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Other games you've hacked/want to hack besides SMW?

Figured this would spark some interesting discussion.

I've hacked Yoshi's Island for a few years in the past, as well as scrounging data for Sonic 3D Blast. Compared to SMW, I found both to be extremely tedious (I was around when EggVine was the big YI editor and not Golden Egg), though that goes without saying since LM is still pretty much the easiest editor ever. As for games I'd want to hack, Paper Mario is definitely up there, as is Banjo-Kazooie. Both would take a ridiculous amount of effort though.

What about you?
I've hacked Earthbound (which has the most "wut" code ever) and Final Fantasy. I've always wanted to hack some kind of tactics RPG, perferably Fire Emblem 7 or 8
I've hacked (to some degree) Final Fantasy Tactics. Some decent tools/etc made for it, but nothing like SMW.

Here's the main hub for FFT hacking.
GvS ~ u:11380
Eh, besides SMW, I've only hacked the Mega Man Battle Network series before. Was pretty difficult, considering nearly nothing was discovered yet. That means the only thing we could use was Translhextion. Yeah, there were some other tools we could use, like A.P.E. for palettes, but nothing more. Still trying to find out what some offsets actually do. Ah well.

I'd really like to hack some of the Sonic games, especially Sonic 3. Oh, and I'd like to try hacking the classic Mega Man series. Still haven't really looked into that yet, though.
Haven't really hacked anything other than SMW.

I gave SM64 hacking a shot back in 2008 when I was new to ROM hacking. I had always been interested in making my own SM64 courses but when I tried using Toad's Tool I lost all hope. It was far too difficult for me to work with it and I gave up within a week. Haven't touched it since.

As for games I'm interested in hacking, definitely Paper Mario. But given how complicated it is (the 3D maps, scripts, sprite data, etc.) I probably won't attempt it. I'm also interested in PM:TTYD, SPM and MK64 to some extent. As you can see I'm pretty interested in the Paper Mario series. :p
I tried to hack YI before, but then some things would either be glitchy or crash the game. I tried to hack DKC as well, but my crappy computer took the best of it (read: didn't even load properly).
At times I get the urge to hack NSMBWii, although that usually only occurs when an SMW level I make has massive slowdown for unapparent reasons, and I go on a rant about how NSMBWii is so much better with less limitations and cooler things to be done with the levels with more ease. So I don't know if you could call it a hobby or a temporary irrational spur of anger and hatred. Besides I've never really had the true inspiration to figure out how Riivolution works or how to even get started with such a project.
Hmm. . . not sure what to say so I'll just stop talking. . .

I'd like to hack YI and SMAS, first of all. Golden Egg is...all right, I guess, but it could be better. (At least it's not EggVine...) I wish we could change the enhancement chip, though, because 2 MB simply isn't enough to add much to the game, like custom sprites. And I'm holding off on doing much SMAS hacking until MushROMs is out..even though at the current progress rate, that might not be until 2020. I am very interested in adding custom stuff to SMAS, though, custom sprites, music, etc. I'd be interested in New Super Mario Bros. hacking as well, although I'd actually rather hack the DS version if there were an editor for it. I like the Wii version better, and Reggie! already exists, but...I can't emulate NSMBWii very well, and setting up a real Wii for something like that sounds like more trouble than it's worth. Hacking Crash Bandicoot 2 would be interesting, but probably a huge pain in the butt. Finally, I'd like to hack Mega Man 7 (and/or Mega Man & Bass), even to an extent of making my own graphics, music, and bosses for it. Really, I'd rather stick to hacking SNES games than anything else, because I could actually add custom stuff to them myself. Anything from any newer generation would be a complete nuisance to do any custom programming for (custom enemies and the like), and anything older would be rather limited.


I'm working on a hack! Check it out here.
I've hacked Yoshi's Island since before the public release of EggVine, as I was a tester for the editor. I went on to create two full hacks of the game. It's really the only game other than SMW that I have a true desire to hack as it was my favorite game as a kid and just brings back pleasant memories of a simpler time. I've had brief interest in hacking SMB and SMB3 but it faded very quickly.
Personally, I would do anything to somehow be able to hack Paper Mario TTYD.

(except for actually, you know, learning complex things like programming and whatnot. I'm too dumb to be a real "hacker" outside of modifying stuff with existing tools. XD)
Super Metroid and Donkey Kong Country. I made a super difficult Super Metroid hack that consists of blatant edits of some of the rooms and when I put it up for download, people are saying they can't even play it at all, just a black screen. I'm left wondering if I even used a clean ROM, and how I know such. I don't really care about it anymore. Too many glitches, and I'm pretty much tired of endlessly playtesting it. Serves me right for being ambitious just to make it as insane as possible. SMILE (Super Metroid Integrated Level Editor) is not very user friendly or fun. DKC hacking is far easier, but if I try to edit Coral Capers, almost all the enemies never spawn.
I'd also been thinking about wanting to hack either SMB or SMB2J.

