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Testers for hire!

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Just so you know, If you want anything Beta Tested by me, just PM me either here or on my youtube account (Click the 3rd Userbar) and I shall get back to you within 24 hours.

Mario Gives Up 2

Well it's almost finished, so it's almost that time. I need a couple of people to test Mario Gives Up 2 when it's completed which should be in about 2-3 weeks, however the date could be subject to change. I would like the testers to have a report of their findings within 2 weeks of receiving the .ips patch.

People who want to test MGU2 should meet the requirements:
- Have good knowledge of SMW glitches.
- Know how a hack mod would think.
- Have good organization skills when writing the report.
- Not some random person who wants to test it so they can play it before everyone else.

PM me if you're interested. I will reply to your PM if you are selected. The 2 people I choose will have the .ips patch sent to them when the beta version is complete.

Special credit will be mentioned to the beta testers in the README file that will come with the official release!

EDIT: My real life friend tested it.
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Anyone here interested in beta/play testing the First 3 Worlds of my hack SMW "The After Years"? (Click the user Bar in my Footer to be directed to the thread)

If so; just PM me. Thank you =)

Nevermind; don't need any beta testers at the moment.
My Youtube Channel for Hacking and Gaming.

I would like if someone make a "Let's Play" video of my Demo Hack Super Mario Bros. Remix if someone is interested please PM me #w{=D} ThanxXx!!!

>>Super Mario Bros. Remix<< [DEMO]v1
*NEW* features:
-Compatible with most (if not all) emulators
-Fixed some bugs & Re-addressed patches (it was a real mess)
-New level designs/re-edited levels
-New & custom GFX/ExGFX
-New & custom music
-Over 25 exits
looking for a BETA TESTER and/or a LP VIDEO MAKER from youtube to play MY HACK.(new version)

...if inteserted just PM me ;)
May i test some hacks? I usually do anyway x3
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Could someone please test the demo version of my hack, Mario and Luigi Animalia? I have a rar archive that contains the IPS patch and m16 and s16 files. Thanks! I'll PM it to anyone who agrees!
Edit: I have two people working on it now, so i don't need any more testers.
Thank you, Mario! But our princess is in another castle!
Are we allowed to put hacks of other games up for testing? If so, here's an IPS of my SMB1 hack. The first world is complete, and I want to know if the hack is good enough for me to keep working on it, if not I'll go back and revise things. Link
Eh, sure. Why not? Kaizo hacking doesn't seem too ha-aaaaaaand I broke the ROM.
i would like to be a tester for somebody. im good at finding bugs and glitches and i always search entire levels anyway when i play these hacks


I'd like to sign up as a tester. I mostly consider myself a play-tester, so put me down on the "Play Testers" side. However, I will do a little bit of bug-testing if I feel it's necessary.

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I need someone, the more people the better and beta test my hack! IPS download here.
Thanks a lot!
Also report any comments, suggestions, etc. here.
Once again, thank you!
There is nothing interesting here. Carry on.
I'm in for Bug Testing.
Nothing worth looking at here.
This is probably a bit to late but I'd love to do some play testing. I could also post it on my Youtube account for a let's review or let's play depending on if the hacker wants it to be shown.
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Originally posted by jimbo1qaz
Can anyone test Mario's Torture Chamber?
More like glitch testing?

I can do it. Just link me to the .ips patch and I'll test it for you.
Nothing worth looking at here.
I'm willing to test hacks for anyone out there.. just pm me if you feel your game needs an overview #w{=3}
I'm a double-edged blade. I'm more than willing to test hacks, but I also need my own tested. I would largely prefer if it were recorded as an LP, but that's because I can watch the tester's progress and make my own judgements as well as theirs. It helps.

At any rate, I'm willing to do just about any hack provided it can run on zsnes and... well, that's it. I'm tenacious, I'll get through anything.

As for my hack, there is no custom content. Some of the levels aren't very changed, and some aren't very exciting (usually the first few levels). There are glitchy sprites, but most of them are intentional for purposes of making my idea work. (and since I don't know how to change their graphics).

That's all.

EDIT: I learned how to use map16 and am making a completely different hack so I don't have to overhaul an over 50 level old hack.

Also, when I say I'm willing to test hacks, I'm saying I can and will LP them. Be warned, I can take a while to upload things.
Credit for the amazing layout goes to Counterfeit!

Renaming my hack to something to do with Raphael (the Raven). Complete revamp. Demo soon.

Also userbars because Silver and HyperMario are awesome.

im willing to be a playtester. but only the ones that work on zsnes

by the way: dont make it too puzzly
I'm willing to be a Play Tester. LP is optional.
I have Changed. Perhaps for the better, or maybe for the worse.
If anyone wants a tester, I'm right here. I will gladly test for both bugs and exciting gameplay, and tend to have unique perspectives on things and will thus come up with suggestions that others may not. I will write a detailed critique summarizing your hack, and if I like the hack enough will LP it. I am an experienced player that is good at catching bugs and design flaws, as well as being a knowledgeable hacker myself, having been around for almost two years. I am capable of everything aside non-basic assembly.

Thank you in advance for any business. I should be able to up my own skill while at the same time helping the community out here, so I'm excited to get this party started.
Sorry guys, but I'm out of this.
REASON: I barely have time to test anything.
Nothing worth looking at here.
Alright, could you sign me up as a play tester?

And for anyone who would want me to test their hack, I'll make a video of it and upload it to my YouTube account.
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