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SMW Hack Video Challenge - Round 6 (feat. Big Boo Gang)
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So, this is a little bit harder to explain since the old (and much more popular) SMW Video Challenge isn't running anymore. So I'll try to explain it as simply as possible: I play through hacks, I come up with challenges, and you can do them for points. It's fun, hopefully it's competitive, and it's a good way to expose yourself to old and new hacks.

More details below:


How this works:

- To begin a round, I will give you a hack and a challenge, and you will will be given a certain time period (probably around a few days to a week) in which to do it.

- You must upload a video to Youtube (any video sharing site works really) that shows you doing the challenge and link to it in the thread. The video must have been uploaded after the beginning of the round. You can redo it as many times as you want until you are satisfied or until the round ends; just edit it into your submission post (don't make a new post).

- ZSNES and Snes9x video files are also acceptable, and I will attempt to upload them to youtube if I have the time. If you upload a Snes9x video file, please tell me what version of the emulator you are using, since IIRC videos may not be compatible with other versions.

- Depending on how well you did, you will receive (or lose) points.

- The person with the most points after 10 rounds wins. (see scoring below)

There are two different categories:

TAS - Playing with tool assistance, savestates, (player-controlled) slowdown, frame advance, glitch abuse and whatnot
Non-TAS - Playing without tool assistance. Pretty much like playing the game on a real SNES (except this probably isn't possible with most of them). If I believe your video is a TAS, you may be disqualified.

The scores from each category are separate, so you could compete in either one, or both if you wanted to. Point values (or other requirements) may be different for each category depending of the challenge.


For most challenges, you will be awarded for completion. However, there will be a few ways to earn extra points depending on the challenge, such as completing the challenge first or being the fastest in-game.

If a challenge does not use the scoring listed above, it will be explained in the challenge's description.


Let's start this off with a bonus round. You can submit videos for this challenge for the duration of the game. When round 10 ends, this round's entries will be scored and added to players' score at the end. It could mean the difference between winning and losing!

Hack: Super Mario World Competition Cartridge by arnpoly
Level: N/A
Save file: N/A
Challenge: Obtain as many points as possible.
Powerups: N/A
Other restrictions: N/A
Scoring: Your score is equal to the following (rounded down):
Non-TAS: Your points divided by 10
TAS: Your points divided by 15
Deadline: Until the end of the tenth round.
Uploading my submission right now. I'll edit this post with the link. (psst, it's right there)

I got somewhere around 2500 2253 points. It could definitely be improved, though.


This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
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So you start with a bonus round instead of a normal one?


Warning: Opinions expressed by Lexie or others in this post do not necessarily reflect the views, opinions, or position of Lexie himself on the matter(s) being discussed therein.

Yoshi's Island Disassembly C3 Thread
SPASM - LevelASM for Yoshi's Island!
Yoshi's Island Disassembly Data Dump Wiki
Yes, and I have a good excuse reason for it. I had misplaced my list of challenges (apparently I saved it to a flash drive instead of my desktop). The challenge I posted in the first post was a quick replacement and was going to last a week or so. I originally set a time limit of a week, but I came up with the bonus round thing on the fly when I figured that wasn't enough time.

So yeah, actual round 1 incoming:


Hack: Super Pika Land Ultra: Chocolate Version (DEMO v2.0) by Doownayr89
Level: 1-4 Sewer or Later
Save file: HERE (save is at the end of world 1)
Challenge: Complete the level. Bonus points will be awarded as listed under scoring.
Powerups: N/A
Other restrictions: No switch palaces hit.
TAS only: Get the 1-up and all 5 pokeballs (yoshi coin replacements).
Scoring: 100 points for completion. 50 points for completing the level the fastest. 10 points for each enemy killed.
Deadline: Exactly 1 week from now. (if unsure about time zones or whatnot, check the date and time this post was made)

(note the game doesn't use a timer, so which submission is the fastest will be determined in real time)
Oy !

I'd like to enter this so here's my submission for Bonus 1

Non-TAS, score 3998.

