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Resource & Tool Releases Forum Rules (Updated 2023/08/17)

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Welcome to the Resource & Tool Releases forum! Think of this like the Full Hack Releases forum but for resources... and tools. I wonder where we got the forum name from...

About This Forum

The purpose of this forum is to give tool developers and resource creators a dedicated space to announce, show-off, and keep track of releases that are not hacks. This forum provides benefits for both creators and users, as users have a central place to release projects, and users are more easily notified when something new is released or something old is updated.

Any resource for SMW hacks are acceptable to be shown off here. Anything from scary and complicated tools, to fun little music releases. Additionally, as this is not a resource section, submissions here are not bound by our moderation guidelines. On one hand, this is great for creators who want to release something early, where they're waiting for compatibility on another tool/resource to catch up. On the other, you may wish to exercise caution - and if you decide to use a release from here that is not in our sections, make sure you backup your project! At all times, resources and tools here must abide by the site rules.

If you don't wish to create an entire thread, you may use the Minor Releases thread instead. Additionally, exercise common sense when creating threads, and if you have multiple similar resources that could be released together, make one thread instead of many (eg, when it comes to custom music soundtracks - we don't want a thread for every song!).

Forum Rules

1. If you make a thread, let us see/hear what you have made without having to download it.

This could be through screenshots, videos, or via the site's SPC player. If your resource/tool is part of our site sections, feel free to link screenshots from there, too. If you upload SPCs to your My Files section, you can link them in your thread to be listened to via the site's SPC player.

2. Don't announce or link to someone else's tool/resource without their permission.

The best way to not break this rule is to let the hack author announce/show it off themselves. If they don't, then that's likely because they don't want to.

3. When posting feedback, be constructive.

If you're going to give feedback about someone else's tool/resource, please provide constructive comments. If you think something is bad, say why! Just saying "looks bad" doesn't help the author improve. Additionally, if you think something is good, say why you think it's good, too. Be respectful if providing negative feedback, otherwise you may become foul of site rules A1 to A3. This works the other way, as an author, too - be prepared to take constructive feedback. You don't have to listen to it, but other users are entitled to their opinions. You should be prepared to accept but positive feedback as encouragement, and negative feedback to help you improve.

4. Tools and resources released must be ready to use in SMW hacks.

Making a thread for a giant spritesheet, or for a few MIDIs you made, is not permitted (as an example). Instead, you should prepare all resources, so they're ready to use in SMW hacks (eg, ripped graphics ready to insert, txt files ready to insert for custom music, etc). Additionally, tools should either be compatible with Super Mario World and/or SNES games as a whole - not other games.

Thread Tags

When creating a thread in this forum, you should tag your thread appropriately to help users filter threads relevant to their interests. The following tags are available to you in this forum:

Tool Tool releases
Graphics Graphics releases (both ripped and custom)
Music Music releases (both individual songs and soundtracks)
Block Custom block releases
Sprite Custom sprite releases
Patch Patch releases
UberASM UberASM releases
Other Anything that doesn't come under the above tags (eg, Base ROMs, etc)

Should you have a question about this forum, please feel free to PM one of the moderators of this forum (listed under the "Moderated by:" section on the Forum Index).

We also have the #smw-hacking and #showoff channels on our official SMW Central Discord server where you can show off your tool/resource too.
Lot's of changes for this forum:

- The rules have been updated to better reflect the current usage of the forum
- Rules formatting changed to match all the new forum rules
- We have introduced THREAD TAGS (shock)!

I've gone through the top layer of threads and tagged them. I may or may not do the rest (there's 180 threads...). If I've tagged your thread wrong, sorry just change the tags kthx
Link Thread Closed