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RISE feat. Other Projects (still dead as always, but somehow posts all of a sudden)


Old Screenshots




Hey, great stuff you got there! Excellent level design, and awesome decorations. The ambient of the level is also looking superb in my opinion. Overall you're off to a great start.
Waiting for more on this :3
It's shaping up to be pretty great already, but I'll do what I can to help you improve. Everything looks pretty clean and nice here - though it's still not perfect. :P

You should change the water's color to be a more orangeish color, so it suits its surroundings more, and I think the animation would look much more smooth and nice-looking if it was about half its current speed.
Also, the way the Layer 3 clouds scroll vertically when the screen scrolls looks pretty weird. If you're not able to change that, I'd recommend just removing the vertical screen scrolling entirely. I'm not sure if you'd have to sacrifice some of your personal plans for that, though, but do as you please.

I'll keep an eye on this hack.
aran - Graces of Heaven
Hey underway, this is some neat material you got right there.
It's quality is above your other levels, and those palettes, damn, they're sexy.

Looking forward into seeing more of your stuff buddy =D

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I have observed the first level. Indeed even better with Layer 3 action.

Proceed further!
So, I changed the water to orange now. Looks any better?

Its beautiful! #w{=D} Nice work as usual =P
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Incredible. My jaw dropped, as it usually does when I see your graphical work. I like both the blue and orange water, but the latter looks very eye-pleasing, and gives me a major Kirby vibe. Nicely done.
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The Orange Water is nice...

...the former crisp blue water was better.

However, do reserve that Orange water touchup for a future level. It looks nice, but with the current palette having a LOT of orange, it looks too strong to fit in neatly.

Perhaps keep the water blue, but make it more transparent, if possible.
on the goddamn ball son! you finally swayed me. here you still have a redonkulous amount of decoration but it is all used so right. instead of juss being there to be there. it all works and flows so nicely together. you finally got your structure game perfect. really really diggin on this. though, i'm not likin the name. i dunno hacks that usually have a self aware name like that, with words like choconilla, vanilla, or hack actually in the title don't flatter me. think of something different to call it and i'll be 100% on board. looking forward to more progress, dude! :)
Daizo: Thanks :3

Biospark88: Hey, I remember you from Choconilla Paradox ^^ Thanks for following my hacks for that long :3

Sagittaire: Yes, I kinda think so too. It was a nice contrast imo. I'm gonna keep it blue. I like it that way. Thanks for helping me with this :3

Zildjian: Woohoo, finally got you too xD Took some time. And also if Choconilla Supremacy doesn't sound got or isn't good I would call it "Big Fall, Big Rise" because of my little story idea.

Also fun fact: I started Choconilla Paradox last year in Greece and started this hack this year in Greece... guess I better don't go to Greece next year xD
Interesting things. :) I'm sorry you had to cancel Choconilla Paradox. I liked it very much, as well as the graphics. ^^ The C3 demo was great. ;)

And, as you may already guess... ...I'm very interested to see the overworld of this new hack. :P
I haven't started designing the OW yet. But I'm going to start it after I finish the first level :3
On OW design, I find that the best way is, as you've planned, complete the first level, then design part of the OW.

I'd recommend: For the OW, use your intital vision of what the land should be like (Suggested: At least the World 1 Map, but you can go as far as you can conceive). Then, once a workable tract of land has been created...

...PLOP the 1st level entrance anywhere you'd like, and dont change coordinates. From that 1st level point, design the surrounding textures as according to how you see it should look like.

You've got a grip on the direction. Foundation for World 1 is crucial.

Looking forward to more screenies. PM me if anything. Aesthetic is my strong suit.

Best of luck Underway. I'm here if you need me.
GvS ~ u:11380
Woah, Underway, you're truly becoming a great hacker, man! At first I was a little sad to see CP was cancelled, but looking at this just maked me happy. The aesthetics are simply incredible: I've never seen anything like this before! Every single part of the level is really well decorated, giving the level a very complete feeling. The level design is also looking really neat. And man, you really gotta teach me how to use those layer 3 backgrounds, because this is looking stunning!

Yeah, please keep up the amazing work here!
e: oh, you're in Greece? Neato! I'm going there too in a few weeks. :P
Sagittaire: Thanks for the tip, I'm goning to try that out :3

GvS: Hey :3 Haven't seen you in a while ^^ If you want me to show you how to use layer 3 BGs you can always add me on MSN or Skype or PM me :3

And where exactly are you going to in Greece?
Wow, layer 3 BGs, just what I started to use XD
I really like youre style Underway, and love those mole holes :>
HOpe you get this finished, if not, you could just merge it with Choconilla paradox...
Also, the orange water is... too orange, make it orangey blue(disaturated with some green in it maybe? Not precisely shure how to pull-off such a tone as orangey blue ¬_¬)
Your layout has been removed.
Going to start this marking for hacks I believe will make an impact on the SMW hacking scene:


Basically, this is my own way of saying: This work is of utter importance, and if completed, will bring even more inspiration to the hacking scene.

Proceed Underway.
Thanks Sagittaire and xlk :3 Also I think the water is fine in it's current blue form.

Also got an extendabar for you to use :3 (thanks to Tahixham :3)

I'm currently about 75% done with the first level and already started working on the second level in order to give you something to look at while I finish the first level up :3 So here are some screenshots.