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How to change coin colors

A rather simple tutorial I've made.

I've saved you the hard work of finding the vertex data within the coins' display lists, so just navigate to 0xAB7AD8 in a hex editor that has opened a SM64 ROM. There's a vertical line of RGB's. The first set of 4 are the yellow coin, the second set of 4 are the blue coin, and the third set of 4 are the red coin. The reason that there are 4 RGB's for each coin is because there are 4 vertices within the billboarded square.

Here's the layout of RGB's:

The original coins:

Golden Coins (FF C1 25 RGB):
Tried applying the golden coins, all I got was a slight orange haze to them #w{:<}
Eggs, did you apply the RGB to all four vertices? (The four "FF FF 00"s in a row)
Pink coins. It must be done.
Cpuhacka, yep, exactly that.

TheGreatFreshLOL, sounds like a plan. I was going to change the blue coins to green coins, what do you think?

This is soo perfect for my Monochrome Mario 128 hack.

Thanks #w{=D}
I turned the Red coins into Green coins. Should i turn the blue coin into a white coin?
I would assume that the column of 'FF's after the RGB values are alpha? If so, *evil chuckle* I could make
see-through coins!

Edit: Never mind. I tried, and got no results. #smw{T_T}

Edit 2: Oh well. I can still make coins that fade from one color to another. #tb{'U'}

Edit 3: Hmm... Maybe I should use these in a romhack.

What do you think? #tb{:DD}
If any of you want to use my 'Special Coins', I made a bps patch for it. (Note that it only affects yellow coins)

Link: SpecialCoins_yellow_only.bps

Edit 4: I made another coin-changing patch!

It makes the coins all look shinier. If anyone wants to use this, go right ahead! #tb{:DD}

Link: ShinyCoins_all.bps
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