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WIP Thread

I'm working on something similiar myself.
Seeing as Iceguy is making on too, makes me kinda worried but oh well.

My tool isn't for creating entire sprites, but just the graphics routine.
I mead a thread about this earlier but oh well Linky

Anyway, my tool might not be able, to give the sprite any behaviour, on the other hand, it doesn't matter how many tiles the sprite consits off.

I'm planning to release this for this years C3, seeing as it the tool is mostly finished.

Anyway, I just, once again, wanted to ask for feedback on usefullness and how much you guxs think it's needed.
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I've made this please send me some feedback and tell me what you think. I will gladly take your advice if I need any improvements.This is my second time making custom gfx so please give me pointers to make it better. If you are wondering where I got this from. I got it from castlevaina symphony of the night. Thanks in advance of sending me any feedback.
If those graphics are custom, they're pretty cool, and if you ripped them, decent job as well.

This isn't the right forum for this, though - "Resource and Tool Releases" is for, well, releasing tools and patches you made. If all you want is to show off graphics, then you can do so somewhere in this forum. Thanks.

cool thanks I got it from a site that someone ripped it so all I did is copy it and drew it using yychr. Thanks for the feedback since I do want to put this on the site eventually for everyone to get the gfx. Just wanted the advice to see if I need to tweak it more before I put it in since I am new to drawing gfx. Again thanks :D

PS. I will thank the person who ripped the gfx and posted on the site for me to get of course.