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Oh hey look I'm hacking again.

Yes it's true. Due to boredom, I opened up Lunar Magic and put this together. I've still got some stuff to do before I can work on actual levels (what you saw in the video was just a testing ground) like fixing Mario's graphics (look at some of his animations) and other graphical stuff.

Basically, the idea of this hack is everything is limited to one single color. There's absolutely no story, and it's probably the simplest hack I'm ever going to make, which is good because everything else I've tried was too ambitious.
Pretty neat idea, this video reminded me of the old Atari games. This hack could be really fun to play when it's finished. Also, nice choice of music.

I'd suggest to change the status bar, though (but I guess you've already considered it), it looks quite out of place. Anyway, pretty interesting preview.
Wow, these palettes are really awesome and the graphics are really detailed.
It's a pretty cool idea ^^
Yeah, you should change the status bar, it doesn't fit with the rest.

osu! | Super Mario World Nyaa :3

Formerly known as MetalJo
This does look pretty awesome. I personally look forward to what you may have planned for the future with this hack.
Want to see some of my cool swords? Well, too bad, right now you only get to see one of them, and it's my avatar. Might set up some kind of gallery/portfolio at some point, though.

Updated status bar.
Although the idea is nice, it's one of those which I fear will run dry relatively quickly. I can think of a few gimmicks you could create using the single color theme, but after a while it would start to get redundant.

As long as you don't have some kind of absurd goal (eg. making 90 levels in this style), then it should turn out fairly decent. Good luck.
@S.N.N. I've got a couple ideas for gimmicks, and I probably won't go overboard with the amount of levels. I'll try to keep each level fresh.

Also some more stuff. I decided to use the testing ground afterall, but I've made a couple decisions:
  1. The game will be very difficult, similarly to other retro games. You'll probably notice that in the video.
  2. Instead of MARIO START! at the beginning of each level, it'll display the level number. Thanks to Extroble for coding this for me (it was relatively complicated). Yeah, I know the text isn't following the rule. I'll try to fix that.
  3. As shown in the status bar, power-ups, score, and time have been abolished. One hit is death, and extra lives are very rare.
Well, there's not much point of me writing much, as pretty much everything I think has been said.

I think the ideas here are clever, it's how you execute them is what I want to see.

Regardless, I got bored so here is a nice Extendabar, that matches the COLORS theme very well :P
And the code:

Note that the Mario on the right is actually transparent, so depending on what BG colour is behind it depends on what colour he is. Clever eh? :P
Aw man, this takes me back to that day in 2008 where I fucked around with the palettes in LM. Eventually, I whited everything out out of boredom. IIRC, it didn't work as intended.

Anyways, that's an interesting idea, but as others have said, unless you're some sort of genius, you may have trouble coming up with more variations on this gimmick. At most I'd say you could maybe get a single world done without running out of ideas. On an unrelated note, the graphics remind me of Moonside and various Atari games.
That looks pretty interesting.

This one, uses a simple idea, which is not even simply, cause I saw t only once in SMW hacks (Chomp).

Keep up the good work and don't cancel this like your other hacks.

Also a suggestion:

What about using Super Mario Bros Status Bar font?
This is epic win!!
The NES music fit better in levels like that!!
@TOS That userbar's pretty rad! I'll be using it.
@Suns Like I've said, I have a couple gimmicks up my sleeve. The hack won't be long though, since I do eventually want to move on to something a bit more complicated.
@Luigi370 I can't cancel this hack because I don't have a set amount of content I want in it. So if I lose interest or run out of ideas, I'll call it the finished hack and release it.
@Roberto zampari Actually, much like the graphical style, the entire soundtrack only uses one instrument (I'm using the Synthesis tracks).

I finished Level 1.

New graphics for the midpoint. From here on out, the level is set to fast auto-scroll.

That's a rainbow shell chasing Mario around. Not too hard to avoid with the scrolling, actually.

This is unbelievably hard to pass with the scrolling, but not impossible.

* Shell-lessBlueKoopa has kicked GreenShell from #level1 (gtfo)

Another rainbow shell.

You have to jump pretty fast to avoid being crushed between the edge of the screen and the cement blocks.

...aaaaaaaaand there's the goal.

Oh hey it's the gimmick for level 2.
It's pretty cool, but is that levelASM or HDMA?
It's HDMA, but being applied through a sprite. It may sound convoluted, but it was coded by Extroble and he did it to take advantage of already-existing sprite routines, IIRC.
Well, I'm glad you like the Extendabar, I rather like it too TBH.

I want to write one of my long posts soon for this hack, but not now.

All I will say is that clever gimmick of the windowing is good, but it does need to be slower ;)
Original gimmick is original. But since the entire hack thus far hinges on it, things could eventually get boring. How many levels do you plan to make?

The design reminds me a LOT of "Totally not an edit" from the Raocow Talkhaus Make a Good Level Contest, right down to the "red=pain" color coding. Did you get the idea from it?

Level design is pretty good so far, so keep it up.

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Yoshiatom's Post
Looking forward to the compilation of this hack!
It's very unique, and the graphics remind me of a high-rez atari.#w{=)}

Layout by Koopster!

<DeputyBS> I knew it
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@TOS Actually, making it slower might actually increase the difficulty. I'll try it and see what it's like.
@Biospark88 I don't have a set number of levels I want to make. Basically, I'll keep making levels until I'm totally out of ideas. And no, I actually opened Lunar Magic, thought to myself, "Yeah, I'm not doing anything complicated." After messing about with the palettes for a while, I just decided to give everything one color and make that color indicative of what it does.
@yoshiatom Yeah, when you get right down to it, it DOES look very similar to Atari, which is good. I also had some inspiration from VVVVVV (whose soundtrack I listen to whenever I make new levels).

Also I spiced up Level 2's gimmick. Now it's actually pretty unique.
This looks great man. I bet the finished product will be even better!
I was seeing all of these cool user bars, and was like "what is this?", so I came to this thread to check it all out! And I have to say this is a very original idea. I like how Mario changes colors when you get power-ups. And I was very interested in the level 2 gimmick there, the white platforms made me all like "woah what's going on here?". Good stuff man, I am putting that user bar in my sig ;)

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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Works in Progress - COLORS

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