Originally posted by Raibys
I'm too dumb to be a real "hacker" outside of modifying stuff with existing tools.

Legacy custom music
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SMW hacking channel

After I found out about Lunar Magic, I've wanted to hack Yoshi's Island for the longest time. I've loved YI ever since I was kid and designed levels for it on paper before I've even heard of ROM hacking. However, I was extremely disappointed when I discovered it's old level editor, Eggvine. I made two mediocre levels, and then just gave up because of how tedious it is. I actually tried out Golden Egg recently and started working on a level, as well as a bit of music hacking.

I've actually finished an entire Mega Man 1 hack with custom music and some minor ASM tweaks, though the levels I made for it were really unfair/kaizoish. I started on another MM1 hack but only made about 4 levels and haven't touched it since. I intend to finish it sometime though. The level editor is pretty easy to use and it's a fun game to hack.

I've also finished a Super Mario Kart hack a few years ago. The editor I used couldn't do much besides edit the layout of the courses, so I wasn't able to change the paths of the AI racers. It was still pretty fun, though.

Those are pretty much the only two games I've actually finished hacks for. (Ironically I still have yet to make a complete SMW hack.) Though I've tried hacking Zelda: Link's Awakening and Oracle of Ages about a year ago but didn't get very far with either of them.

I'm not sure of any other games I'd currently like to hack, though I've wanted to hack the GBA Mario Kart for a while, though there isn't an editor for it. Maybe one of the old pokemon games would be fun to hack as well.
My first ROM Hacking was Super Mario 64. It was very limited so I didn't really enjoy it much.

I don't remember how but then I found Lunar Magic; I was amazed. I could change everything in a simple way and the result was outstanding. I immediatly started making a hack, but then lost motivation and left it.

Later I got to PK Hack, a program for EarthBound hacking. It was a really complete program, I could edit EVERYTHING with easy-to-learn commands: The movements, pauses when somebody speaks, palette transitions, events, items, let the player choose its option, giving the player an item/money, ETC. I could draw my own characters too, and create my very own enemies with unique graphics and attacks, so I was very excited to make my Earthbound hack with a brand new plot and characters. Sadly, I didn't know how to continue the plot and eventually I stopped hacking Earthbound.

Then I found SMWC again and here I am.
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Besides SMW? Nothing. Nothing at all.
I'm too lazy to do hacks.

BUT, if I could hack some other game it would be the Mega Man X series. I always wanted to create a level that's not from the left side to the right side (well, if it's possible to make it inverted).

(although I've worked with smbx, but that's not hacking of course)

SMBX is a program, not a ROM. It plays levels and worlds in its own format (.lvl and .wld, I guess). Meaning it's not hacking, it's just making a level for the program itself to play.

Although you could make custom sprites with it too by just changing GFX and with some specil parameters in a text file.
Nothing worth looking at here.
Originally posted by l30n4rd0
(although I've worked with smbx, but that's not hacking of course)

SMBX is a program, not a ROM. It plays levels and worlds in its own format (.lvl and .wld, I guess). Meaning it's not hacking, it's just making a level for the program itself to play.

That's exactly what he said: "... but that's not hacking of course"

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to hear birds and see none.
I think would be be cheating if I said SM64 so I would want to say one of the 3D Mario Kart games. Probably Wii since I've seen some really great progress gone into hacking that game. I would probably work on 1 to 2 tracks tops though, and release multiple versions of them so I can contribute a few great courses rather then 32 OKish ones.
Super Metroid.
The first few rooms with spikes were my biggest mistake (the player starts with 99 energy and the spikes deal 60 damage if you have only the Power Suit that you begin with). Fake energy/missile tanks also showed up (mostly at the beginning) that also acted like these spikes. The level editor was too tough for me to use as easily as I could use Lunar Magic so I quit after one Super Metroid hack and never returned.
I once tried hacking SMRPG, but the editor was confusing and I couldn't do much. I actually tried to look for some info on the editor, but there aren't many tutorials or places to ask for help on that game like there is for SMW.

I've considered hacking YI, but from what I've heard, the editors are not as user friendly as Lunar Magic. I might as well give it a shot after I upload my SMW hack though.
Originally posted by carbonMessiah
I'd love to hack banjo kazooie / tooie. I'm fairly certain there's a tool to do that right now (mumbo's wand) up on rarewarecentral, but I'm going to assume it'll be too advanced for me/have too many limitations. so I'll pass for now.

also there was a period when I wanted to do a mod with the amnesia engine, but then I realized how I could not do that either.

so I'll stick with lunar magic for now. (although I've worked with smbx, but that's not hacking of course)

It's not out. I don't plan to use it anyway, given that Toads Tool is of a similar nature and similarly a total pain to use. I too would love this though. The BK engine is so much better than the M64 engine.
I've wanted to hack F-Zero and Super Mario All-Stars. I know there's a F-Zero editor somewhere out there already. However, I can't find anything for SMAS. I'm also thinking of hacking SMB1. I've hacked Super Mario Kart before, but never finished a hack.

My YouTube username is DTE225.