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Mario's wrong exit demo - NICK 66

Name: Mario's wrong exit demo
Author: NICK 66
Description: Story:mario goes and get stuff for peach but he ends up in the wrong exit.

Removed because an updated version was submitted.
This hack was terrible in level design terms. All the levels were very flat and empty with an enemy or two every 3-4 screens and with a lot of repetitive segments.

The color of the berries tiles doesn't match the tree.

Place the level tile correctly. Also this submap is very square, and it lacks corner tiles.

Another square and empty submap.

Those ledges in the dirt are cutoff. Add proper ender tiles.

This is an example of an empty segment.

I had to carry this P-switch all the way back through this empty sublevel...boring.

Place the goal point correctly; those bush tiles should be hidden.

Horrible pipe palette.

More empty segments.

1. Don't use floating and stacked munchers, they don't look good.
2. This segmets was very repetitive.
3. Look at my status bar, you placed 4 Yoshi Coins very close to each other.

And now a long and repetitive segment about jumping on these guys, which by the way have a bas palette.

More repetitive segments and floating munchers.

And even more borring, repetitive and empty segments, yay!

Captitalize the M for Mouser. Also you made a typo in the word "strange".

An automatic level? No thank you, this is even more borring than the empty levels from before.

And yet another level with a boring and empty level design. Also the water cutoffs the logs.

You really need to improve your level design before you submit this again. Read the hack submission guidelines. I also advise you to read this and this and watch this video
Even if you fixed most of the technical issues I pointed out, this hack still needs to be improved a lot in level design terms.

I forgot to mention this in the last removal log, but the title screen starts with a bad camera position. I don't know if this was intentional or not, although if it was intentional don't worry.

You corrected the tiles position, but you still need to fix some things in this submap, the purple circles mean the water is using a wrong palette, the red circles mean you need to add a corner tile. Also, Mario shouldn't be climbing there.

This hammer bro decided he didn't want to be in this badly designed level, so he decided to commit suicide (read: place the hammer bro in a layer of blocks above the ledge, like in SMB3, so this won't happen).

Even if you added a few more enemies in this level, it's still pretty empty, and there's still this long P-Switch babysitting part.

This level is still pretty empty as well.

You got rid of the floating/stacked munchers, which is good, but this segment was still empty and repetitive.

These guys still have bad palettes. Those enemies are supposed to be red, like this.

Here you pretty much replaced the parabuzzy segment with this, which is still repetitive. Also, Yoshi's fireballs have glitched graphics.

Easy 3-up moon. Those things are supposed to be very hard to find.

Yet another repetitve segment.

Ok, this level was better, it wasn't exactly repetitive, or empty, but it was too short.

The fishing boo is not really a threat when it's placed that high.

And now, I have to run straight forward for several screens...

All in all, you really need to improve your level design. Your levels are pretty flat and strait forward with very few enemies and repetitive segments; I know you can do a lot better than this. Try adding things like terrain variations, pits, slopes, pipes and other obstacles so your levels won't be so flat; also the player should face enemies more often and more than one enemy at the time; finally, you should never copy-paste segments, this makes your levels very repetitive. Try playing some accepted hacks so you can get an idea of what we expect in level design terms.
I see you are trying to improve your hack; this time the level design was a litle better, but it's still not enough to pass the moderation. This time I decided to picture every single empty or repetitive segment I could find:

Cocoa Land

The Red Forest

Mouser's Castle

Ghost House of Doom

(the first one was really long).

There are also a few other issues you need to fix.

This OW still lacks corner tiles, it also has a few perspective errors, read this in order to fix those.

This guy still commits suicide.

This 3-up moon is still very easy to get

I know I told you to move the fishing boo down, but not that much, now it's too low. Move it just one or two tiles up.

I've noticed every time I remove this hack you upload it again a few hours later, that's not how you do it. Just taking a few minutes to add a few sprites around your levels is not going to make them a lot better, at this point the best choice would be to scrap them out and remake them; it's just four levels anyway. You still need a lot of practice with level design, I seriously advise you to play some hacks in the site and read the threads I liked in the first removal log, it's really going to help you; also if there's anything you don't understand about level design, fell free to send me a PM and I'll explain you.

I don't know if you can still upload this to the hack section since you're banned, but you can still use this removal log to improve your hack.