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Midway point issue (Problem solved)

Hello readers,

One of my level has a midway point in the second room. If I die after touching it and I reenter the level, I reappear at the midway entrance of the first room. How can I set the respawn point so I start in the second room when I reenter the level?

Thank you!

Using normal Lunar Magic resources you can't, unless you make a door/pipe next to the respawn point (in the 1st room obviously) that leads you to the second room.
@Gloomy Star

your solution worked, but I now have to deal with a new (minor) problem;

The camera is off-position; Mario needs to appear to the left of the screen. (The pipe leading to the next area, which is currently offscreen, should appear when I reenter the level)

How can I fix the camera when I enter the level from the midway entrance?

I think the camera will only make Mario appear on the left side when he is at the left side of screen number 0, because before screen 0 there's an empty space impossible to modify and the rom won't load it. So I think it's impossible to set the camera the way you want without Mario's respawn position to be the left side of screen 0. Don't worry, it IS a minor problem, nobody will really care.
That is what I thought as well... I guess I'll have to leave this in this state. Anyway, thanks for the help!