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Was this really "A SMW Central Production" ?
Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - SMWCP2 Archive - Was this really "A SMW Central Production" ?
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Originally posted by Slash Man
It doesn't necessarily help when those 3 users are rarely active on anything other than the forums, it's not as easy as say, IRC to communicate with someone through PMs and forum posts.

Forums make it slower, not harder and are a more reliable way of posting stuff, as you pointed out yourself in that same post.

Although I guess it was misscommunication that caused this thread, was it necessary to 'hide' it as a completely different thread and starting to call out ("bully") these users instead of being mature about it? (not sure who to direct this at because I don't know who of you started it (it was atma wasn't it))

Besides, is there anything inherently wrong with them altering your level to make a part of it seem more unique and to make the rest look better? That's how a "collab" works, right?

Your layout has been removed.
Not when one person doesn't get consulted. What? I don't have a say in what extra idea are put into my level? Is that not the type of collab and miscommunication I was talking about? Yeah, I know I'm not always available but nor is anyone else for that matter, we all have irl matters to attend to but there are other ways of communicating. My level thread for example, SNN just reopened it saying RN was changing things up out of nowhere, when I saw it I was just a little mad no one told me anything about it.

Originally posted by BMM
Not to be unfair to Lightvayne, but not allowing a user to make a level for there "questionable" level design skills isn't very fair, now is it?

You also have to understand that this is not my project alone and the decision was not based off of my opinion. Roberto has had his try in this project before and failed at it while Pikerchu has not. It was unanimous decision amongst a few users in IRC that Pikerchu should get the spot.

Now as for the topic at hand, I am not fully understanding why this is even coming up. Yes, this is a community project. Multiple people, old and new users have had their hand in this project. I do not see any "bullying", but only people offering suggestions to help make their level better, an opportunity that everyone has. The fact people are complaining about certain users always offering feedback seems invalid to me since the ones complaining never offer any feedback themselves.

With SMWCP we didn't have all of this. People complained. Now that we have users stepping up and trying to help improve the project, people are still complaining.

If you haven't done anything to help to project, you really don't have the right to complain about who is doing what.

I had more to say, but meh, this will do for now
Layout by LDA during C3.
I know I have not been a massive part of this project but I think it is a collaborative project. I can understand claims of making the game be like a proper game but I think it helps make it stand out and show how much effort we can put into something.

Level Progress was the only thing I can think of as bad. I got my level done in about 3 days and spent a good more getting it just right. Maybe if people got progress done quicker then maybe criticism would not be as harsh or "uncommon" to whoever was making a level.

Alas I have nothing else really to say but I think this has been a good collab with people. That's my opinion anyway.

(hopefully my post aint confusing as I seem to read it and get confused XD)


I should have something witty to put here (even if it's just to update dated info), shouldn't I?

Advertising Space

Originally posted by JDC
There's a clear difference between "being honest" and also between "being unnecessarily cruel/dickish". Most people consider yourself in the latter option, and I can see why to be honest.

And to be frank, many people here have glass bones and paper skin if they take offense to something like that that easy, especially when they set the bar for themselves to be (very) low at worst, barely meeting the bottom line at best.

The people you speak of mostly just want to be babied, nothing more. I am not an online babysitter.

Originally posted by Slash Man
It doesn't necessarily help when those 3 users are rarely active on anything other than the forums, it's not as easy as say, IRC to communicate with someone through PMs and forum posts.

Forums are an easier means of keeping track of information and progress and it is the designer's responsibility to keep up to date with the collab's progress in the event something they've contributed needs to have something about it changed. Having something you've worked on undergo changes with little/no heads up is a little disappointing, perhaps, but that comes with the territory of wanting a quality end result of a collab.

I was contemplating whether or not to close this, and I think I'm actually going to. Again, this is not because I'm shutting out all criticism of SMWCP2, but it's because this particular criticism was fueled by one person. It is not beneficial to the project at this point and all it's really going to do is piss people off. It's something that, if it was truly an issue, should have been brought up a year ago - not now.

I mean, A2MT's progress was some of the most disorganized and worst handled I've ever seen, but that hack is still shaping up to be a pretty decent game. Worry more about the final project and less about the methods. As others have stated in this thread, every route has its ups and downs.

If anyone has anything to add or any criticisms they'd like to throw in, feel free to PM me.
When SMWCP 1 was started and stopped and restarted and stopped again and finally started for a third time leading to its eventual completion, there were certainly problems along the way. Motivation was a big one, and as has been mentioned in retrospect, continuity, level integrity, and accessibility have all been brought up numerous times.

It's pretty clear to me that SMWCP 2's direction has been a direct result of all the analysis, feedback, discussion, comments, faults, strengths and every other little thing that went into SMWCP 1 as it was worked on, released and looked back on. The more professional attitude came from seeing how the difficulty would spike in places and how the levels would sometimes vary wildly in their themes.

Is SMWCP 2 more collaborative? Yes. From a pure numbers standpoint, SMWCP 2 has had more contributions from more people than SMWCP 1 did. With our goal to make as much of the game as possible using custom resources, there alone we already had a more collaborative nature. Numerous graphics were drawn in the early planning stages and we held actual, (informal) majority votes. Musical compositions have been coming in from all over by musicians eager to show what they can do. Levels have been subject to collaborative feedback since the very first signups, even the very first level I made as a starting point.

You (2nd person singular, i.e., no particular person) need to remember that there has always been more to this collaboration than just the levels. While they are the meat of the game, every other visual, auditory and programmed resource makes up the bread and butter. And they were all developed by various members of the community working together to further the project.

Will we pursue the same direction if an SMWCP 3 ever comes around? Who knows? SMWCP 2, once released, will eventually undergo the very same feedback and analysis that SMWCP 1 did, and I'm sure that any SMWCP 3 that gets started will gets its direction from that feedback.

There's nothing inherently wrong with a hack whose levels are just a bunch of levels by users tied loosely together with an overarching theme, like SMWCP 1 and the VIP series. There's also nothing wrong with the more professional style that SMWCP 2 has taken emphasizing the hack as a whole.

Where SMWCP 1 was a showcase of the site's individual users when it came to levels, SMWCP 2 is a showcase of what can happen when its users come together to work towards the hack as a whole. In this way, it is inherently more collaborative, and I'm proud of where this site has taken this collaboration.
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Forum Index - Events - Super Mario World Central Production 2 Completion Project - SMWCP2 Archive - Was this really "A SMW Central Production" ?

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