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The Other Dimension

I'm currently working on my new hack The Other Dimension.
Here are some screenshorts:


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Hey, not bad, good graphics, so, and the other levels?
sweet heavens my bandwidth is melting

You may want to change the screenshot options to export as PNG instead of BMP.. it's a hell of a lot more compact and you can have MANY more PNG screenshots of your hack in your filebin than BMP.

Screen 1: There's inconsistency on the light source comparing the tree bark with all the other things that are pillow-shaded. I'd recommend that you (universally) angle your light source at top left or top right, even though you're going to use more space in your ExGFX files this way.

Example: the tree bark is somewhat close to what I think would be the better way to shade things. Imagine if you took the tree bark, moved the light source just a LITTLE bit to the left, and had it go to a medium shade of brown for ~2 pixels then dark for one pixel of width right before the outline to make it seem cylindrical. You may also want a tile below the leaves that's shaded, and try shading other things according to their shapes and textures rather than against the outline.

Also, the tree bark would look nicer without the outline along the bottom since the ground outline already does that job; having a double-thick outline doesn't fit.

The clouds are a bit squarish, but it doesn't look bad, per se... would you be willing to draw them fluffier and give them a more distinguished shade? The bright cyan is kind of hard to make out. Try going for a light sky blue. =o

Here's a minor correction for your story box too god help me, I hate sounding like a grammar Nazi:
Mario, I've lost
my golden key in
the tree forest.
Can you help me
find it?

The foreground looks okay, don't worry xD

Screen 2: Good textures, and the palette isn't too bad. I'd like to see a stronger contrast between the foreground and the background, though, as far as the background rocks go - it's a little close in colors and color depth to the foreground.

I can't really tell if this is meant to be a cave wall or if this is a desert background... if it's a desert background, the perspective is really strange and you should make it seem to recede, have the ground "end" and show the sky above it. If it's a cave, darker colors than the foreground would make it look better.

Screen 3: >status bar palette

If you could change whatever is using the status bar colors (that is, if anything even is using them) to another palette row, and restore the black outline + red coloring of MARIO, then this screenshot is stellar. That FG/BG palette combo is glorious.

Screen 4: The issue I had with the pillow shading becomes more apparent here, like, you have a shadow coming below where the light source appears to be, which throws everything off. 0_e The same thing with the trees applies to the roof here; it would look better if you didn't have the outline along the base roof tile since the tile below has the outline to compensate and make it look good.

I'd also recommend shading the top of that tile right below the grey part that sticks out under the roof, and anti-aliasing inside the roof outlines to smooth the edges, but what you have going looks pretty decent so far.

Screen 5: Nice use of this tileset! I have no complaints.

This is obviously still a VERY new work in progress and you have no real level design to show right now.. but hopefully my comments on the ExGFX are useful to you! Hope to see your levels soon.

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
You wanted to see a level.
Sorry that i can't upload a video to youtube but here is a ips patch.

My Youtube Channel:
Hm hm... I'm sorry to say that but your hack quality isn't going that good. Not that it's 100% horrible, I just pointed out the bad things below. If I didn't mention something, it's because I find it good.

First off, it's a small level you got there. I've beaten it in a minute, and a good time for beat a level is two or three minutes at least in my oppinion.

Your english isn't good either. You didn't capitalize the 'I', you typed forest twice, massage box - this one made me laugh -, yourney. Take care with these.

Oh yes, in one of your tips in these messages, you mentioned it's good to test what is solid and what is not. What do you mean? If I try to stand in something to test if it's solid and it isn't actually? I fall and die! Let's just say it's not a good tip at all. ALWAYS clarify what is solid and what is not.

About the level itself, I don't find it funny or interesting. There's no items, no big challenges, happiness, creepiness or whatsoever to make it 'special'. Or 'cool'. Ok that's the first level, but you could make it better, starting by its lenght. As I mentioned before, it's too short, even for a first level. And I find the floating bushes in everywhere just weird. As far as I know they don't fly bro. :P

Ah yes, the sprite memory is bad too. The key and the mushroom can dissapear due to the big boos. Anyways, you can just set it to 0E.

Plus, the big boo palette is wrong.

And that's about it. Try to improve your level design and spelling a bit and let's see what happens. :)
Although I haven't tested the hack yet, here's just a tip: you can use the button beside the link button to show the images directly into the thread.

- BlackMageMario
Sorry I'm not there for one week.
I know it's pretty long.#mlp{s}

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I'm back.

My Youtube Channel:
While the graphics look good, the level design is lacking.
Heres a few errors...

Now I'm assuming this is World 1, and if I'm correct, the jump leading to this platform was particulary annoying. Maybe it could be used in a much later world (or not at all) but in W1, it's too difficult. (or maybe its just me).

Austin has already mentioned this, but this is pretty major. The sprite limitations needs to be changed because sometimes the key does not appear. It didn't appear the first time for me, and I backtracked to see if I missed something. Died trying...
Sort of unfair if you ask me.#w{:s}

Also, already mentioned, but the level is short. Make it a bit longer (as well as polishing up these other details) and you'll be on a good start! #w{=D}
I've got something to say about the first screenshot, the castle graphics (which are mine BTW, I think they're not that good now, I might submit an updated version with better palettes, shading and Map16) are not used properly at all. The black lines in the middle of the building aren't supposed to be there, there are tiles for that. I'm aware that the Map16 might be confusing, since it's so scrambled up...

Anyway, I suggest you look at the screenshots that are in my ExGFX Submission page and inspire from it. Actually, you can just use the sample level I think I included.

Otherwise, I agree with others regarding what they said. I'm in a hurry now, so I don't have time to talk.
First I will fix the first picture and sorry if the progress i really slow because i'm currently working on a contest entry.

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