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What Hack Should I Play? (Kaizo Edition)

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Wanting to play a new Kaizo hack, but don't know what to pick? It can be hard to browse for Kaizo hacks without a central repository, but the forum regulars here certainly know the available hacks well.

Ask for a Kaizo hack of any kind: something to LP, something to TAS, something vanilla, something Pit, and receive a suggestion for what to play. Also promote your own hack if it fits someone's criteria.

Please link to suggested hacks, though no ROM links.

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I've heard the term used many times, but I still don't actually know, what is a vanilla hack? Is it just referring to the palette?

Vanilla means you don't use custom resources. That means no ExGFX, no custom sprites or blocks, no custom music, no custom ANYTHING.

Not everyone has the same view of a vanilla hack though (some do slight edits to vanilla GFX and still call the result of that vanilla, others don't, for example.)

See also: This recent thread for examples

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A hack from a kaizo contest i did on this forum 2 years ago.
Trials of Yoshi
Not that hard.
A common definition is not using any tools outside of Lunar Magic (except the built-in GFX editor), which can include custom palettes.

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I am becoming more and more bored everyday, anybody got a NEW Kaizo hack that I could try? #w{:s}
Originally posted by nonofurbessness
I am becoming more and more bored everyday, anybody got a NEW Kaizo hack that I could try? #w{:s}

Are you serious? I'm beginning to think you're an elaborate troll, it's just your sig, avatar, and location...

There's quite a few new hack, if you just look on the forum, Super Trick World, DiddyKaizo, Seamus world, e=mc hammer are all pretty new. If none of these take your fancy, just say what difficult level you want the hack to be, and I can recommend some older ones from my collection that you may not have heard of.
There's also Fourteen Hitler (which I'm STILL currently working on after back and forth changing hacks to make) and Kaizo Breaker.
Originally posted by HoorayForJay
...Super Trick World, DiddyKaizo, Seamus world...

Its DaizoKaizo actually :)

But yeah, I would recommend trying Hertz Donut, its pretty fun for Kaizo hackers that likes lots of challenge, SDKWII (My Kaizo hack that was released a while ago) is pretty good incording to what Miguel said.

But yeah, I'm looking for a Kaizo Hack thats not too hard or too easy, just like the original Kaizo, NO! I refuse to play a fluncher Kaizo hack #w{=P}

Want progress on 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Go here to see.

Are you a sample porter and wanna help with 100 Rooms of Enemies: The Nightmare Edition? Private Message me or Mellonpizza for details. Expect trading "resources" in exchange. 4 more left.

Originally posted by Daizo
NO! I refuse to play a fluncher Kaizo hack #w{=P}

No c/c then?
ok..FYI I was not trying to be a troll, if I was, my apologies. Also by "New" I meant "New" in difficulty, any recommendations?
If you want something truly hard (Kaizo, not Pit) you could try my hack 'Super Ingenious World'.
Be warned that the first levels suck (and some argue that the latter ones do too), so I wouldn't recommend playing it unless you are truly bored.

It can be found in my file bin.
Of course you should fight fire with fire, you should fight everything with fire.

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Sadistic Designer - testing Pit without tools.
hmmm, seems nice, I'll try it, btw thx
umm does the hack end at the fortress level, because the last room was empty beside the lava pit, other than that, I finished every level, (unless there is more after the fortress)


Challenge 9/10
Fun challenge especially the YSP. (yellow switch palace)

Custom 7/10

Custom blocks were nice, try a little more next time though.

OW 6/10

Eh, I've seen better.

In some cases, you repeated puzzles

Overall 7/10 #w{=)}
The last level does NOT end in an empty room. Could you tell me the name of the level and perhaps show me a screenshot?
Of course you should fight fire with fire, you should fight everything with fire.

Oooh look at my userbar!

Sadistic Designer - testing Pit without tools.
If you've seen my forum (which is now closed :() I am looking for an interesting looking pit hack that is fun and hard at the same time. NO NOOB HACKERS PLEASE. I don't want a super skill world-type hack.
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oh really?okay...

Level Name- quicklava

Snapshot- file:///D:/scdemu/spc/My%20Documents/Emulators/ZSNES/Super%20Mario%20World%20(U)%20%5B!%5D_00000.png

^copy and paste in new tab^
...umm how exactly do you do that? #w{=3}
Er...the site explains how you do it on the page I linked you. Just go to where you keep your image and drag it to the website. (Or hit the computer button and then go to the image location and select the image from there, whichever method you prefer.)
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