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Which Hack are you Currently Playing?

Seems like a thread that's been made - but oh well.

I'm in S'M'W2, though I doubt I'll be finishing was a little of a letdown D:

5 Orbs, and Just Blob
My own levels, Le Avventure di Mario 3 and finished it.
I'm still trying to beat Massimo. >_<

It's a pretty creepy yet awesome hack though!
Originally posted by 1UPdudes
I'm still trying to beat Massimo. >_<

It's a pretty creepy yet awesome hack though!

For a sec I thought you said Missingno. hahaha

Annnnywaay... I have just been casually playing something here, and something there. I also have been LPing Roberto Zampari's Master Hand's Doomsday, and that isn't a bad one I must say.

I'm currently replaying The New Mario World and Super Mario World: The Lost Levels.

And my own hack too.
None at the moment, but one of the most recent ones I played was Inappropriate Jetski 19 by Patgangster. It was pretty amusing.

Also replayed a bit of Keytastrophe a little while ago, in hopes of that minuscule chance S.N.N. may decide to complete it.

Who knows? Maybe he'll finish Final Destination. Or Bellum Letale. Or Gimmick. Or Yoshi's Island: Forlorn Lands (Damn S.N.N. finish something).
I played Super Mario Worldwide last night.
Currently replaying The Second Reality Project Reloaded. Without Savestates.

Vanilla Twist!
Lately I've been playing through Anikiti series of hacks, tool less. More specifically Luigi's Adventure OSE (Middle of World 6) and Mario X World: Deluxe (World 2 (just started). All of which with commentary on my channel. I will also be redoing The After Years when the update is finished and will be doing the new hard mode for that and probably doing a comparison video of the 2 versions. I plan on eventually finishing Alternia Adventure- Energy and Yet Another Mario World also which I was doing tool less but are a lot more draining since they are kaizo lol. Lots of other hacks I plan to do for the future as well. I also upload my own (insane) levels.

Um yeah I know this is blatant self advertising but really, I kinda think more people could/would be interested in this lol. Is there a more appropriate place to do this as it isn't something I do much for not knowing proper locations, and it shows =[. Sorry if this is inappropriate and if it is I'll delete.
Your layout has been removed.
Currently playing "Le Avventure di Mario 3" and I'm at the 2nd level of World 2.

The story seems to be a bit interesting but so far the hack isn't really that good. There's a lot of inconsistency in the music and sound effects, boring and repetitive bosses in many of the levels, tons of graphics clashes and other minor issues such as bad grammar and bad palettes. The level design is mediocre but at least there's a few new physics introduced in the game (long jump, U-jump, etc.)
I was playing through Super Mario Universe, but I quit at the fourth castle. The hack started off great, but it became terrible after awhile. The level design stunk, and the graphics were ugly.
Mario's Vanilla Journey

Progress: 22/72 levels complete
A Super Mario Thing, Charlie's Glue Factory.
Cinnamon Hills, it's actually nostalgic to me for some reason and it's very inspirational. I'm stuck at the ghost house.
Working on a hack I probably won't even finish.
Replaying Mario and The 7 Golden Statues.
Steam: controversialbread
I played Super Mario Returns. I remember playing this a very long time ago without finishing it (I stopped at the level with blue transparent goombas), and this time I finished it, because I'm better at SMW hacks now, but mostly because now I know where to go to get infinite lives (in level 2, with a shell and water it's easy).
It always feel weird to play some very old hacks and comparing them to modern hacks. Especially in this one since it's one of the first hack with custom sprites (before spritetool), and the custom sprites are weird because they aren't like the normal custom sprites you can find on smwcentral.
Another strange thing is for some reason the game crashed on the latest version of snex9xgx (snes9x for wii), forcing me to play on pc with snes9x 1.51.
Now I will play Super Mario Returns 2 which for some reason is in japanese unlike the first one that was in english (more like engrish actually). And then Super Mario World Returns EX.
Originally posted by Giant Shy Guy
I'm in S'M'W2, though I doubt I'll be finishing was a little of a letdown D:

Same here, but I think I'll finish it. I was expecting more custom music and less boring castles/fortresses in S"M"W2, but their level design is still the same: narrow. And it has chucks on almost all levels. :/ In spite of those, it's still enjoyable.