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Overworld Design Contest 2012 - Rules/Submissions

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As I promised, it's time for the overworld design contest.

1. You are to use both the main overworld AND the submaps in your design. Remember, you are not designing the levels themselves, only the full map.
2. Each submission must contain between 5 and 10 worlds.
3. You do not have to use all of the submaps, but the more you can utilize in a creative manner, the better.
4. You may use any landscapes you want. I encourage you to get as creative as possible - perhaps try something a bit different than the standard grass/desert/ice/etc.
5. I am not picky about events. You do not have to include them unless you want to use them for something other than uncovering paths in a generic sense (i.e. if you're doing something cool with an event, go for it - otherwise, don't bother).
6. Although level names won't be a big part of the score at all, it would be nice to see them included.
7. You may use any resources you want - ExGFX, ASM, whatever.
8. Entries will be due by July 31st, 2012 at midnight EST. This gives you over a month - more than enough time to create a full map.

The biggest things being scored here are:
-GENERAL DESIGN: Is the overworld flat and ugly, or did you put a lot of effort into making sure everything is nicely organized?
-AESTHETICS: How pleasing does the overworld look overall? Did you use the vanilla graphics to their maximum potential? Did you create new graphics?

That's all. Please submit your IPSes in this thread and keep any discussion/questions to the other thread. Thanks, and good luck!
FIRST. I came up with a genius idea and here we are.

The plot can be found in the intro level (shouldn't matter for this contest anyway, but the more you know~).
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
Second. I don't expect this to be that cool.
Edit: The 1st link doesn't work. Download the entry from below:
Made a few changes.
Edit: Update
Some mini-decorations in main OW added.
Greetings from sunny Florida and the now finished NACC (look it up)! I now have free wi-fi, so I'll upload...

Update: Fixy Fixy Fixy Fixy Fixy! Thx a bunch yogui!Third-2
Spent plenty of time working on this one. Hope I do well. :>

This also marks my first usage of custom music! :D

EDIT: Oh also, this OW is specifically designed to be played. Just so the judges know.

yes I might actually make a hack out of it

EDIT2: Update

Addresses some path issues caused by the RPG OW Patch, which I removed since I didn't need it to begin with. The paths shouldn't glitch anymore. (That's the theory, anyway.)

EDIT3: Minor typo in the link fixed. For some reason did .smc instead of .ips.

EDIT4: Another Fix, this time addressing the oopsy I made at Molten Geyser (as well as Derp Fortress), both of which I mixed up left and right and up and down, respectively. It's fixed now.
Want to see some of my cool swords? Well, too bad, right now you only get to see one of them, and it's my avatar. Might set up some kind of gallery/portfolio at some point, though.
All I can say now is... Fifth.

I hope nothing bad and unexpected happens now.

No custom music because I haven't that ability.
I was gonna submit this like, 4-5 days ago. But no one likes to help little ol me with my problems I was having with the overworld border. : (

Either way I hope you like terrible + lame puns, references, and possibly other things which terminology I don't the name of coz most of the level names have one of the things mentioned. I was gonna submit this last minute like I'm sure some people will do but it's not like I'm much competition anyways. ;_;

Hope you like it!

Yes! Click me!
Made a very minor change.
My entry. (PEGI 18+)

My entry. What's inside? Well, play it and find it.
Well I didn't had enough time to make a great entry (but I made it in less than 24h lol), but I made something and put some efforts into it. I had tons of fun making it. I hope you enjoy "playing" it.
Warning : Some contents may be inappropriate for small children.
Ok well here is my submission. I know after I upload this I'll notice some sort of mistake. :(


I'll add my submission tomorrow, for various real life related reasons.

Thankfully the map itself is 100% finished, so it's merely moving it to a different ROM, making an IPS file and uploading it that's left.
For gaming news and Wario discussions, check out Gaming Reinvented and Wario Forums respectively.

As for Mario's Nightmare Quest? Well, it's currently on Fusion Gameworks, ROM or the GCN at the moment.
Okay, here it is. Not expecting to rank high, but I am glad to have done this.
I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
Maybe I'll make a chocolate version of this... Well, enjoy!

Any 'custom' gfx by Deeke. Keep in mind that this is JUST an overworld, it has purely the overworld asm, music and graphics used for that, no modified levels or anything.
For gaming news and Wario discussions, check out Gaming Reinvented and Wario Forums respectively.

As for Mario's Nightmare Quest? Well, it's currently on Fusion Gameworks, ROM or the GCN at the moment.
Just put this together.

In the (almost) last while.

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