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Guidelines for this forum
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What is this place?

The purpose of this forum is to allow a place to announce, release, and keep track of large-scale projects and releases that are not hacks. This forum benefits both creators and users, as creators have a central place to release projects, and users are more easily notified when something new is released or something old is updated. Think of this as a counterpart to the Full Releases forum, but for resources instead of hacks.

So what goes here?

The following are qualified:

• Large-scale graphics rips. Ripping an entire game's tilesets, for example.
• Bosses or sufficiently complicated sprites. Newbie's Custom Bosses don't count.
• Large ASM hacks/patches.
• Large-scale music ports. Similar to the graphics example, entire game rips could go here.
• Tools.

So what cannot go here?

• Anything that is not currently released (i.e. either in the moderation queue or accepted into the archives) or whose release is not imminent (e.g. late betas for feedback and such). This is for releases; if you're just showing off something that you made or don't have any plans to let other people use it, it belongs somewhere else.
• Any hack. Should be obvious.
• Anything that is not related to hacking Super Mario World.
• Anything that is not yours.
• In terms of creating new threads, anything you feel is not "major", such as single songs, ExGFX submissions that only contain one tileset, or patches that merely fix bugs or add minor features. Exercise common sense when deciding what is major and what isn't, and when in doubt, post your submission in the Minor Releases thread instead.

Other rules

• Minor releases are allowed in the Minor Releases topic. However, we encourage the release of minor music submissions to be in the Custom Music Help forum, minor sprite submissions to be in the ASM Projects show-off thread, and minor graphics submissions to be in the Screenshot and Videos topic instead.
• WIP Projects are allowed in the WIP Thread. See that thread's rules for more details.
• Commenting on others' work is encouraged, especially in the WIP Thread.
• Bumping threads is disallowed as always, unless it's done by either creators posting an update to their own work or users posting a bug report about someone else's work.
• All of SMWCentral's other general forum rules still apply here.
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Forum Index - SMW Hacking - Resource & Tool Releases - Guidelines for this forum