resulted in some sort of rewind), and Shakespeare and Stephen King being the same person.

Oh, and many, many violations of physics (and some bizarrely thoughtful musings. What would happen to the Earth's axis of rotation if it was split in half? Would prejudices come about based off of who lives on which Earth? Etc.).
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
Originally posted by ShadowFire
I sometimes have future dreams. No, seriously.

Wow, I do the same exact thing. I have these kind of dreams all of the time. I recently had a dream where I was laying on the ground, I was looking up, and my 2 friends were standing above me saying "Dude are you okay?". The next day, I was riding an electric scooter down my dirt road at full speed. I hit a rock, flew off, and hit the ground hard. My two friends ran over and asked "Dude are you okay?". I just sat there stunned, remembering I had that dream the other night. I do this a lot when having conversations with people, because I had already dreamed of it the night before.

My family is kinda known for paranormal stuff though, so yeah. Weird stuff man, weird stuff.

I've had a couple of remarkable dreams lately:

  • I tried to poison the (former) German environment minister, but felt remorse and saved him. Shortly after, he told me it might be better if he died after all, and shot himself.

  • I was in some kind of storage building together with a group of scientists and a girl I didn't know, and we were being attacked by something (aliens?) from the outside. To get to a safe side room, we had to pass a number of security gates, each requiring someone to kill themselves to open it. I saw scientist after scientist sacrifice himself in order to allow the rest of the group to continue, and somehow one scientist, the girl and me survived.

  • I was transformed into a deaf girl. It was... strangely arousing.


I had a dream one of my teachers came to stay at our house for a while, but once she was in our house she stole all of our phones and held us at gunpoint until we left the house. She locked the door so we used a rock to break open the window and when we went up to the room she was in, she yelled at us, fell over/died, and then thousands of insects came out of her body and infested our kitchen... Also the entire house was backwards the whole time as well... Probably one of the strangest dreams I've had... Haha!
I had a dream a few weeks ago where I was in a choir lesson at school for some reason (we don't even have a choir at my school) which was being taught by a strict teacher at school. We had to sing the song "Follow Me from Sonic Heroes. Strangely, the song sounded exactly like it sounds in the game. When we finished singing the song, I remember the teacher writing on the board "That was dull, boring, and monotonous, so for punishment you will sing these". He didn't talk at all, but wrote everything down he wanted to say on the board. On the board, he had written some very boring songs, one of which was just the word "Hmmm" at different lengths. Very strange indeed. I can remember some of the people in my class during that dream.

That was one of the strangest dreams I've had for a while.Free counters!
A dream that the ban i got yesterday was endless.
Oh god...

I had a dream where I was playing SMW and I got sucked in the game into a bad Kaizo rom hack where I had to glitch my way though an entire game of floating munchers, invisible coin blocks, key and wall jumps, and precision jumping to beat the hack and when I finally beat it I got sucked into another game and then into another game and it ended up being an endless game I could not escape from where everytime I would beat a game or die inside the game it would change into another game, and then I finally woke up... and I asked myself, What the hell?
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