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SA-1 Pack (v1.31)
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I sent you the IPS.

You can download my VLDC12 entry Here - final update
I added uberASM to SA-1 Compatible Patches and fixed a small issue with SA-1 version of VWF Dialogues related with color.

Also I'm rewriting the overworld potion of lunar fix, since for some reason the overworld remapping isn't working and with that making all levels with level 101. Don't edit the overworld until I fix this issue!

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So... how are those patches, tools, sprites, and blocks going?
I can't convert every single block/sprite/patch/tool, I'll convert only if someone requests it. Also I'm unable to convert any block until SA-1 Compatible BTSD gets created. Since there are no source code, the only one that can create is smkdan.

Currently I'm converting some patches that is in Ripperon-X's post right now.

Also question: I should convert the patches to asar or keep using xkas?

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I'd say convert them to Asar, especially since xkas doesn't have SA-1 mapping commands. (Which reminds me, have you brought up the sa1romfull thing to Alcaro yet?) Also, should I start converting my own patches?
We'll I'd suggest you convert the patches for both assemblers, as there are people who still prefer xkas over asar, but the other way around as well.
Did you talk to smkdan about the conversion of BTSD to be usable with SA-1? What about SampleTool?

You can download my VLDC12 entry Here - final update
I have a request for a sprite conversion to SA-1.

(Dynamic) Tap Tap The Red Nose
Okay guys I fixed the overworld bug. Appears that Lunar Magic uses $7E:C800-$7E:FFFF and $7F:C800-$7F:FFFF for overworld in a hacked ROM. I haven't noticed that.

Also Lunar Fix is now on SA-1 Compatible Tools instead of in patch. This should allow me update Lunar Fix without requering to update the patch.

About the patches, I'll see if I can make both xkas and asar version if possible.

Mai: Okay, I'll make a look in Tap Tap boss.

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How user friendly is this patch? Is it something that everyone can use conveniently or should the tech-losers like myself stay away from this?

Hmm. . . not sure what to say so I'll just stop talking. . .

SA-1 Pack is the most advanced patch of SMW Hacking. Although it would look harder for some users, in time you will adapt well.

I recommend you doing some tests, to see how it works.
In future, if FuSoYa adds full support to LM, it won't be really hard to handle except with a few 3rd tools and patches (since it needs conversion).

Sorry for not updating some patches guys, but tomorrow I will update some if possible.

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Finally, after sometime:
  • [Xkas] Gameplay gimmicks from other mario games V1.5
  • * [Asar] Manual Custom Block Inserter 1.32
  • [Xkas] Super Mario 64 Long & U-Jump
  • * [Asar] FuSoYa's SMB3 Screen Scrolling Pipes
  • [Xkas] Classic Fireball (edited)
  • [Xkas] Triple Ball 'n' Chain
  • * [Xkas] 8BPP Nintendo Presents Screen

Updated patches list

I'm working on a hack right now (with SA-1), so probably I will convert more patches soon.

Of course, if anyone wants a specific patch, feel free to request here.

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Updated Lunar Fix to version v1.02, which now works correctly with "Disable Fade Events" option on Lunar Magic.

By the way, nobody is interested on this project?

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I am, but I'm waiting until we actually start remoderation of the patch section.
Requesting the Separate Luigi Graphics v2.2 to be compatible with SA-1, please?
There you go:

[xkas/Asar] Separate Luigi Graphics v2.2 (Asar version is reccomended, if you're in doubt)

Also Vitor, feel free to add this one to the list unless there's anything wrong.
Thank you for converting this, Lui.

  • Added [xkas/Asar] Separate Luigi Graphics v2.2, converted by Lui37.
  • Added the first sprite (pack) into SA-1 Compatible Sprites: [Sprite] YI Sprite Pack
  • Updated SA-1 Pack to version v1.02, which fixes a crash bug with graphics decompression.

SA-1 Compatible Sprites:

SA-1 Compatible Patches:

SA-1 Pack v1.02:

Soon more sprites will be converted.

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Thank you so much Lui :3

Yeah, I'll use Asar for this one.
I'm kinda of torn with using this, so let me ask this again (as I forgot), what are the immediate advantages for user who aren't very technical when it comes to using SA-1?

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Basic/immediate/advanced hackers will have the same experience with SA-1 Pack: additional performance. Of course there is some special features, but the additional performance is the main advantages to who are using SA-1.

Not the performance of putting 10 sprites in any place at screen, but combinating them with other special features, like the VWF dialogues without the sprites freezing. And without any slowdown.

To make easier to undestand, here somethings that SA-1 can do:
  • CPU 4 times faster, which can help in:
    • Putting more sprites at screen without slowdown (up to 10)
    • Enabling sprite buoyancy without reducing number of sprites at screen (again, the limit is 10)
    • Combine VWF dialogues + some sprites without slowdown
    • Put various HDMA effects, with various sprites and without slowdown
    • Combine everything possible without slowdown (at least it should... maybe.)
    • Levels/Overworld/other stuff loads faster, since graphics and levels are handled by SA-1.

  • Extra storage: 8MB ROMs:
    • More graphics, levels, sprites, sampled music... Basically you can put anything on ROM without worrying much with space. 8MB is still a little limited, but it's much better than 4MB ROMs.
    • You can still have any size, you is not forced to have 8 MB ROMs.

But why you already have all these features? Simple: This patch is a SA-1 Pack, not a simple SA-1 enabler. I worked really harder to get all these features ready instead of just creating a patch that enables the SA-1. Otherwise it would be useless.

But these features are the only features the SA-1 Pack gives to you. Soon much more features will appear and a advanced hacker can add more, there is no limit when there is a fast CPU, basically. Of course, a fast CPU will became a slower CPU depending on what you want to do, but since SNES is a old hardware, there is not much that you can do (with complex processing).

But basically, you get these features above, if you are a normal SMW hacker.


Also more updates are coming. I'm converting some dynamic sprites and the SA-1 Pack will need to be updated again >_>. Well but you don't have to worry on using the current version. All versions of SA-1 Pack are compatible with older ones.

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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Resource & Tool Releases - SA-1 Pack (v1.31)

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