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Washed Ashore - Demo 3 - v1.1 - by peytonbanks1234
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Originally posted by Details for Washed Ashore - Demo 3 - v1.1
Hack Name: Washed Ashore - Demo 3 - v1.1 - 165.3 KB - 61 downloads.
Length: 28 exits
Author: peytonbanks1234 - Submitted by: peytonbanks1234
Description: Fixed the sprite memory, spelling errors, cutoffs, and much more. I added more NEW levels!

This is only compatible for SNES9X v1.43 and ZSNES!!!!!

Reasons for removal:

Before writing the log, let me apologize for spending so much time moderating this. Sorry about that.

I haven't played the older version of this, so I can't really judge whether you've made some improvement or not, but you have a lot of stuff to get done.

^ Tiles circled in red are cutoffs. Use the other 'edge' tile to prevent them. The blue circle indicates a perspective error.

^ Unedited message. This is by no means a removal reason, but to make hacks more interesting, it is recommended that you edit the contents of message boxes.

^ Don't put Yoshi Coins on screens the level-end sequence takes place. If you do so and if Mario finishes the level, the coins will continue flashing regardless of them using palette rows other than 0 and 1. Simply place the Yoshi Coin one or two screens away from the goal tape.

^ The player had to carry a key hidden at the beginning of the level to the end of the level to unlock the secret path. This is considered 'item babysitting' and it can be confusing at times, so avoid making the player do those kinds of things. Actually, the player had to do something like this in almost every level with an alternate exit.

^ Sprite memory error. Click on the box with Lakitu head and change the sprite memory value to something else. If the method I've just mentioned doesn't solve the issue, try applying this patch to your ROM, and set the value to 10. This wasn't the only sprite memory bug I found in this hack, so be sure to test all of the levels and check if there's sprites that get cutoff.

^ You really shouldn't modify levels used for Reznor fights as it can cause a puff of smoke to appear out of nowhere.

Make sure there are no spelling/grammatical errors.

^ Just a suggestion, but you should add a block or two next to the block Mario is standing on in the screenshot, because at the moment, it's kind of hard for the player to put the switch on the block (to push it). I'm pretty sure most people will hold the 'Y' button while Mario is falling, and due to that, it's likely that he will carry it instead of hitting it. I dropped it on lava quite a few times, so yeah, in order to make this bit easier, you might want to make more space to put the P-switch.

^ The level tile circled in red is already visible. Please fix this.

^ Why don't you make it so the ledge surrounding the inner ledge is a tile or two higher than the other one? Also, the submap would look a bit more neat if there were paths.

^ I encountered problems like this several times while playing this level. The player can get trapped here if '' blocks stop rotating. Even though the player has a cape, it is still hard and annoying to get back up. Also, the player can get trapped here if he loses the cape ability on his way to the exit.

^ Most ball 'n' chains aren't attached to ledges or any other type of objects. Floating ball and chains kind of look.. well, weird to be honest. Not really a removal reason, but I think it's something that should be fixed.

^ I think the player needs Yoshi in order to beat this part. Either place a block containing Yoshi or a Yoshi at the beginning so that the player isn't forced to take a hit if he's not on Yoshi. If you don't want to do that, you can use the "side exit" sprite which can be found in the list of generators.

^ Why can't the player go to the left if the path is like ..there? This path seems to work when the alternate exit to the first level of World 3 is passed, so make the path reveal when the secret exit (of the said level) is passed.

^ Way too difficult to avoid it. Get rid of it.

^ This is a cause of sprite lags. Delete some of the ball and chains.

^ Why isn't the fortress collapsed if it is in the 'castle beaten' sequence? Fix this.

^ There are way too many 3up moons in this level. Make 3up moons rare. Remove all of them and put a '?' block with a 1up mushroom inside.

^ Although you edited the graphics of the block to prevent cutoffs and such, the water tiles still get cutoff when Mario bounces on it.

^ I am not really sure if the player is supposed to be taking the lower path here. If he has to, then place the ceiling tiles 2-3 tiles higher than where they initially were. You should do that to prevent the player from falling into the pit and die easily.

^ Bad initial BG/FG position. Check this thread to know the appropriate coordinates for this.

This hack isn't bad overall, but there are quite a few things you should fix if you want this to be in the hacks section. Work on the things I pointed out. There are levels that are short. Some also have short time considering the length of them.

The following links might help you increase the quality of your hack!

Video 1
Video 2
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Forum Index - Valley of Bowser - Moderation Questions - Hacks - Washed Ashore - Demo 3 - v1.1 - by peytonbanks1234

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