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Mario Super World - by Ulikander4001
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Originally posted by Details for Mario Super World
Hack Name: Mario Super World - 133.8 KB - 33 downloads.
Length: 8 levels
Author: Ulikander4001 - Submitted by: Ulikander4001
Description: Mario have to save the princess again, but this time he will travel trough a new world.

Reasons for removal:

Most of the levels were fun to play, but there are a few things that must be fixed.

^ I don't know what caused this, but the title doesn't appear. I saw the title showing up properly in one of the screenshots you provided. Did you submit the wrong .ips by any chance?

^ I know these are minor, but there are a few cutoffs in the main map. I circled them in red. Cutoffs tend to be unnoticeable, but they make things look ugly if they can be seen clearly, so yeah, please fix them. Also, I found a perspective error. Make it so that the height of the cliff circled in blue is the same as the one located to the left.

^ This is one of the reasons why this hack was removed. I've had trouble looking for secret exits. The way I got to the alternative exit in the screenshot above is first I grabbed a P-switch found at the end of the level and backtracked to the screen the pipe that leads to this sublevel is placed. This exit is just way too hard to find unless the player knows what he is supposed to do. I know secret exits are meant to be difficult to look for, but this one is an exception. You should make hidden exits slightly more easy to find. If you prefer the way you hid them in this demo, put message boxes that could give the player some clues as to where the exits can be found.

^ The secret exit and the pipe in the screenshots above can be found by falling off of ledges/cloud tiles. These are placed in random places, and are kind of difficult to find without knowing when and where to fall. Once again, give the player a hint or just simply put some coins to indicate where to fall.

As for the way you designed the levels, it is okay, but I would like to see sprites other than bouncing green koopas, bullet bills, moles in future releases. You overused 2-3 particular sprites and that made things kind of boring.

Also, there are quite a few grammatical errors in most of the messages you typed. If English is not a language you're comfortable with, get some beta testers who write/speak the language fluently, and make them point out some mistakes.

Anyway, this hack has potential, and I am looking forward to playing the next demo. Good luck fixing the things I pointed out!
This hack didn't have any graphical issues or major technical issues expect for the fact that the game freezes sometiemes after I die in Snes9x; if you used ROMI's addmusic for this, don't, use Addmusic M or addmusic 405 instead. However, the main reason why I'm removing your hack is because the level design is way bellow our standards, you have a lot of issues which I will list now:

-Flat areas: This is when the player has to run straight forward and jump over an enemy or a pit from time to time, this can be found in the first level of the hack. To avoid this, use terrain variations and combine enemies to build clever obstacles.

-Empty areas: This is when the player has to go through a large segment without facing any or very few enemies, even if you add obstacles like walls or pits, if you don't have any enemies it's really easy and boring to pass. This can be found mostly in "Challenge Area 1", but also in a few levels in the Mystic cave submap and the P-switch segment in the third level. Furthermore, there are some areas where there are enemies, but they can't hurt Mario or they are really easy to pass, so it's like if they were not there, this goes for some chainsaws in the fourth level and some swooper and boos in some levels of the Mystic cave submap.

-Repetitive segments: this is when you use the same exact segment or enemy too many times in a row. The best example would be at the end of Mystic cave 5, but I also found this in other levels.

-Blantant level edits: as the name suggest, this is when you use a simple edit of one of the original level instead of making your own. This goes for the second room in both Iggy's and Morton's castles which felt very similar to the original ones.

Other than that, I must say some levels felt very short, maybe you should make them a but longer. Also, I advise you not to use 5-6 bouncing parakoopas in a row because they can be really hard to dodge sometimes. Finally you should test your midpoints, if I die after taking the midpoint in "High Lands 2" I'm unable to continue the level.

Please fix the level design issues I mentioned, I recomend you play some accepted hacks so you can get an idea of what kind of level design we expect from you. By the way, the levels I mentioned were just a few examples, but these issues were present in many other levels in your hack.
Hack Name: Mario Super World Demo 3.0
Length: 48 levels
Author: Ulikander4001
Description: This hack doesn't have an original story. As always, Bowser has captured the princess and Mario has to save her again. Not a bad hack, I swear.

IPS link

The main problem with this hack was the level design, you need to improve it so it will fit our standards, the level design in the first two world was really lacking, it was a bit better in the third world, and went down again in the fourth world.

1. The most common issue here were the flat segments, there were a lot of places like this, this, this, this, this, this, and many more places where the ground simply goes straight forward leaving no terrain variations, play your own levels and try to find places like these. You can fix this by adding objects such as slopes, pipes (or other obstacles), vertical edges and pits to make your levels less flat and more fun to play.

2. Another common issue were the repetitive segments, this is when you repeat identical or similar level structures in the same level, a few examples can be found here, here, here and here. When you make your levels make sure you don't repeat the same areas. This issue is related with the previous one, if you reduce the flatness in your levels and create different structures your levels will be a lot less repetitive. Another way to avoid this is to use different kind of enemies, areas like this that contain only one kind of enemy should be avoided as well.

3. Empty areas were still present in this demo, even if they weren't as recurring as the last two, they can still be found in places like this, this and this. These are segments with no enemies at all which make your levels boring, search for places like these in your hack and add some enemies to make it more entertaining. Also watch out for places like this or this where enemies are present, but they don't make an obstacle at all since their placement makes them unlikely to hit Mario.

4. There's a lot of places where it's hard to pass without getting hit, the best example are these places with 5 or more bouncing Parakoopas which are impossible to pass without taking damage if I don't have a fire flower or a cape, this also counts as one of those places I mentioned before that only use one kind of enemy, don't rely on these kind of obstacles. Also, in places like this or this, the ceiling is too low and makes it easier for big Mario to take damage, make the ceiling at least 5 tiles high to avoid this.

5. I noticed your levels were based on the original SMW levels, I recognized some structures that were similar to the original game and I also saw you used the same tilesets and spritesets in general. Basing your levels on the original ones isn't a problem, however, including segments that are too similar to the original levels such as this one, this one or this one is not allowed and is a removal reason.

That's everything concerning level design; however there are still a few other issues you need to take care of:
-While the music plays good, it breaks when I die in some levels while using Snes9x in some levels. This will be an instant removal reason after the new hack section comes out. Test your hacks in all major emulators and change the music in the levels where this happens.
-Cement blocks have a bad palette through the entire hack; try using the default palette that comes in the redrawn graphics.
-I spotted a few sprite memory issues with the Ball 'n' Chains in the second room in "Dark Fortress", change the sprite memory index (with the Lakitu head button #lm{sprhead}) to E.
-I spotted a few areas with slowdown, most notably this one or that area with the Cheep-Cheep I linked earlier when I talked about repetitive segments.
-Avoid odd object behavior like this, pipes are generally solid, and making them passable with no indication isn't exactly a good idea if you want to keep consistency all over your hack.
-Minor, but Floating bill cannons create cutoff and aren't really pleasant to the eye.

That’s it. Fix the level design issues I mentioned as well as the other issues and this hack should be ready to be accepted. I understand my last removal log was too general and short, however this one is a lot more specific and will probably be more useful to you, so if you follow everything I say, you shouldn’t have much trouble. Also, I don’t know if you did last time, but I really advise you to play some recently accepted hacks since it can help you to improve your level design.
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