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Testers for hire!

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Hi there. I'm looking for a second beta tester who likes playing hacks in the old SMW Classic style and got experience in SMW hacking.

"Super Mario Planet"

That looks just awesome (aside from the cutscene, i quite don't love those mario and luigi models, but eh, i don't expect a Marvel comic: those wouldn't be the things i would beta test), and testing it (i may be the 1st beta tester) would be awesome.

Listen, anyway, i know it is passed a quite long time since you asked me to test your hack, but i still don't have my PC back: it's still under repairing. therefore, in the while i may try to use another PC to beta test your hack, but it would be slower.
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I'd like to beta test Super Mario Planet. Just send me the IPS file.

Why are you looking down here?
I would be happy to test hacks. One thing though, For now, do not send me kaizo hacks. I need a new controller. I will say so in my signature when you can send me kaizo hacks. Also, I will send you a written review (PM), and I also will do a video review, (With attempted commentary.) (I will PM you the review link.)
I am taking hacks for testing. I do not currently do kaizo hacks or other very difficult hacks. If you send me a difficult hack I will try it, but I probably will not finish it. My youtube:
I am willing to be a play tester, and will also find some bugs on the way if I come across any. :)
PM me with a link, i'll do a video review and written one if you would like!
This is brandyboffin.
Welcome to the world of brandy... I have landed.
Hacks in progress : Testing, testing! (level) 100% [I would like feedback]
It's been a while but once again I need testers to give me less of a chance of this hack being removed for the fourth time help me find bugs I've missed in my C3 Demo of Mario and Luigi Deep Journey: Episode 1. This time I'm only looking for bug testers and once one says he'll/she'll do it, I'll post it.
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I'm going for an SMWCP2 testing kind-of shenanigan - I want to test each and every level until it's good to go, before moving on to the next one. I want a rigorous tester - not just someone who'll play it and tell me "oh that was fun keep up the good work"

So yeah. Click the button on my siggy for more info. I need someone to beta-test an unfinished level 1 of my hack.

So yeah...
I'm looking to test and LP a ROMhack from someone. Can be finished or not. You'll get a full video review in however many parts it takes me to complete every level and review it. First person to PM me will get their hack reviewed first.

My only requirement is that it isnt Kaizo difficulty. Other than that, i'll accept generally anything.

If you're interested, PM me either here or on YouTube (preferably Youtube, link is in my signature =) I'll reply and get the hack and tell you when you expect the video to be out. (Usually 1-2 days after)

Looking for someone to test my hack. It's more or less complete, I just don't really have time to go through it multiple times in different emulators. (That and I can't possibly think of everything on how to break the game)

An old thread I made for it can be found here, in case you want a basic description of what to expect.

The newest version which I completed (and isn't found in that thread) can be found here.

I will give credit as a tester if anyone reports any bugs or that it's in working order on bsnes or snes9x. Thanks.
I'd be willing to test for bugs. I love it when I find them! :D
I've updated my hack again and would love to have it beta'd:
This is my signature and stuff.
The Super Mario World gods come down with a gift, and he says...I'd be willing to test this hack if it isn't done yet.
Then he leaves. No one knows where he went, but they know
where he will always be... the Super Mario World Central
I would really appriciate it if anyone could test Luigi lost in Telinc's World.
Here is the link to the IPS file.
I play lots of Super Mario World Hacks and I enjoy playing them. I also enjoy testing my own hack which is in the making. So, maybe I could give it a shot on either one.
Testing isn't only to play hacks you know - it's to find bugs and other ugly things. You can't just play something and tell someone "it's fun".
Can someone test my hack?
PS:In 2nd level,to get the switch,go left from level entrance.
Hey! First time I post here...

I'm looking for a good patient level design tester for my rom Le Avventure di Mario 3.

Please, PM if you want to be my tester.#w{=3}
Giant credit will be given!#w{=D}
I'd love to be a level design tester.But I'll do either one.
Link Thread Closed