I'm assuming the answer is yes but just to make sure -- are we allowed to edit our post with a better submission as long as the deadline is not reached? e : can't read ops, sorry
C'mon, man, I try my best.
The first round ends in 2 days! Get your submissions in!

But it looks like nobody participated in round 1, so there's that. I guess that means I don't have to score anything right now. :V


Hack: Mario's Island Exploration by Kenny
Level: Frozen Valley
Save file: HERE
Challenge: Complete the level. Bonus points will be awarded as listed under scoring.
Powerups: none
Other restrictions: N/A
Scoring: 300 points for completion, minus 1 point for each second passed in-level (50 points minimum awarded). 50 points for fastest. 25 points for the first submission.
Deadline: August 1st, 5 P.M. EST.
Nobody want to participate to your game. ;_;
Except me.


Played with PS1 controller. Took me a lot of tries. Could have been better at the end, but I don't want to redo it again.
I... had actually forgot about this. Sorry !!

Anyway, here's my round 2 submission (non-TAS)

The second half can be improved by a lot but it took me wayyy too many tries to record something decent, and that damn ice brother hits me every time, haha. But I beat yogui!!!!!!!!!!!!

I kind of hope some more people take part in this game!!

Link to ZSNES movie file cause I'm too lazy to find a good movie recorder. Beat it around 206 on the SMW timer.

Edit: Heh, my bad. Wrong level ^^; Fixed

EDit 2: Thanks TRS
Layout by LDA during C3.

Got some activity for the second round. #w{<3}


1st) Jesuiscontent - 290 points (60 seconds passed, fastest)
2nd) yogui - 263 points (62 seconds passed, first submission)
3rd) Lightvayne - 139 points (161 seconds passed)


1st) Jesuiscontent - 290 points
2nd) yogui - 263 points
3rd) Lightvayne - 139 points


Hack: A2MT (Base ROM v3.11) by Raocow's Talkhaus (for simplicity's sake this is only the IPS, the full ZIP can be found here)
Level: Crazed Crayon Combat
Save file: HERE
Challenge: Complete the level up to the second midway point. Time stops when you obtain the midway point, even if you on to beat the level. Bonus points will be awarded as listed under scoring.
Powerups: none
Other restrictions: N/A
Scoring: 100 points for completion, 20 points for each dragon coin obtained, 50 points for beating the boss, 50 points for fastest.
Deadline: August 8th, 5 P.M. EST.

TAS and Non-TAS

Took about 10 tries to get the non-tas one :P
Layout by LDA during C3.
Originally posted by Lightvayne

Uploaded these to youtube. TAS/Non-TAS

Anyway, I made a mistake with the challenge. Time stops when you obtain the second midway point. I forgot there were two midway points in the level, and my post has been fixed.

Since Lightvayne continues on to beat the boss in both his TAS and Non-TAS runs and the entries were submitted before I corrected the problem, they are not affected by this. :P

Thanks I really should install that encoder thing at some point :P
Layout by LDA during C3.
So I was going to update this but I'm busy trying to 100% a hack so I'll update tomorrow.

1st) Lightvayne - 200 points (fastest, beat the boss)

1st) Lightvayne - 240 points (fastest, beat the boss, 2 dragon coins)

1st) Lightvayne - 200 points

1st) Lightvayne - 379 points
2nd) Jesuiscontent - 290 points
3rd) yogui - 263 points


Hack: Insert Coin by Zildjian and Noon
Level: Insert Coin
Save file: N/A
Challenge: Obtain as many coins as possible in one minute.
Powerups: N/A
Other restrictions: Non-TAS: Use of the Block Factory glitch is banned.
Scoring: 5 points for each coin collected (max. 1250 points)
TAS: 450 points for most coins collected, 300 for second most, 150 for third most
Deadline: August 15th, 12 P.M. EST.

Non-TAS: 85

TAS:116 (the movie shows 117, but if you slow it down, the last coin was gotten just after the 1 min mark
Layout by LDA during C3.
Non-TAS : 116 coins

Hey Lightvayne, I did the same score at you but without TAS. And there is some part where I missed coins. It took me one hour and a huge amount of tries but whatever.
I will probably miss the other round too because I will go on vacation again.


My Youtube Channel:
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