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Testers for hire!

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Anyone willing to test my hack?
PM if you do...
I want to be a playing tester.
Requesting THREE play-testers or bug-testers for my team hack demo, Euphoria Isle. I mainly need to know if the backgrounds or levels are glitched in any way. Other bug finds would be great, as well.

If you wish to test my team hack, PLEASE PM ME.
Hey everyone! I have been working on my hack for a while (called Mario and The Ancient Dino Eggs SMWEE), for almost a month now. I am about to release a demo of the hack, which will be occurring this upcoming Sunday at 10p EST (which I am also going to have screen shots ready at that time too). So anyone whom wants to test my demo, and give me some feedback, PM me that you want to test it! The demo will consist of 19 levels. Alright so I will see you guys on Sunday, have a good week everyone!

P.S... I'm not going to bother switching the main title screen until I release the full hack. But anyways thank you all for your time!

EDIT!!: I'm actually going to call it SMW Extreme Edition now.
EDIT!!!: I am actually going to edit the title screen for the demo now.

Are we allowed to test hacks even though we aren't been on the list because it hasn't been updated? Thanks for answering. #w{=)}
My computer often has nervous breakdowns, so I can't be on the Central as often as I would like. Not to mention that darned thing called life; always getting in my way and ruining my schedule!

In other news, I am currently working on two Vanilla hacks right now, with one being a joke hack. Stay tuned!
I'm pretty sure you can. I think that is just a list of people that are already willing to test hacks.

I need a hack tested for various aspects concerning slowdown, sprite memory issues, and overall gameplay experience. If anyone is willing to test my hack, feel free to PM me, as I'm eager to see some constructive criticism about what to fix and do.
Open for requests: Extended Unavailability
Reviews and whatnot.

Hey guys I need 2 more bug testers and 1 more gameplay tester! PM me if you can test it out, I'm releasing it to testers on sunday!

I am currently looking for a nice SMW hacker that would like to beta-test my finally-complete hack and give some final feedback before submitting.

In return I will add you in the credits and/or beta test your hack and give you feedback too!

Please PM me if interested! Your help is much appreciated!
Hey I need one more bug tester for before I send out my hack on sunday! PM me if you would like to do so! Thanks!

Play Tester ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Uknown hack

progress ???

started ????/??/??
I need somebody to play and bug test my hack that can use screenshots for the review of it please! PM me for the IPS
I used to use this site a lot back in like, 2011. Hopefully you don't remember me.
I need people to test my hack again, mostly level dificulty and design and bug tracking Nevermind, my hack got approved.

Available for playtesting in a week, too busy studying to even work on my own hack |-O
ill be a tester.
I'm available to test levels, any halfway decent hacks and critique them, I love to play decently designed easy to moderate-moderate-hard mostly linear levels (minimal or no crazy F-U frustration/unnecessary BS that may sound familiar) I'm also very constructive & will probably record vids to help the hacker or a vid of finished level(s)/hack, so if you got a hack in the works to test send it on over to me .#w{=)}
my utube playing SMW hacks (latest: june 20 2012)
Hey guys, I need someone to test my hack WAFF's Journey. Its vanilla besides its horrible (and maybe soon-to-be changed) gfx edits. The demo has the first 2 worlds. I'd like it if you played it savestateless as the game is very easy for the most part. PM me if interested and I'll email you the .IPS or some other way if you prefer. Thanks!

P.S. check out my thread for this hack in the "Works in progress" forums to see some pictures and gameplay videos of it!
plz sign me up to be a game tester not the bug tester
I can play and bug test.
I am happily informed to become a play tester.

Edit: I would also become a bug tester. Easy thing to do if bad things happen when I'm testing.
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Thinking about making a Rainbow Magic thread at the Media forum.
I can play test anything just PM. But if it's not to much trouble I'd rather not play test Hacks in there first stage. If it's neccsary I'll do it but I'd much rather play a hack in a later stage when it's a little less frustating and a little more fun. If you need me to play test a first stage hack I will.
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Till River kills the Doctor
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