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Testers for hire!

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would someone play test the first level of my hack. Abby"s Amazing Mario Adventure (title pending)

just download that and load it. level changed is Yoshi"s Island 1. it"s my first hack/level. so dont be too harsh if it"s horrible, k?

edit!!! sorry guys. accidently destroyed the work in trying to ips it. so I lost my work. and im going to have to remake it.

edit2!!! re added. PLEASE PLAY TEST and review it please.

edit3!! version 1.4 added
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"Im a full fledge Lez. and theres nothing you can do about it.." "Abby"
To be's bad,. I think you should look at some featured hacks to get a taste of level design, or just play the original games. I'm sure you could become great at it if you practice.
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Well its short I can tell you that, Its full of cutoff (lots) Its a bit to bland and boring, the worst thing is you cannot complete it, I ended up being lead to level 0 which is a death-trap bonus game. I would say that you should look around the Work In Progress thread in Hack Discussion and see what hacks can be like and you might come up with a good idea and get better, Hey I was the same when I first started but I learned from my errors and my level design and ideas got better and better, Practise makes perfect.

If you want to see what kind of things people can come up with I recommend play my hack: Mario is sick! you cand find it below this post in my signiture of in the hack section. Its a mini-hack which features 4 levels but they show you what levels should be like but with some little secrets!
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-Mario is Sick!

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Version 1.6 is avalible for testing

fixed cutoff. cut down on sprites. removed glitchy pipe. added a net to replace it. made it so you have to use the p-switch in the pipe maze. im new at this. and im learning what to do and what not to do? (Ive watched enough videos to know MUNCHERS. and invisable coin blocks/note blocks are extremly dickish. I know that)

edit: kudos to Corruptendo for helping me finish level 1 and possible future work. continueing on to level 2 now.
"If you cant hold tough.. hang loose" "Abby"
"Im a full fledge Lez. and theres nothing you can do about it.." "Abby"
Whoa. You fixed basically all the cutoff! Still, what you need to improve is your level design. Don't worry, I was much worse when I first started. You should check out other people's hack, to get an idea. Try to add variety and decoration, so people won't get bored playing through the same levels over and over again. I'm sure you'll make a great level someday, you just need to practice! #w{=D}
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I kind of need a play test of my second kaizo hack (incomplete). It's a level abusing shells. I'd appreciate it if someone could test it for me. I would do it myself, but it's so friggin' hard.

Also, I'm willing to play test hacks that aren't insanely hard.

Edit: Never mind.
Hello... I'd like my five levels play tested (And what not)

... I've been working on this for nearly four years and this is allI have to show for....

I like it though. :D

Here are my five levels. The one called "Sky Gateway" is supposed to be a later boss level.
Im gonna go to sleep now, Please enjoy my WIP

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I need a blargg boss sprite tested.
link of where I downloaded it^

thanks for help in advance
"If you cant hold tough.. hang loose" "Abby"
"Im a full fledge Lez. and theres nothing you can do about it.." "Abby"
...I'm pretty sure testing sprites is the job of the moderators (do you see the "Waiting to be moderated" lists? Good.) I have no idea which part of it would need further testing.
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Originally posted by Alcaro
...I'm pretty sure testing sprites is the job of the moderators (do you see the "Waiting to be moderated" lists? Good.) I have no idea which part of it would need further testing.

EHH I didnt know that. I wanted someone to test it to make sure it worked. sorry .
"If you cant hold tough.. hang loose" "Abby"
"Im a full fledge Lez. and theres nothing you can do about it.." "Abby"
Hello, I am asking people to beta-test my Hunter's Revenge Recharged hack for SMW. ANYONE is welcome to. Please PM me and I'll get the hack to you as soon as I can.
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Any other bored people want to help beta test Mario End Game? I can make it worth your while somehow, via free sprites and graphics. I've already got Dahnamics, azentiger, Luigi370, Diddyboy100, Rockythetigre and a few others trying it (partly because they're all people who love fancy things and custom bosses), and if anyone else wants to, just tell me.

Just no videos.

Oh, and how quickly do you want Hunter's Revenge Recharged tested by metalgearhunter? If you want it in a few days, I can't test due to college stuff, but if you don't mind whenever this year I could test it.
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As for Mario's Nightmare Quest? Well, it's currently on Fusion Gameworks, ROM or the GCN at the moment.
I'm looking for beta testers for my demo. It is a one world demo, but the last 2 levels are still under construction. Feedback and constructive criticism would be much appreciated!
All I can do to make it worthwhile would be to put your name in the credits

Here's the (new) link:

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I can help as a play tester for any style of hack.
I'll be a service to anyone that wants me to test a rom hack.
Willing to test and record any nontroll smwrom hack.
Starting LPer.
I'd like to be a play tester. I have a pretty good idea hacking SMW so I wouldn't be a tight-ass in certain cases (like telling someone to make their own graphics or music to make it better, for example). Plus, I have a lot of spare time. I'll play a hack of any difficulty as well.
The C3 release of my hack turned out not to be as polished as it should've been, so I went back and started tidying it up some more for a third rerelease. I want this release to be beta tested before going official. Anyone interested can download the beta here.
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Would anyone kindly test my level so far for the Frozen Volcano Collab? There are two sublevels (plus a small one that I don't count...), and I changed all of the music to SMW music until I find more fitting music. Here is the link. I also edited the level you start on into a bonus level to get free items, so you can test the level with other powerups without using cheats. Just go left for my level. PM me with the results if you test it please.

EDIT: Whoops, forgot to change the samples back to normal in one of the levels, so it will sound glitchy...
Eh, sure. Why not? Kaizo hacking doesn't seem too ha-aaaaaaand I broke the ROM.
If someone wouldn't mind telling me how to, I'll put up a link to this...

I have a new hack I'd like to test. The overworld is minorly edited, as is the pathing, but I'm learning. over 90% of the levels I've touched so far are majorly changed, and it's been edited up to castle 4. It's easy at first, but it becomes relatively difficult as you go. There are OPTIONAL Kaizo-y, joke, or testing levels you can find for secrets. The special world requires the switches, or at least that's the plan. It's called Super Mario World: Emblak Version until further progress.
Credit for the amazing layout goes to Counterfeit!

Renaming my hack to something to do with Raphael (the Raven). Complete revamp. Demo soon.

Also userbars because Silver and HyperMario are awesome.

I have a hack, but there is only one level(so far). Anyone who would like to play it, please download it from my files, and tell me your thoughts. Thanks!
I have a hack that I am 1 level into(not a one level hack). If there are any play testers out there, or just anyone that wants to play what I have so far, please tell me your thoughts. It is located under my files. Thank You!
Hello everyone. I have 2 levels I need testing. Also, I am having a major bug plroblem that nobody can answer. I tried so many modification and sprites and yet a glitch always has to happen. I am trying to design a rising lava level. Here are 2 hacks, the first one is my two levels and the second one is modified to start at the point where the glitch occures. Both have different glitch problems.

This method of a rising lava level I fond being the most probable of finding an answer to my glitch problem. Layer 2 cannot scroll, and layer 1 glitches. I do not want to turn off vertival scrolling at will on layer 1 because I want the player to jump to the top without having to wait for the scroll.

This one has a custom sprite that enables layer 1 to scroll up, but I cannot enable layer 2 to scroll at will. Also, Mario gets "pulled" back when he approaches either side of a wall.

I will accept any form of feedback from outstanding to ******* stinks. If possible, can anyone find an answer to the impossible glitch?
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