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zsat v0.6

zsat is a tool I have been working on recently to convert bsnes savestates to zsnes savestates. Why you ask? Well since most of the tools we have that use savestates only support .zst files (e.g. racing stripe and vsnes, etc.), and since we can't change them easily, I thought we'd just change bsnes's savestates instead. So mostly this is for debugging purposes and what not.

Features so far:

- Converts .bsa (only tested this in bsnes v63 so let me know if others work/don't work) files to .zst files (only tested in v143).
- Imports OAM/VRAM/CGRAM/etc.
- Exports OAM/VRAM/CGRAM/etc.
- GUI!

Planned features:

- Support for all bsnes savestates.
- Support for ROM's with special chips (can't find any documentation on how zsnes stores the info).
- Make the states playable in zsnes?

Please inform me of any bugs or ideas you have.

zsat v0.6
I'm getting an unhandled exception when trying to open a bsnes savestate:

I'm using bsnes v68 if it helps.
It's kind of annoying when you have to download .dll files to use a tool. You should just include them with the tool itself. I know you probably don't get that error because you already have the .dll files installed because you have Visual Studio, but the average user is going to have to download them separately which is annoying. Just wanted to post my thoughts on that.
It's the Visual C++ runtime, something that should already be installed.
layouts suck
Should, yes.

Is, not always. Tell Microsoft to push it through Windows Update.

Or tell everyone to use TDM-GCC instead. That one doesn't pull in any odd dependencies.

Edit: Wait a second, why the fuck is this one filled with C++/CLI? Of all the ridiculous languages...
<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
So I have been working on this again lately and I completely rewrote it. Link.

Current features:
- Can convert zsnes, snes9x, and bsnes/higan savestates.
This works with higan v092 states and older bsnes states; I only tested it with bsnes v063 states though, you can't convert to bsnes or higan savestates yet however.
- Converts WRAM, VRAM, OAM, and CGRAM between states.
It doesn't export any of the reg values or anything else yet.

Planned features:
- APU RAM and SRAM support
- Auto-detect SRAM size in states.
- Export/Import WRAM/VRAM/OAM/CGRAM/etc. from states
- Add support for chips
- Make the states playable

Currently this is only really useful for the title screen recording in LM (so you can use snes9x or bsnes/higan savestates now), checking VRAM/OAM/CGRAM/WRAM between emulators, and things like that.

I have the source but I don't want to release it yet as this is still very WIP (I suppose if you want it you can PM me), tell me if there are any bugs in the current release though, and I am gonna try to work on this more.
Small update.

New features:
- You can now export/import CGRAM (palette data), VRAM (graphics data), RAM, and OAM (sprite data) from/into savestates.
- There is a option to compress snes9x savestates on output.
- Converts a few of the reg values.

Next release I will try to clean up the source code a bit so I can release that with it.