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8BPP Background ExGFX

I'm thinking about submitting some 8BPP/256-color background ExGFX to the graphics section, but the problem is, I don't know if they're allowed, mainly for two reasons:

  • You need quite a few patches in order for them to work, which obviously means that in order to use them, you'd need patience and need to know how to use Xkas.
  • The graphics don't show up correctly in LM, rendering the required Map16 screenshot useless.

Here's what one who's downloaded such a set would have to do in order to insert it (there's no step 1 because that step was for actually ripping them):

Originally posted by edit1754
How to use it:

2. Insert the BG as you normally would, with FG1-3 and BG1-3.

3. open the .asm for the Generic ExGFX File Uploader patch, and add in four entries for your level: (omit the entries you don't need though)- the first one, L3-1&2 (l3_1_2.bin) should have VRAM address $4000

- the second one, L3-3&4 (l3_3_4.bin) should have VRAM address $4800

- the third one, TM3-1 (tm3_1.bin) should have VRAM address $5000

- the fourth one, TM3-2 (tm3_2.bin) should have VRAM address $5800

dw $0103 : dw $4000 : dw $0C03 ; Level 103 - L3-1&2 - ExGFXC03 dw $0103 : dw $4800 : dw $0C04 ; Level 103 - L3-3&4 - ExGFXC04 dw $0103 : dw $5000 : dw $0C05 ; Level 103 - TM3-1 - ExGFXC05 dw $0103 : dw $5800 : dw $0C06 ; Level 103 - TM3-2 - ExGFXC06</pre>
4. Open the .asm file for the Tilemap Remapper patch, and (for your level) set the Extra Flags to %01 - this swaps layers 1 and 2 (because only layer 1 is 8BPP)

5. Open levelinitcode.asm that comes with LevelASM.Init and add this code to your level number's entry:
er-nobr">LDA.b #$03		; \ mode 3
STA.b $3E		; /
LDA.b #%00010010	; \  sprites & layer 2
STA.w $212C		;  | on MainScreen
STA.w $212E		; /
LDA.b #%00000001	; \  layer 1
STA.w $212D		;  | on SubScreen
STA.w $212F		; /
6. Make sure the Transparency Restore Patch is patched to your ROM.

7. Enable Sprite Status Bar for your level (read ssb.asm's readme for this)

What's really going on here:

- We're changing the screen mode from mode 1 to mode 3, enabling 8BPP on layer 1 (and sacrificing layer 3)

- Switching layers 1 and 2, because in mode 3, layer 1 is 8BPP and layer 2 is 4BPP

- Moving layer 1 to the subscreen and layer 2 to the mainscreen, so layer 1 shows up behind everything and layer 2 shows up in front


- None of the BG will show up correctly in LM

- **Any of Sprite Status Bar's limitations** Here are some examples, see Sprite Status Bar's readme for more info

      - No goal points (use a pipe to exit to another level with a goalpoint)

      - No message boxes or anything that uses layer 3

      - Keyholes make the status bar disappear (might be fixed in the future)

      - Limited amount of extended sprites onscreen

      - Limited amount coinblock animations that can be shown at one time (the jumping coin, not the brick bounce)

- You will have to make copies of the pipes and give them layer priority, or mario will show up in front of them while going down them

- You will have to make copies of the question blocks w/ items and give them layer priority

- Layer priority won't work the normal way. Turning on layer priority won't allow things to appear above Mario under normal circumstances

So, in a nutshell, are they allowed to be submitted to the ExGFX section or not?

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Aside from being allowed or not, if the BG isn't super hyper awesome, I doubt that anybody will go through all that.
Some screenshots would be nice.
If MAP16 screenshots don't work, that how about some ingame ones
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I don't see how it'd be a problem. The patch exists for a reason so not allowing those GFX to be hosted would be kinda silly.
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I don't see a problem with it. Layer 3 graphics are starting to become more common these days. Feel free to go ahead and submit them. It maybe be best to include the information your provided in your post and put it in the readme included in the zip.
As for screen shots, a in-game screen shot and a TLP or YY-chr screen shot should do.
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