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Ogg > Cancelled, but an IPS of what I had is released
Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Ogg > Cancelled, but an IPS of what I had is released
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Here we go!

Ogg has to save her friends from the evil clutches of King Ratu, who was taken over the Infu kingdom (where Ogg and her friends live. King Ratu has kidknapped Ogg's friends, so Ogg must set out to rescue them. She must travel through six worlds, each with eight areas. But it's not that simple, King Ratu has sent out his troops, for example Chumpas, Spoinkers and Jumpchers, to stop her. He has also sent out his seven guards. Ogg must stop King Ratu and rescue her friends!

Yes, Ogg's a girl.

Anyway, here we go again:

Ogg begins her adventure.

Oh look, a Info Box, what does it say?


I don't remember what the rest of the images are so just have them:

So there we have it. Guys, comments. Oh and I've fixed the clouds dodgyness.

Looks very good! I like Ogg XD.
Custom ExGFX and GFX, Status bar, you seem to have everything custom.
I hope you will make more screenshots from more levels, because the design looks awesome! Can't wait to play it ;)

Oh Hell No
It looks very cool! I always get surprised with your graphics. And I know these are just some few screens, but the level design seems very creative.

And I like Ogg too. :P

Off-topic: why does your avatar have white BG?

I like the graphics, especially the player's. The level design is cool.

Now we are the kids from yesterday 💣
Well,i have some questions about that hack:

1)Ogg is a stone,and small?Why?
2)What patches you applied to that hack?
3)How many worlds have that hack?
I love super chocolaty hacks like this. Even the pipe graphics are different.

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I'm sorry to say this, but . . . Ogg resembles more of a hunchback than an girl. Atleast verify her species.

Perfection is something that requires something that incompletes it. Perhaps it also breaks itself.

The current avatar I have is from Neslug from DeviantART.

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I'm really digging the graphics of this hack. And the level design also looks pretty good.

Just a random question: what exactly is Ogg (the character) supposed to be?
I love the custom graphics used in this rom and by the screenshots it looks like you have good level design too. I really want to play this hack (or even LP it).
@Oh Hell No - Thanks, everything will be custom, and I will show more.

@Austin - Thanks, I'm glad you like my graphics!

@miguel21450 - Another one who likes the graphics, thanks.

@Roberto zampari - How is Ogg a stone? She's a wingless bird.

@Sockbat Replica - They're not pipes, they're Travel Tubes silly :P

@Plato - According to Medic she's a chicken McNugget.

@TanookiMan - Thanks. Read below about Ogg.

@TheRPGLPer - Thanks, feel free to LP it if I finish it :)

Now, to confirm the confusion.
Or, the actual name of her species is Huwanaya. So, Ogg is also a Huwanaya.

I suppose an update should be done:

Some super cool HDMA gradient, which I can use HDMA in all levels, even with message boxes and level ends thanks to Ersanio's help :)

And some cave GFX I drew earlier. With a sort of minecart track, we'll see how I use them in the future, but I added support for them. There should be lava in the cave, hence the red gradient.

Anyway, that was my update. What do ya'll think?

Oh and BTW, the graphical style I am trying to go for is this kinda less detialed but detailed pillow shading thingy.
Originally posted by tos
Ogg is not a chicken mc nugget

[citation needed]
This looks pretty nice so far, TOS! Did you draw all the ExGFX yourself? It seems to have that nice art style of yours. I'll be sure to play this hack when you release the first demo! #w{=D}Free counters!
I'm just going to ignore Medic's post :P

@Jeorge535 - Thanks! Yes, everything you see I have drawn myself, even down to the status bar! I'm not sure how I will go about demos yet. They are sortof extra work and slow down the making of it. Maybe a 'taster' might be released, but I dunno. I hopefully plan to get everything done by C3 next year. So six worlds. We'll see anyway ;)
Excuse me, how can you say Ogg isn't a Chicken McNugget? Hey, it'd give a cool story. Seriously. :P

I like too much your last screenshoots. I find the way you used the rocks in the second one a bit flat though? Do they act like a vine or something? If not, I think it could be betterly decorated.

Hey, pretty nice stuff! The level's looking very nice, and also loving the GFX!
The level design seems pretty creative and fun.
There's something that I absolutely LOVE from that Cave FG's texture.
Also, pretty nice HMDA]] lol
@Austin - Yes, they are climable, it's like rock climbing sorta. But thanks!!

@Mario's Hat - Thank you very much. Muchas gracias. Merci voucup.

