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Minor Releases
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No download link? :P

GitHub - Twitter - YouTube - Blog - SnesLab Discord
Whoops, my bad.
I added the link to the post.
I do pixels sometimes
I'm not 100% sure where to put this, but it is minor and not a hack.
I played the hack Mario Gives Up by cyphermur9t and I enjoyed it, but there were some bugs I noticed (that were also pointed out by OmegaYoshi). I decided to fix them myself (since cyphermur9t hasn't) and made this. It must be patched onto a ROM that already has Mario Gives Up as this patch only contains my own changes.
Sound test script for AMK

This Script was created for the purpose of checking the volume level etc. of the SPC.

This script plays:
- Player down
- Game over
- Stage clear
- Boss stage clear
- Key-hole
- Iris out
- Bonus end
- Star
- P-switch
- <Inserted music>
- Jump sound
- Coin sound
- Drunk sound
- 1up sound
- Mant sound
- Hurry up sound
- Yoshi sound
- Thunder sound
- Chain-saw sound

>> Download <<

If you want to change sfx, look line 148 of 65186.700
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mml Tie optimizer

This Script optimize tie command(e.g. r4^8 -> r4.)

How to use it
D&D mml file.
This script will output <origname>_op.txt.

>> Download <<

I wrote this in randomly in about 2 hours, so this may have any bug.
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UberASM Tool windowing library [SA-1 only]

I was coding all this stuff because I planned to make a RPG battle system for SMW but let's say I discovered my classes start tomorrow and I don't think I'll have any time to work on that anymore, so I'm releasing this here.

Just store values to $00-$0F, use invoke_sa1 to some label with PHB PHK PLB and JSL to any of the labels in this file. Remember to write windowing_ before, so if you want to call CircleWindow, you write JSL windowing_CircleWindow. Read the stuff before each effect so you know what to store to $00-$0F

Those who know ASM will probably see how everything is a complete mess and probably super inefficient. Well, that's why I'm not releasing this on the UberASM section, but if anyone want to give it a try, feel free, I don't mind. Do note that, of all of them, the rectangle window is the only which can do weird stuff to your game. Just make sure all the rectangle fits in a 768x512 screen, only the centered 256x224 portion of it will appear on screen.

Here you can see some of the effects in action:
Circle window
Elipse window
Triangle window
Rectangle window
Scaling for any window

EDIT: Forgot to explain how the scaling works.
The windowing table with the data you want to scale must be stored at !tempTable before you call this code, so make sure you set it at the initialization for example. The information here remains untouched and can be changed anytime if you want to scale a different window. The scaled version is updated by the code to smw's windowing table ($04A0) whenever the scaling factor changes.
SMAS Super Mario Brothers 3 (plus custom SMAS SMB3 Mario Maker tile) toolbars for Lunar Magic. Thanks to Spriters Resource and also KingGeoshiKoopshi64, Neweegie, Carbongolem and Qwerty Triple6 of MFGG.

Click here to download.
Layout by RanAS, modified by yours truly.

Octopus boss from SML2, colourized by Lemmy Koppa on MFGG. No sprite for him yet but this is here for when he does get a sprite

Hi! I'm the Admin of MFGG, you should check it out!

This is a tool for check asar.dll version.

I created it because the version of asar.dll can't be known without using a tool.
(asar.dll doesn't have resource version info)


How to
Run it in the same directory as asar.dll
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Originally posted by 6646
asar.dll doesn't have resource version info

I can see a slightly more obvious way to fix that than making a new tool for it...

(do this with the .rc file. not sure if the rc is included in the dll, but that should be an easy fix, at least if you don't mind adding another 60KB for a copy of the icon nobody will see)

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Originally posted by Alcaro

I can see a slightly more obvious way to fix that than making a new tool for it...

Actually, I think that it shouldn't be heavily used.

It should only be used as an analysis of the cause of the issue of the tool using the old asar.dll.
(Indeed, I made this for that purpose.)
I think that this utility should not be created.
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I didn't even know DLLs could include resource files as well. Should probably add that to my CMake script for the Asar DLL. In the current version, I left it out on purpose, thinking that only executables could make use of resource files. Thinking about it, that never really made any sense.

Feel free to visit my website/blog - it's updated rarely, but it looks pretty cool!

Hope you realize it takes time to convert them to PIXI and they've been in the sprites section.
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Hack Thread
Hack Testing Status: Available.
Layout by Koopster.

I'm the one working on doing that. I focused on other projects for a couple of weeks, which is why I haven't done that many, but the Angry Sun, the Fire Bro, and the Hammer Bro are all done and submitted to the sprites section. By the end of this week I should have managed to convert the rest of the sprites in it.

After those are done, we have also gathered a lot of Sonikku's other C3 sprites, which will all be converted and submitted.
for a bit of fun and educational purposes, I've disassembled all minor extended sprites.

Non of tools currently support minor extended sprites, but this patch does. So you use that to insert them.


Just like with most of disassemblies, not sure where you can use them, but you're welcome.
also minor extended sprites go in minor releases haha
NintSPC MML Looper
This HTML is a wrapper of a script I wrote before. It let you loop your MML generated by NintSPC efficiently bases on these VCMD_SUBROUTINE automatically.

Put your unmodified NintSPC MML code, and the tool will do the rest boring job for you.
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