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super Mario bad day - by supermariobros53

Hack Name: super Mario bad day
Length: 23 levels
Author: supermariobros52 - Submitted by: supermariobros53
Description: injoy my hack and have a bad day


(First of all, please leave your user ID in the "Author" field if you're the author - trust me, it'll turn into a link. Also, you should probably have uploaded the screenshots to the site instead of including it in the ZIP. Oh well.)

What really brought this hack down for me is the lack of polishing - everything gives off an unprofessional and rather amateur-ish look, which I assume isn' what you were going for. A lot of things, such as ground tiles, were connected in a weird way, making some tiles look cut off or out of place. The fact that blocks placed in front of dirt leave a small gap of air around them also falls under this category. None of these would have been too severe, or even a reason for removal, on its own - it's how often and obvious those weird tile placements are that reduces the quality of this hack quite a bit.

Your level design is actually quite alright, though after the first few levels I was honestly sick of seeing so many out-of-the-blue Bullet Bill clusters. Don't get me wrong: it's not the fact that they don't come out of shooters or don't make a sound when appearing (although that might be a nice touch), it's their abundance and unpredictableness. I'm sure it's harder for the author to notice, but for players who see your levels for the first time, surprising enemy encounters like this might ruin the fun.

So yeah, overall, I don't feel your hack is quite "ready" yet. Improving on the aesthetics part and possibly thinking of ways to make levels even more interesting will help a lot, though. Perhaps watching this video will help you figure out where to improve.