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SMW Hebrew Translation

This is a language hack that changes all English text to Hebrew (I know the grammar is bad in places. I will need a native speaker to proofread). Everything with English has been changed, including graphics. This is NOT a level hack, just a language hack.

(This is still in moderation at the moment. I'll link to the patch when it gets accepted.)

Title Screen


"Forward, Mario!"

Course Clear (and Bonus)

Yoshi! You're alive!!

Mario reading a Hebrew Ghost House sign.

I know that should be a Final Mem at the end of "Boom!". That's an older screenshot so it should be fixed in the patch.
I've removed my NoFades patch until I can find the brightness code for Star Road warps.
I may be Jewish, but I don't understand one bit of Hebrew at all >_<
This may be good for those in Isreal, but I doubt you can call this a smw hack.Its more considered a base for those who know Hebrew, but not English.
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Hey, that ain't nice, Troopa... I like the idea. I don't speak any Hebrew, but this is creative and I like it. It's nothing earth-shattering... It is novelty, though, and I can appreciate novelty.

Nice job. XD
It's me!!

High on life is the best high.
That's actually a really good idea! It must have taken a while to edit the graphics for every piece of text.
lol the hebrew text actually looks cool but couldn't you just edit the levels and everything with it? You should consider going for more then a translation. Good idea.
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Yep.The text does look good.
My buby would highly approve of this romhack XD
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I did this mostly as a challenge for myself, and to get familiar with other tools besides Lunar Magic. It is kind of a novelty, but at the same time, I think it could be fun for kids in Israel who want to play a game in their own language. As far as I know, this is the first game that anyone has translated into Hebrew. I saw one in Arabic (not SMW) a while back, which is what gave me the idea.

And the reason I consider it a Hack is because I did more than just change what the messages say in Lunar Magic. I actually had to edit the text graphics to make new letters, edit non-text graphics, and I spent a lot of time in HEX.

If I wanted to use it for a full level hack, however, I could recreate all of the levels from Right to Left :-P


I'm also going to try to publish the info I gathered for HEX regarding the Mario Start, Game Over, etc. soon. I think it will save folks who want to edit those graphics a lot of time.
I've removed my NoFades patch until I can find the brightness code for Star Road warps.
I don't know a thing about the language (except the right to left thing) but it looks really well executed. The fonts look great and it's nice to see you went ahead and changed every bit of GFX rather than just changing the message box text.