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Testers for hire!

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I'd really like for someone to playtest the progress I've made on my hack. I really can't see many errors, but I know giving it to others will show many others. XD I guess PM me if you want to. D:

Also, I'm assuming its okay to bump this thread, but if it isn't, please feel free to shot/punish me.
Alright. I'm kinda late, but I'm signing up as Bug tester.

and seriously. This thread needs to be used a lot more D=
I would love to be a play tester
I usually do lets play videos also, but when its a school week and i have no homework i play some hacks not for recording :D

here is an example :)
I do LP's
you can pm me or click on the link below
Hey guys! I have a new level for anyone who wants to play it. I need as many let's players as I can get. Who's in?
I would like to be a play tester if I could. :D
Requested a ban until June 19th. Bye.
I'm Signing Up For Beta,Bug & Play-testing! :D

Just PM Me! :)
I will be a play-tester, but I can't talk on my LP/Play-through, so i'll add annonations to point out mistakes, make sure to PM me on youtube if you want a LP/play-through
I'm a play tester AND a bug tester, and a pretty darn good one too. I can find bugs even if it could be the littlest thing. I test anything and everything to see if it works correctly. Also, I'll be while I play test and bug test, I record with a log as I play.
you have to change my name from My Job To Kill to Sonik

also I might do youtube videos but it would have to be with annotations.
Originally posted by sonik121backup
you have to change my name from My Job To Kill to Sonik

also I might do youtube videos but it would have to be with annotations.

ok it's been hectic but now everything is in order.

my account is now called Sonik

and sonik121backup is for a rainyday.

I was called My Job To Kill for the Halloween contest but forgot what I called myself. Anyway it is now Sonik

so please change My Job To Kill to Sonik

ty Sonik

If you have any guides or tips to making a good hack tell me. I'm new and want to make an awesome hack or one to annoy a player on youtube, but mainly a good one.
I can also play test hacks. If there's a glitch or problem I stop playing tell you and the continue until i finish the game.

Ok, ok. I updated your name. But from now on, I will only update names if I'm asked to do so via PM. I will ignore it if you ask me here. Also, I'm sick of all the name changing that goes on, and will not update names unless I'm asked to.
did someone need a tester. im very good for beta, bug , or play. i had played though all the hardest hacks like kaizo mario for an example. (kaizo was very annoying but hey at least i beated it). so if you need a test just ask.

Hey, I like playing hacks, so I might as well sign up as a play tester! Anybody who needs a test, PM me! I'm ready!

Small change to the OP.

"Please only post here if you would like to sign up as a tester, if you have suggestions for improving this system, if you have questions, or if you have a hack that needs testing."

I noticed that this change needed to take place when I saw this thread.
Sure, I could do some hack testing. I 'ALWAYS' find a good few bugs in every hack i play, but my service is entirely up to you.:)
C.S Miller
I'd like to be a bug tester and a play tester. I make good use of savestates, and I'll probably be a bit hard to win over when it comes to fun factor, and my eyesight can spot out the tiniest of errors, but I enjoy games all the same, so sign me up!
ill test a game if anyone needs it
I'm signing up for playtesting. I'll play any hacks, even if it's a kaizo hack! I'm used to hard levels do to my first created levels which were 99.9/100 difficulty
I would like to be a Bug Tester for anyones hack, I have ALOT of time on my hands and I check every possiblilty for a glitch :)
Hey I will be a tester if I can, When do i start?
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