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Favorite Pokemon

SMWCentral users, for those of you who are in to pokemon, which ones are your favorites from Generation 4 Only?

Lucas Edit: Changed to not be such a specific question.
My favorite Pokemon is Pikachu.

Okay, in all seriousness, probably Dialga. Its design is just badass.
Personally I'm not fond of 4th gen, BUT I think Honchkrow, Glaceon and Togekiss are cool (probably because they are related to previous generations pokémon =P).
Glacion is a good one.

I also LOVE the Drifloon line.
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I think Rampardos is cool. This pure Rock-type tears everything apart with it's high Attack stat of 165. This thing is ridiculous. It can learn Head Smash (that does massive recoil damage) and Giga Impact if you want to to be a cheapskate.
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Tangrowth for sure.
If I had to choose one I think I'd go with our lord Tangrowth.

In all seriousness it'd have to be either glaceon or mismagius. Also skuntank was a bro when I first played and the only poison type I've ever used.

I've realized this was outdated.
Tangrowth. Praise be to Tangrowth.
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Weavile for sure, as well as my favorite pokemon ever.

Others include Tangrowth, Yanmega (pretty underrated), Magmortar, Empoleon, and Toxicroak.
Tangrowth, Gastrodon, Glaceon, Porygon-Z, Lopunny, Drifloon, Roserade, Mismagius, Rotom and Infernape

Maybe alot more but that's just off the top of my head. I liked lots of the evolutions of older gen pokemon and neato new typings for ghost types, but gen5 gave ghosts a heck of alot more.
Tangrowth, our lord and savior. for pokemon that are actually in gen IV;

Lucario, Luxio, Buizel.

[Honestly I can't really remember that many pokemon I really cared about in Gen IV.]


There is one Pokemon that arises above all others. This magnificent Pokemon hails from the fourth generation. Lucid vines and eloquent beauty escalate forth from His gloriously tenebrous interior. This Pokemon radiates with such immense beauty and grace that the sole fiber of my being shivers when faced with the mere task of comprehending such an entity. He is the Alpha and the Omega; the great Creator; the omnipresent deity that rules atop the universal hierarchy.

He is Tangrowth.

His stats and moveset are also really good too
Tangrowth is quite literally the only thing that can come to mind. To cite my reasons why, just look at His Power Whip animation holy shit
I think I'll let the divinity of the Custodian of Humanity, our Lord Tangrowth speak for itself.
The starters were pretty cool, particularly Torterra. I also thought the additional evolutions for Pokemon from previous generations- in addition to Tangrowth- were well-done as well. Also Gastrodon because Water/Ground.
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Toxicroak, definitely. Even though I didn't use him a lot until 5th gen, Toxicroak is likely my favorite out of the 4th gen group.

Also up there are Tangrowth, Glaceon, Electivire, and Drapion, all four of whom I've teamed in either 4th gen or 5th gen.
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Kind of a narrow topic, but Garchomp is both my favorite Gen 4 Pokemon and probably my overall favorite. Other cool Gen 4 mon are Frosslass, Glaceon, Leafeon, Electivire, and Giratina.
In terms of strength/badassery: Staraptor, Luxray, Rampardos, Floatzel, Skuntank, Bronzong, Garchomp, Hippowdon, Drapion, Toxicroak, Magnezone, Rhyperior, Electrivire, Magmortar, Yanmega, Gliscor, Mamoswine, Dusknoir, Dialga, Giratina (Origin Forme), and Arceus.

In terms of looks/concept: Drifloon, Happiny, Chatot, Spiritomb, Lucario, Skorupi, Croagunk, Finneon, Lumineon, Abomasnow, Glaceon, Dusknoir, Froslass, and Cresselia.

In terms of derpiness: Bidoof, Bonsly, and Munchlax.
I know nothing of Gen 4, the only Gen i never played and i have no intention on doing so, but i can make a decision based on Gen 5, and that will be Gallade.

For the one i have on Pokemon White, I gave him Scope lens and all of his attacks increase Critical hit Ratio.

Leaf Blade
Night Slash
Psycho Cut
Stone Edge

With those four, i can land super effective hits on all except 6 types, and luckily, Gallade isn't weak to those 6.
Originally posted by eXcavator
Kind of a narrow topic

Yes, which is why I'm going to have to ask that this topic be changed at least to an all-encompassing favorite Pokemon thread.