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Super Mario All-Stars Disassembly: Project start-up (sign-ups)
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old thread

Renewal of SMAS Disassembly

This thread will be used for signups and suggestions for the SMAS disassembly project.

Roy and I decided to accept new people to this project. We both agreed that this has been long, long, long overdue, and that's an understatement. I apologize for this because I was kind of a terrible project leader and kept thinking that Roy and I were enough. Obviously I was wrong.

ROM and RAM maps

The ROM and RAM maps will be available to the public. We have to arrange someone to host the ROM and RAM map publicly, however. Until then, the ROM and RAM maps will remain inside the SMAS disassembly project directory. Once we have an online ROM and RAM map, we will be ditching the 'local' ROM and RAM maps and update the online ones: a resource accessible to anyone.

Update: Online ROM and RAM map


The SMAS disassembly is mostly done. There's still some work to do though, especially the disassembly of the 2nd half of the ROM. The documenting has to be done entirely, too.

Sign-ups, procedures and guidelines

The SMAS disassembly project consists of a Dropbox directory. Saves will be automatically synchronized with other people. The only limitation is that simultaneous editing is not possible, otherwise you'll get conflicting copy files.

This means that you'll have to download Dropbox in order to participate in this project. It is also recommended that you have some sort of instant communication available. We might create an IRC channel for that.#smasdis is already taken, that is for those who are truly a part of the project.

The IRC channel is the general SMAS hacking IRC channel: #smas on

Being part of the project means that you'll be working on various things. This includes disassembling bytes into assembly code, distinguishing tables and pointers, and documenting everything.

The format of the SMAS disassembly will be the same as all.log. This means no tabs. We might turn the disassembly into an assemble-able one in the long run (I like the idea), but it should happen near the end of the project when the documenting is finished.

For those who want to sign up:
1. We'd like to know why you want to help with the project. (This isn't mandatory though)
2. We'd like to know how you could help with the project. What kind of contribution could we expect from you?

Here are the guidelines for joining the SMAS disassembly project. Don't worry, it's nothing scary:
1. Do NOT leak the disassembly files under any circumstances! We don't want multiple versions of the disassembly floating around the internet.
2. Make sure your documentation is correct (of course). If necessary, ask for verifications from other project members.
3. There is no set deadline for this project, so feel free to take your time. I don't want the project members to burn-out themselves.

I'm looking forward to your applications. Even if you think you'll only be a burden to the project, I urge you to give this project a try if you have adequate ASM skills (enough to understand all.log).

To discuss this project start-up, please use this thread instead of the IRC for the sake of archiving ideas and suggestions.
I would be interested in helping with this. I for one would certainly like to see SMAS fully disassembled and documented (and more easily hackable). I'm not sure what I'd do, though...I have not done much in the way of ROM disassembly, and since pretty much all disassembling I've done was done by hand using a hex editor, I have almost no experience with any disassemblers. I'm okay with doing it that way if you are, though.

(And what's the report on MushROMs anyway, if you have any information?)
Also, here's a site I was trying to code dedicated to SMAS hacking, but only the online ROM map is complete. It isn't entirely updated but it has quite a piece of information on it.

ROM map. The site layout was shamelessly stolen by Kieran but I asked him first anyway. The RAM map is empty because I started with the ROM map first and never bothered to finish it.

The site lacks maintainability and I'm not sure if I should just rewrite it from scratch, or improve it. Either way, I need to refine my PHP skills for this. MySQL shouldn't be a problem.

imamelia and wiiqwertyuiop: I'll consider you both later. For now I really have to sleep.

MushROMs is barely making any progress. SWR is still trying to work on it especially recently (when I spoke to him a few days ago).

My blog. I could post stuff now and then
I think you both have potential. wii disassembled ALTTP after all, and imamelia has shown potential by discovering an undocumented RAM address in SMB3 and showing me on the IRC. Documenting is the most important part of this project.

Contact me with the e-mail address you guys use for Dropbox (on the IRC if you want to) and I'll add you to the project directory. No need to get to work yet, though. We're still busy with the startup after all.

My blog. I could post stuff now and then
Triple post but I'd like to mention that I just finished the online ROM and RAM map system. Presently it only has the ROM addresses but soon I'll be updating it with RAM addresses as well.


Submitting addresses is nearly functional as well. It needs some tweaking though. I estimate I'll be done near the end of the day.

My blog. I could post stuff now and then
The project is now beginning. It seems like no more people are interested, but I'm leaving the signups open anyway. More help is always welcome!

The first task is something very trivial: exporting our local ROM/RAM maps to my online version.

Eventually I plan to make a new thread about the progress of SMAS disassembly and all.

(Also please ignore the one-sided posting in this thread :P)

My blog. I could post stuff now and then
well of course I'm interested I just don't how useful I'll be. This is one on my favorite games and I would love to help but I don't know what I need to know to be qualify to count as being useful thus my asm skills are just very basic.
If you don't know if you'll be useful to the project or not, then answer the following questions:

Are you able to use most of the functions and features of the snes9x debugger properly?
Can you navigate through all.log without getting lost, and correctly document undocumented code?
Do you know all the opcodes of the SNES?

If one of the answers is no, then I'm afraid I can't really let you join into the project, because:

I have a small announcement to make, too:
It's unlikely that anyone will be able to join the project at the moment. I'd like to keep my teams as small as possible, and I'd like to see how well the team can perform with only me, imamelia, wiiqwertyuiop (and perhaps Roy and SWR too). If I notice that it isn't really working out, or if you're exceptionally skilled, then I'll maybe consider people.

My blog. I could post stuff now and then
Originally posted by imamelia
(And what's the report on MushROMs anyway, if you have any information?)

I suspended it during school and am working on it (passively) again, along with xkas. Progress is slow as I still find ways to keep myself busy.

Interested in MushROMs? View its progress, source code, and make contributions here.

I know this won't be for a long time but I would like your to know your thoughts on how you'll make it were you'll be able to hack all the games in all stars because I think I remember there being a size issue.
I think it's possible to free up enough freespace if you compress various 'massive' data like graphics, raw VRAM tilemaps, and so on.

Though the amount of ExGFX you could use would be limited if you were to hack all 4 games. You'll probably have to use MSU-1 for the extra GFX space.

My blog. I could post stuff now and then
Okay, I've decided something: We should use something other than RATS tags for marking protected areas once SMAS hacking really takes off. They've worked for a while, but they have their flaws, and frankly, I think we can do better. We could use something that allows more than 0x10000 bytes to be blocked off, for one, or forgo the tags in the ROM altogether and specify protected areas in an external file, like an XML document (naturally, tools would update this as well).
This thread is now irrelevant. wiiqwertyuiop, imamelia and I made progress, and we're done with the disassembly part of the disassembly. I will now make a follow-up thread.

My blog. I could post stuff now and then
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