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Iggy's Brutal Takeover - MasterLink120

Name: Iggy's Brutal Takeover
Author: MasterLink120
Description: My first hack

This hack has a long way to go before it can be accepted. It's generally not a good idea to submit your very first hack.

These are some of the screenshots you provided, just by looking at these I can tell the hack doesn't look promising. The first one looks flat, the second one repetitive, the third one empty and the last one has an ugly background, a cutoff ledge and all the koopas arround will probably cause a lot of slowdown.

This title screen looks bad, not only it's a borring and straight forward, but the background is ugly and the letters in the black boxes don't look good; also, the floating brick wall and the wooden thing on the ground are cutoff and out of place. Watch this video.

The player can die in the intro level, this is not good because it can glitch up the life counter. Also, I had to stop here because you didn't place a display level message sprite, so I was unable to go on.

You will need to improve a lot of things before this hack can be accepted, get someone to beta test your hack before you submit it again.