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JDCGames Collaboration 2: Cancelled


@Jonny: Wow, looking pretty neat there! I quite like the sort of atmosphere you have there. As BMM said, though, perhaps the koopa could be replaced with another dry bones? Or use an alternative enemy.

@Lord Pokey: Added.

@SF: Nice. =) Make the palette a little browner, and I think you can then send me the IPS so it can be inserted.

@OhHellNo: Looking good. I must say that's quite an interesting direction to go with your level. That's definitely classed as minor edits, don't worry.

@BlackMageMario: Certainly. =) I'll add you to the list for C.
As for GFX, you will have to create your own tileset using tileset mixing or similar. I'd recommend perhaps using FG tilesets 5,7 or 18 for some ruins GFX, though you can use whatever you consider best.

Overworld progress again. =P
I've noticed a few comments about the transition between grass/sky. I know what you mean, but it's a hard problem to fix as I've run out of palettes.
I guess I could use a bit of ExGFX though to fix that up. I'll look into doing that soon.

Aside from that, here is my progress. I'd say it's close to finished now. Just a few things to do:
-Sort out the vines on world 5.
-Do the "transition" from sea - sky.

In addition, I think the following things will also be inserted into the OW:
-The music patch. (multiple musics on the OW).
-That arrow sprite. Not sure if it still exits, but it's that sprite that allows arrows to be displayed besides Mario for which directions he can travel in. Can someone point me as to where it is?
@JDC: With the addition of world 5 to the overworld it's looking really awesome now =). I think once those vines are sorted out it will be just about there. =)
I really like the OW man! A minor suggestion:

You only seem to be using the same corner tiles in the whole OW (except just below mario in World 1). I think it would look better if you also use the 30 and 15 degree angles more to make it look more varieted.

Here are the first two screens of the level, BG Palette is very likely to be changed, it was just a fill-in.



E: Fixed link
Thanks JDC. I'm confused on what you mean by 5, 7 or 18, though? Could you explain what you mean?

Anyway, could I treat this level as a mid-castle type thing?

Thanks in advance.

- BlackMageMario
I'll replace the Koopas with Dry Bones. Thanks for the tip! I hadn't even noticed it was the only koopa.

@BlackMageMario: Here is how the lava works. The lava falls are just decoration, Mario will walk behind them. However the main lava stream is dangerous and will cause Mario to lose a life as usual. I've tried to set up the level so that the player will learn that by doing instead of a lame text box.

Anyway time for some feedback. :)

@JDC: The sky world is looking fantastic! Nice palette and good design overall. Nice addition to the overall product. You seem to be very good at designing that particular type of theme! Also, I'm glad you're sorting out those vines, as minor as it is. It'll really be the thing that could top it all off.
And since you mentioned ExGFX, it'd be pretty cool if you had some palm trees on the beach/ desert-like world if you were willing to go that far.

@SF: That is looking pretty good! In fact...I think I like it more! What really does it is the dull, somewhat polluted palette. Also, the way you cropped the submap so not all of it is showing is pretty original and creative as subtle as it is. Great work!
@BlackMageMario: I mean the GFX files for your level. =)
See diagram:

Just choose the appropriate GFX file for FG3 here. You can also use BG2 and BG3 for additional FG tilesets too.
As for the level idea, you certainly can make it a mid castle level. That's fine by me.

@Oh Hell No: That's looking good. =) My only main gripe is the fact it is an outside area and not really much of a "factory" per see. Unless that's like an entrance area of course, in which case that'd be fine. =)

Guess what? More overworld stuff, yep.

I've fixed the transition issue. It should look a bit better in that sense now hopefully. The vine issue there previously is also fixed.
I think now what I'll do is start using a bigger variety of slopes/edges as per Oh Hell No's suggestion. I think that should be good apart from that in terms of finishing touches.
@JDC: With those changes to the overworld, it's looking excellent npw =D. I think if you add those different shaped edge tiles in as a finishing touch as ohhellno suggested that'd be really great. =)
Wow... I love that OW! Great variation, very nice job on it =)

Originally posted by JDC

Ahaha, that's an epic OW, I'm really Impressed =D
Hope I'm not being stupid, but do you mean use GFX file 7, 5 and 18? Or are you talking about the ExGFX file 7, 5 and 18? (Like, 87 would be 7, 85 would be 5, and 18 would be 92?)

Anyway, the new transition is great, man! Can't wait to see the whole OW finished!

- BlackMageMario
I'm fairly sure i claimed sub exit 9.

I'll need it. Expect level+OW ips soon.
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Originally posted by JDC

Freakin' awesome OW you got there, JDC! Awesome physics and palettes! :D

One thing I noticed though, is that you used the vine end tile for all the vines segments. Some small GFX editing would get it fixed.
And when you're lost, and out of time
I will be right here
Originally posted by BlackMageMario
Hope I'm not being stupid, but do you mean use GFX file 7, 5 and 18? Or are you talking about the ExGFX file 7, 5 and 18? (Like, 87 would be 7, 85 would be 5, and 18 would be 92?)

Yes, they are normal GFX files. You only really need to use one of those. It depends which sort of graphics set you would prefer for designing your ruins.
@JDC: I'm really loving how the World 5 segment is looking so far. It's pretty Impressive that you were able to fit the Icy Skies world theme on the overworld, instead of having to move it to a submap.

Nice work.
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I've made a little progress on some of the interior segments so far of my sunken ship level.

I'm planning on having one that interlinks the other 2 smaller ones, and the 2nd half of the main one will probably use the boo generator to add a bit of variety at the end part.

I'v got the beginning of the main sublevel to show below, the enemies aren't finalised yet so if it looks empty there will be more added soon, this is jsut to show the look of it so far. =)

This is just after the entrance pipe to this part, the decoration and enemies aren't final yet.

As you can see this section is split up a bit, with certain parts only accessible from certain sublevels via pipes =).

Again, apologies if it seems empty of enemies, that will be fixed shortly. What do you think so far? =)
@ShadowFire: Tested it, and it seems to check out well for the most part. One thing it could with doing though, is perhaps a little extension? How about a 5-6 screen goal level afterwards? I think that'd work out pretty cool.
Upon viewing your overworld, it seems fine, and it'll be inserted into the base ROM. =)

@Mr Esc: Not so sure I like the look of it so far. To me, I guess it just seems a little generic really. I know you can do better than that. =P
New Progress.

Just some more progress on level 14. Added Buzzy Beetles, slightly modified older stuff and added a couple new screens.
I'm trying to keep a consistent type of level design through out.

There is also some palette changes.
Bad new: I've scrapped my Reptile Rush because I have to better start up my level again.

Good new: I've made an new level. Meant to be replace my Reptile Rush, the level name is Callous Canopy. Oh, and also. I use inspiration from Underway's WIP hack. Choconilla Rise, to create this awesome level.
Level 102
Another update on my level:

Sorry for the big picture! #w{=P}

yczedit: table stretch begone
C3 stuff: HDMA-Codes and Custom Music included!

1 Island Of Vanilla Feeling:

MaSeHiHa World 1: