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Ogg > Cancelled, but an IPS of what I had is released


@cou > as I said on IRC, thanks for your post, and I will try and change most of what you said :)

@MetalJo > Thanks...

As of today, I have started the second level, and underground wet cave, yeah... So:

Introducing, Dino-Duck!
Dino-Duck swims on the water surface and follows Ogg, it has scaly skin, and can come in various colours, this one is pink. So, what do you think of Dino-Duck?

Slightly off, but I plan on working on some kinda OggWiki thingy, nevermind that though. What do you think of the duck?
Any opinions on Dino-Duck? Anyway:

I have a plethora if Userbars for you, yay I hear you cry!



Rounder Bar


Half a Bar


Mini Userbar


Nano Bar


Normal Userbar


And here they all are again if you missed them the first time:

Oh and finally, if you can't decide which one to use, you can use this PHP one, which randomly selects one from the five static ones:

Please use them and have fun with them!
Please do note that any type of Userbar above does count towards your three Userbar limit. Every Userbar above counts as one Userbar, this does include the dynamic PHP one. Thanks.
Oh look, I can reply after a double post.

As the title says, I have decided to incorporate a mini-game into every level, like YI. With a key, that is hidden as hard as the mini-game is rewarding, you go into the Mini-Game Hut, and play what ever game is in there. A message box will explain what to do. So:

Level One (Start of a Journey)

More inventive than the second: Ogg floats upwards at a slow speed, and you just collect the Lucky Stars. You cannot get stuck anywhere, and once your at the top it's the end.

Level Two (Minecart Madness)

The idea here is your general star run, not that inventive, but is hard to get eight enemies if you do it wrong. BTW, the golden (flashing) heart is your star.

Yes, and I have sorted out replaying for lives as well. You cannot replay, ever, once you've played.

So, what do you all think?
...I'm glad I asked for clarification on whether you blocked just re-entry to the minigame or if you blocked re-entry to the whole level. Seeing how it's just the minigame, I have no issues with that.

Your bonus room tileset could use a bit of shading and anti-aliasing on the white part of the ground, although the diamond pattern filling looks quite good. The white surface on the slopes and joints looks awkwardly skinny compared to when it's flat, but otherwise, it's shaped fine. It's kinda cool that you have weird gimmicks in mind to set your bonus games apart. Give 'em different palettes per world or something, too.

Going back to an older post, uh Dino-Duck... apparently nobody thinks anything of the Dino-Duck...#mlp{ts} What exactly does he do besides follow Ogg? Can you ride him? Does he eat you? Is he purely decorative? The scaly textures aren't bad, but I think he also needs shading. Try not only shading his body, but shade (+ resize scales accordingly) where you imagine the contours of his face as well so he doesn't seem so flat.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Everything's looking nice, TOS. I don't really like how the color of the pipe cap in the first cave bonus area screenshot is different from the rest of the pipe, though.

Originally posted by Counterfeit
What exactly does he do besides follow Ogg? Can you ride him? Does he eat you? Is he purely decorative?

It probably acts exactly like the PorcuPuffer does.
@cou > as I've said on IRC, thanks. I do need to sort out a block for the no-re-entry thingy - whether I'll code it myself or I'll get someone to code it, I dunno...

@Luigi-San > thanks. They're not called pipes, they're called Travel Tubes in Ogg :P I can't see what you mean with the different coloured tops, all of them are grey on the Travel Tubes/Pipes.

I'm going to work on a nice intro/tutorial level tomorrow - if it all goes well, I'll make a video ;) btw it will be optional, and you can replay it again if you feel you need to.
When I say my hacl is on hold until the 10th of July, I actually mean it wasn't on hold at all...

Anyway, I've finished level two, which is called Minecart Madness, it features mainly Flamerlets, a few Chumpas, and some Flamerdons, which I haven't made a HD picture of yet... like the rest #w{=P}

So, I've recently been working on a cool NSMB styled sewer tilset, which will be used in the third level, which is called Sewer Escape. So, here is the intro room and a showoff of the tileset:

I have sort of given the waterfalls a "fadey out" thingy, it's not too visible but cutoff doesn't show. The waterfalls come out of the Travel Tubes, which are also used as a sewer network in the Infu Kingdom, not just as a travel network.

So, what do you think?
It's a wonderful tileset you got there! Very well drawn!

...As for an addition, I reccomend you to apply this patch in your hack. I don't know about you, but the buggy position of the message box is something that really bugs me...

EDIT: also, don't you think these HD images are some kind of exaggeration? I don't have enough time to wait it loads honestly. :P
@Austin > I got bored and drew them :P And that patch, I was looking for that everywhere, thanks for finding it for me!

Now, for the final section of Sewer Escape, Dino-Duck will feature, but for now, I have a couple more enemies:
Flamerdons - A larger version of a Flamerlet.

Plastofish - A plastic robot fish created by King Ratu to inhabit the waters of the Infu Kingdom, hoping to stop Ogg and Ugg in their journey to rescue their friends.

So, what do we all think?
I like both, specially the way you drew the Plastofishes. It's good you can keep a sprite design style in your hack. :)
@Austin > Thank you, the Plastofishes were made plastic by pure accident :P

I have another update of Sewer Escape:

These are scorpion like creatures, that inhabit the sewers, they burrow underground and jump up at Ogg to hurt her.


Yes, Dino-Duck is back as I want more comments on it - as you can see the palette in this area is darker than the rest of the sewers, that's because it is near the end. After this small area, you go up to the grassland again, and find the goal. This area is still a WIP, just focus on Dino-Duck.

The level after Sewer Escape is another grassland, I'll be drawing a new BG for that level and it will also be in the exit area of Sewer Escape, more on that soon.
OK, how would you feel if I said I had taken sixty four screenshots for you of all the stuff I've done so far? Well, here you go!!!
Well, that was fun! This is a big update, nothing will be this big again, fun to take all the screenshots :P

So everyone, what do you all think of this Giga Update?
GvS ~ u:11380
Dear Tahixham that is fucking awesome love GvS.

Anyway, I am really LOVING what I'm seeing here. The level design looks good and the graphics are all delicious~
I really love your minecart part, although it needs a proper BG. The bonus room looks amazing too, and I'm really digging that sewer level. I really hope you finish this hack because <3

Great job.
I mostly agree with all the above. Can't wait to see this hack finished!
My god, that's a huge update there and a great one too. I really love the minecart GFX and the Sewer Escape level reminds me of NSMBWii World 6-? Well, the cave with the Piranha plants and high and low tides.
Really, I'm going to look at every new reply here, I'm addicted to Ogg ;D
Wanna see a Rotolauncher? Click here!!

What do you think?
I can describe that sprite in 1 word. AWESUM! You can make some really cool levels/bonus games with it. Auto levels are a piece of cake with this :D
Nice custom sprite you got there.
GvS ~ u:11380
Originally posted by miguel21450
Nice custom block you got there.


Well yeah, it's a pretty nice sprite, although it reminds me a lot of the launch block thingies. I really love how you used the waterfalls there; very creative.
@Oh Hell No > Thanks, I may use it in a bonus level or a minigame at some point (I actually think it'd be cool in a minigame).

@miguel21450 > ...

@GeorgeVsSonic > Yes, I like the sprite too! The waterfalls were just there, and I hoped they'd slow Ogg down, and they do.

You can now find Rotolaunchers in the cloud section of Level 4, and also in the final part too.

I will bring another update soon.