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First SMW Hack You Ever Played.

i'm positive this thread's been made before, but fuck it.

what was the very first hack of super mario world you ever played? for me it was dr. mario world way back in 2005. i saw it on some website and the screenshots had some pretty cool lookin graphics in them. i realize now how much they clashed and how mediocre that hack is in general. but back then it was just cool to me that people could make their own actual, playable levels of super mario world.

what about you?
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Even thoudh it wasn't the first hack I SAW( It was Kaizo Mario ), it was a very creative game with the level design and music. My favourite music is definately the factory/military base music, the area guardian music, and the Starship music. My favourite world is the crazy dimension Thirdspace!
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If i remember correctly, the first hack i ever played was an old demo of Keytastrophe: actually, i thought the old demo was better because it was simple: one day SNN decided to put too many stuff in his hack until he realized it was too much so he screwed everything until he didn't get to work on a Final Destination hack. Never add too uch stuff in a hack *shot*
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First ones I played were some newbie hacks in a brazilian hack community (mines included). I don't remember which famous one I played first, probably TSRPR or Brutal Mario.
Some YouTube hack I'm pretty sure was called 'New SMW' (not to be confused with OnlineVideoSurfer's hack). I remember it being an smc file instead of an ips.
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If I recall, my first SMW hack i played is Brutal Mario / Super Kitiku Mario.

Best japanese hack ever, still waiting for it's final release. :)
Sometimes, I like to hack SMW. This is rare though, but I always try something new.

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Archie's 2K World or something like that. It was in late May/early June 2008 when I first downloaded ZSNES and some ROMs from Zophar's Domain. Some famous hacks I played in my early SMW hacking career were Mario's Keytastrophe and TSRP.

Good times.
Mine was Dan/Henry/Joe/Kenny (I can't remember which one) Adventure by Mawwo7
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I remember looking at TSRP1 on FPI's website several years ago(2005?), but I didn't know what an IPS patch was, so I couldn't play it... at first. For the actual first hack I played(excluding my own), I'm not sure. Most likely some random hack downloaded from a ROM site.
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The Super Mario Bros. DX from Pac and Brutal Mario from Carol.

Thanks of those hacks (especially those DX hacks) that I joined the SMWC community. ><
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First Kaizo Mario. THe one that likely got me into hacking was wwwarea's 98 hack.
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If I remember correctly, the first SMW hack I've ever played was Kaizo Mario.
It was Super Demo World: The Legend Continues for me. That hack was actually really fun.
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My first hack was actually Mario's Wacky World made by Gigax571.
Originally posted by akacesfan
It was Super Demo World: The Legend Continues for me. That hack was actually really fun.


Except I never got past World 1 <_<
Dr. Mario World; off of mfgg

What got me BACK into hacking was raocow's ASMT lp.
First hack I played was Super Mario TKO. I'd found ProtonJon's videos on youtube, and I decided that TKO actually looked worth trying. Imagine my surprise when I found a whole site dedicated to SMW hacking...
I think it was "Panic in the Mushroom Kingdom" I first played.
The first one I ever played was EVW.

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