Let's make this 1337th post worthy of posting >

Here is a little bonus area with many ? Blocks containing coins:

This is in the main cave sub area:

The flying silver bullet type things are called, Flamesters. As flames come out the back like a rocket.

This is the exit, which I haven't actually coded yet, but it's a Green Lucky Star. We'll see what I come up with for it anyhow:

BTW, that's the exit area, after the Mini-Boss, which I haven't... done...

Here's my Midway Flag, which I stole from Super Mario - The Jewel Ring Thief:

Oh and here is my super-duper Nintendo Presents logo, which is lower case, but who cares:

So, that's todays update. What do you all think?

Oh and Userbar wise, I'll probably make one for each type so you can take your pic :)
I really like your graphics (they're yours right? :P). Also I find it cool that you use rocks to make "ladders" (screenshot 3). Can't really say much about the level design but the levels are sure looking good! Nice HDMA too.

Also that's one trippy "Tahixham" right there :P
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to hear birds and see none.
I sort of have a textual update today.

I have decided about the OW, I am going to use Alcaro's No OW patch, hopefully, if it doesn't cause any bugs that is :P

Click the above.

e: oh and if you are wondering about the screenshots with a different coloured Ogg, that's her sister, Ugg. How original :P
>not Vorbis


Anyways, real feedback time:

-Logo: You've got a few colors at your disposal so I would recommend antialiasing it to smooth it out. The m looks disproportionately small, but overall, the logo is readable.. just not very pretty.

-Ogg's sprite: As I stated on the IRC, I'm not a big fan of the texture on her body and the legs. The texture is kinda grainy and the legs are like those of a stick figure. I'd go for something subtly hairy with a few feathers to show people this is definitely a bird and not a rock or a moldy McNugget. The body's profile angle doesn't match her head's side view either.

All that said, I always love when a different character comes along with its own backstory, and can understand the workload that comes with making one. It takes a long time to do a good custom GFX32.bin and you shouldn't be too caught up in "fixing" her this soon when you've got levels to worry about.. not to mention how daunting it is to think about redoing it all so soon after you finish.

Read into this to pick up some good methods to apply to your graphics later on.. eventually, you'll be able to sprite Ogg as you really see her.

-Hill background: Everything seems consistent with the light source being from below except for the clouds, which are pillow-shaded.. :S No complaints otherwise. It's detailed enough and not too busy. On a side-note, the hills are a little creepy.

-Grass foreground: Well, the rounded shading on some facings of the rocks looks kinda bad IMO and giving each facing a flat shade corresponding to the light source would look better. I'd also suggest making that rock that sticks out of the top of the ground a little more jagged. =P The grass part looks strange in a completely different way, like some mutant jigsaw puzzle pieces. I'm thinking a design like that could work better for stone slabs than grass, and that triangular ridging would be better to work from. The dirt, I have no issue with. The rocks break up the redundancy well.

I'm unsure about the palette of these two together in the level with the gradient: I would suggest either making the gradient lighter -OR- the hills darker since it seems like there's a lot of contrast in both now. I believe the foreground should ideally seem "stronger" than the background, and either of these changes will help the background not stand out so much.

-Cave stuff: The surface is similar to the grass one but much more well-done and suited for this kind of environment. The dirt texture is also quite nice and I love the palette you stuck to this level.

-Level design: Screens like this and this are decent and interesting, but this looks kinda like filler. I never was a fan of random slope spam; it just seems like an awkward way to please people who want "varied terrain" without having a meaningful existence in the level. There's an awful lot of climbing in the cave level, but without more context, it's difficult to identify whether this is the key idea of the level and if you're presenting more challenging, varied, climbing-related tasks as the level goes on.

As it stands, there's a mixed bag of structural quality, so I am concerned about if you're going into levels with ideas and inspiration. Are these levels improvised, or is there some sort of conceptual planning? I reckon with 48 levels as your goal, you should definitely have a plan to keep each stage fresh outside of aesthetics.

Now, other questions.
-You say you wanna set Ogg apart from Mario... What powers do you have planned for Ogg? Will she have different physics?
-Do you have any concept art/visual description for King Ratu or is it going to be a surprise?
-Do Ogg and her friends have any sort of high status in the Infu Kingdom? If so, how does this threaten King Ratu? If not, why were they targetted for the kidnapping?
-Where are Ratu and his troops from, what is it like, and are you going to go to their homeland at some point?

I am hopeful for this project to turn out well and will be keeping track for sure. Support++;

Just look above you...
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This is really awesome TOS :'D
I love the Graphics style.

osu! | Super Mario World Nyaa :3

Formerly known as MetalJo
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - Ogg > Cancelled, but an IPS of what I had is released

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