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Mario Adventure 3
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Mostly blog. I have 5 threads opened in several forums and I'm starting to find that they're becoming out of sync. I'll still check the threads and answer questions and post any demos.
Originally posted by dahrkdaiz
Mostly blog. I have 5 threads opened in several forums and I'm starting to find that they're becoming out of sync. I'll still check the threads and answer questions and post any demos.

Okey Dokey, I'll be sure to keep an eye on your blog then as I'm interested in seeing your project develop.
Just in case anybody's missed my blog updates:

Final world 1. Notice the new chained wall.

Frozen Forst level.

Frozen Forst level.
Just to give everyone a catch up on where Mario Adventure 3 is at: I picked up the Reuben project once more and tailored it to work for my hack specifically. Mario Adventure 3 uses the brand new format so I can create all kinds of fancy new levels like so:

The NEW 1-2

The NEW 1-3

The NEW 1-Dungeon

I was able to create 3 levels in one day. In the past it took me a day and a half to make one level. I think I may get this hack done even faster than before!
At first I saw your images and I wondered why don't you just use lunar magic, but then I just watched the demo 5 video and realized how amazing this is. I look forward to playing it when it is completed, and I wonder will you be using the same "find the key" in each world gimmick?

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
I have a request.

You know how in SMW you can pick up a shell and throw it straight up in the air.

I have always wanted to do this in SMB 3.

Can you please code that in, thanks.

By the way NICE hack.

Your layout has been removed.

Other than that, this hack is really looking good! I might have to dust off the old SMB3 ROM and give it a try...
The hack is still going strong...

A few of the changes so far:

New enemy types:
-Beached Cheep Cheep
-Koopa Kids will attack with powers related to Mario's own power ups (see Ice fired by Larry)

I said fuck it and ramped up the difficulty. The game was getting boring to create for so I decided to hell with people who will whine, I want this game to be harder than typical Nintendo fare.

The game now revolves around open hubs: Worlds are completely open, play any level at any time. Howver, worlds are initially inaccessible. There is a "hub" stage that has 8 pipes, but in order to reach each pipe, you must use a power up that gives you the ability to reach it, such as flying, swimming for long periods or building ice bridges.

You must play levels in your initial World (World 0) and collect stars. World 0 lacks all power ups. Once you collect enough Stars you can access the boss hub. Defeat a boss here and you'll immediately unlock a new power up. Go to the world transition level and use the new power up to gain access to a new world. The new world will test your skill to use whatever power up you used to access it. Once you collect enough stars in that world and defeat its boss, you'll get to go back to the Boss hub and defeat another boss.

Once you gain all 8 power ups, you can use them in conjunction to fully get out of World 0 and go to the next part of the game...
You are absolutely amazing. Words cannot describe how much I want to play this.

Glad to see this hack is still going strong. ^_^
Layout by LDA during C3.
Bam, 4 months later! This hack is still going on! To get the latest updates, join the Facebook page: For now, some nifty screens:

And a demo!

IPS Patch for PRG0 SMB3

IPS Patch for PRG1 SMB3
Oooo, this looks neat! Really, really neat! It also looks cool. And amazing. And a whole bunch of other adjectives.

I like that purple cannonball bro. Or are those purple bubbles?

wow dahrkdaiz. i recently got a chance to try out the first demo of Mario Adventure 3 and it looks very promising, although there several bugs to work out.

i wonder if you are also working on how the mario adventure 3 title screen will look like. and will your latest game have autosave like with the first mario adventure game.
Just an update for people who don't follow my progress on Facebook:

The project is still going strong, albeit, delayed. The initial January 2014 release won't happen due to the amount of time I actually get to work on the project. However, I'm still making progress:

Recent changes and features include -

-Fire Snakes leave a trail of fire on the ground as they hop around
-Ninja Bros. enemy coded in - throws stars in 8 directions and will attempt to dodge you
-Giant Chomps that eat through the ground
-Red and green springs
-Keys that can be carried and used to unlock doors
-Ice blocks now float in water and can be stood on top of
-Levels that dim to all black until you use a fireball to light a candle temporarily, making the room visible until the flame goes out
-Trip wires that, when touched, can activate Bullet Bill turrets, cannons, explosions
-Sparks from SMB2 coded in
-New type of Bullet Bill generator that fires at you from 8 directions
-SMW style spinner blocks
-New Mushroom Bank that allows you to deposit coins, these coins will earn interest as you play through. This is good to do since some enemies in the game can quickly steal your coins (Pirate Boos).
-Rotating Fire Bars from SMB1 and new Ice Bars that will freeze and toss Mario around
-New level theme "Sky Castle"
-Reverse water falls that move up
-Frog Mario is now "Poison Frog" Mario. This allows him to temporarily coat himself in a poisonous film that makes him invincible. However, this uses your air supply very quickly and takes time to regain.
-Probably a lot more changes that I've forgotten

And now, images!

I love you

I'm glad to see you are still working on this, I was getting a bit worried with the lack of updates. Didn't realize you were updating on facebook now. I'll have to look you up. :P

Everything its looking spectacular. I could only imagine the amount of progress you could make doing something on the SNES instead of being limited by the functions of the NES (even though that doesn't seem to be stopping you :P ) Great job as always man.
Layout by LDA during C3.
this is a super neat hack. i recently played super mario adventure and was blown away. i think i wanna try a stab at smb3 hacking. what programs are you using to edit smb3, and specifically, how are you inserting new sprites? i also read on your blog that you updated the level format's object routine in order to accommodate for more sprites on screen, but as a result, you had to remove slopes: what exactly was the problem with slope interaction? and with the improved engine, how many sprites can be on screen without slowdown? great work by the way; literally inspirational.


this is gonna be a awesome hack!
i cant wait till the finish project.
looks great.
Hey dahrkdaiz, I notice you haven't updated your blog in months. Is everything alright? How is progress coming along in your hack?

I'm still very exited about this hack and I'm certain there are others interested to know whats going on as well.
He updated the facebook page about two days ago, saying that he'll definitely have something before the end of this year, along with two screenshots of a huge cheep-cheep.

Looking forward to it :D

My blog. I could post stuff now and then
It's finally ready! The second demo for Mario Adventure 3 is ready to play! This demo basically includes all of World 1 but lacks a lot of things that are yet to be shown off. I won't even begin to go into all the changes, just play it and hopefully you enjoy it!

Click here to download manual and patches for SMB3 PRG0 and PRG1
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Forum Index - Non-SMW Hacking - Misc. ROM Hacking - Mario Adventure 3

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