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Testers for hire!
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@Translucentbill: You have been added.

@Ganon400: Please specify witch type(s) you would like to be.

I will be a play tester.

Available for bug-testing/play-testing.
Hacking on hold, lack of willpower.

I <3 Caffie Radio

@Ganon400: You have been added.

okay,im only a world away(and a few secrets away)to completing The Second Reality Project 2 - Zycloboo's Challenge....

- ignore the watermarks, working on a fix for those
Originally posted by TheMonkeyBob

When someone has finished testing your hack, please submit your rating...

What if the person who tested (I won't say any names)

1. Gave vague and extremely hard to understand feedback
2. Did not reply when I sent MULTIPLE PM's asking him to please clarify his comments
3. Has not answered ANY of my PM's for quite a while now, but, according to his signature, is still beta-testing my hack.

Technically, he hasn't finished testing, but considering the fact that I can't seem to contact him, (He's active on this website, he just won't answer me) may I rate him now?

(I wonder if this is some sort of weird bug in the PM system...)

@wowfunhappy: If that is the case, send him a PM telling him that you no longer wish for him to test your hack and than submit your rating for him. If there are any more problems, direct him to me.

Id like to be a plat tester

Play tester. BUT, I want that people test their hacks themselves first and I refuse to test hacks like "Glitch World", "Super Hard [insert stupid explanation for the word "difficult/hard" here]" or something like this. PLUS, put effort in your hack, otherwise I won't do anything. >:(

Otherwise, I would be glad to be a play tester. ^^
TMB, could I be a bug tester too?


So many testers, so little jobs. Maybe we need a flashy user-bar to direct here.

I'm part of the Testers for Hire thread, so if you'd like something play tested, no matter what it is, PM me, and I'll give you honest feedback. Anything else is in my profile.

Support the SMWiki!
I'd like to be a play tester ive never tested i game before.... but iv played A LOT and think i have a good idea of whats good and whats bad.


Please support my hack. :D

@Whiter: You have been added.

@Buu-Huu: You have been added. Also, I don't give that sort of information. You must tell people yourself.

@Delmaru: You have been added.

@--=NAT=--: You have been added.

Super Firemariomki World is my hack, lets see you test it!

Your layout has been removed.
You may add me to the list as 'Bug Tester'. They're pretty scarce.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------
Anyone wants to test my hack?

Your layout has been removed.
I can, if you will.

Edit : Actually, just add me to the 'Play Test' list too. So that I can be picky on the looks of the hack :).

Just PM me, FireMarioMKI, to tell me what to test, bugs, gameplay, or both... to prevent flooding this thread, I guess.

Edit 2 : Hmm, no, I won't.
I just downloaded it and will refuse to test it.
Your hack is a pure SMW edit, and in this case, a bad one.
Floating water tiles, 3UP moons everywhere, 3UP replacing other tiles, the same level + a few Rexes or Banzai Bills... hmm no no, sorry mate, I won't do that.
At least try to hack. This is a 5 minute session plus a patch.

Edit 3 : I'll do it anyway, but I'm not soft.

--------> Don't follow "Find Roy's Dignity", my hack. Because it's pretty outdated. <--------

@Joe13...: You have been added.

INFO ADDED: All testers must send me a copy of (or link to) their report in order to get a rating. However, there may be exceptions.

I'm willing to sign up as a bug tester. I've recently completed my first beta test and I'm hoping the person whose hack I tested will submit a rating eventually.

My style when beta testing is to write notes as I go and to play every single level, even if the hacker has not made any direct or intended modifications to it, since one change you make could affect the game negatively in the long run. I give an objective stance, i.e. what's in the level as it is and everything I see when I play it from an unbiased point of view, an opinion stance, i.e. what I think of everything I see in the level (how the FG/BG Map16 is put together, sprite behavior and tilemap consistency, and if there's anywhere the player can get stuck; and if the level is unmodified, then it will just be what I thought about the original level or SOMETHING to keep the reader interested since my last report was 75KB in pure text) and a list of bugs I find within that level, along with tips on how to fix it. I tend to keep a light-hearted, mildly humorous tone throughout the report, because that's the mood that keeps many readers interested, and I try not to come off as insulting to anyone or their work when I give advice.

I will also take many screenshots, though I end up deleting half of them because they might be redundant since a problem may have already been addressed. I add captions for detailed information of how to fix it and/or for humor to lighten the mood. I'll also add a reference guide at the end for things like graphics locations, some how-to's involving .msc creation and music-porting tips, and a table of bugs with a description and how strongly they impact gameplay in case a reader needs it quick-and-ready.

Lastly, if I have the time, I'll try to correct some of the glitches myself. Usually, I won't be able to do everything since some ROMs have custom music problems (such as AddMusic insertion errors) and I don't have the songs they're using at hand, but I'd be more than happy to correct graphic glitches - I'd correct music problems if the hacker also sent the song texts to me.

Note to anyone before they ask me to test: I don't test joke hacks or hacks with rule 34 in them. Anything else is fair game. I know TheMonkeyBob said he doesn't give out information on what testers don't want to see, but I'm going to post it here anyways so I don't have to repeat myself every time I'm responding to a PM.

If anyone does ask me to test, allow one week for me to finish since I'm nocturnal and I'm only allowed on the computer before midnight, so I'll only have about 5-6 hours on the computer a day, and I also have a lot of other things I need to do. :X When the Death Castle Gates beta comes out, though, that is my priority to test, regardless of whatever else I have to do in terms of SMW hacking, so if I'm in the process of testing your hack when TLMB wants DCG tested, I'll have to delay yours to work on that. Sorry for any inconvenience ahead of time.

(TheMonkeyBob, I could e-mail you a copy of my report in a .ZIP if you'd like, but only if the person chooses to submit a rating - the way my report is formatted, some things might look really weird in a PM.)

Just look above you...
If it's something that can be stopped, then just try to stop it!
Player 1 beta tested for me.

My rating: *

I'd like to say however that I GREATLY exaggerated things in my previous post.

@Kyoseron: You have been added. Also, if you could send me the report and the name of who you tested for, I can see if they are willing to give a rating for you.

@wowfunhappy: In what way did you exaggerate?

NOTE: I will be working on a new format for the OP soon. This new format will cut the length of the testers lists in half, and also have a section for extra information about the testers.

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