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Super Mario World Competition Cartridge


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So I made a hack!

This thread is for general discussion about the game. You can share strategies, high scores, whatever.

Surely many of you are better players than I am, so for fun here are some scores to beat.

High Score: 4524 - by Alex of the Talkhaus
My Best: 3856
I pretty enjoyed playing to the vanilla dome 1.
It was fun.
I used savestates and I had something like 27##
I really like the hack.
Here,have something I made when I was bored :)

Do you like it?

Sorry,my english is a bit weird :U
Very interesting concept! Gunna try this bad boy out :D
I'm really glad to hear you all are enjoying it so far! I wanna hear more scores though! It takes a few times playing to get a feel for how to best get points.

Love the box mock-up, Mrpinci19! I can honestly say I never imagined I'd get fan-art or anything like this for my hack. =D
1731 Points on my first try. I expect I can do much better. Thanks again for making this!

EDIT: 2499 Points on my second try!

[?] Miscellaneous Helpful Hints
If I moderated your hack, there was apparently a 90 percent chance it was rejected.
Ok, I must say how much I'm liking this, and I can see how much effort you put into this little nifty hack.
I did 2132 on my first try... not bad V:
Alright, I bagged 2128. I'll edit this post as my scores get higher.

Edit - Managed to score 2502, but I found a glitch. If you run out of time in Vanilla Secret 1, you end up in a weird room.

Edit 2 - Scored 3007 this time. I'm getting better!

Edit 3- Improved to 3432.
Mario's Vanilla Journey

Progress: 22/72 levels complete
Great game, this is definitely something I'm going to be spending the next few days on. It's kind of odd how the timer still runs when Mario dies/gets hit but doesn't when you enter a pipe. That's kind of inconsistent since Mario freezes in both of the cases. But whatever, that's pretty trivial.

I got 2680 on my first try, but I think I can do much better when I think of a optimal strategy. 4524 is a pretty good score.

Edit - I'll post a list of my scores here when I get better. :P

4078 .. 4524 is pretty damn good.
I thought it would have been useful to report this, for fixing and whatnot (this is most likely the same thing akacesfan mentioned earlier):

I don't know what I did but, I ended up here after the timer ended (it happened only once though)... if it matters I had a star.

This hack is really great, I can't believe I broke it somehow V:...

Anyway, while I'm here, my best score so far is 2702 (I suck at this =P).
Hmmm, I bet it is because I didn't set the screen exit properly. I must not have accounted for screen position when overwriting the current screen exit. Just a guess, I'll look into it.

The way the timer works is fully intentional. I thought it was fair to stop the timer during screen transitions and level exits. But when you take damage or die, I left the timer running as a "punishment" of sorts. Since there's a penalty for death it's also meant to discourage the idea of farming for points in specific least a little bit.

I'm enjoying seeing the scores you guys are posting, and the videos! Like I said earlier this is definitely a game you have to play through a few times to get a feel for how the scoring works and then how to improve upon it.

I played it again yesterday for the first time in awhile and I got 3849, just 7 points shy of my personal best. I'm close to breaking through the 4000-point barrier.
Well I see your point. But the key to keyhole exit doesn't stop the timer. Is that intentional too?

Also, it's starting to get frustrating for me now. :P I'm going to be recording now, but I don't see myself beating the current high score unless I find a better strat for some of the levels (Vanilla Dome 4 mainly).
No, that was something I overlooked. Good catch! I'll fix that and the weird endgame bug as well.
I got 3907. GAH! 93 points away from 4k!


I played this...

-Very good
-Nice compect
-Epic win

However,the only problem is the time,it's impossible reach the final of the game with 5 minutes.
Better increase the time to 10 minutes,my suggestion is:When finish the hack,it's says:"YOU'RE A SUPER PLAYER".
You're not supposed to reach the end of the game.
Yeah, the point of the game is to the highest possible score within the time limit, not how far you get into the game.
Score: 2007. I don't think my score is as good as others'. Also, nice hack, I recommend it.

Could 5,000 be possible? 8>
TAS'd by the way.
5k? Damn, I've only ever gotten up to 3619.
Hmm. . . not sure what to say so I'll just stop talking. . .

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