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Super Smash Bros. Brawl Friend code list

Link Thread Closed
Since those are just getting randomely posted in the brawl thread, I made this thread so we can keep them organised and easly acess them

Bio/Necro: 3351-3768-4895
Remnic: 2707-1287-4480
Feraligatr: 0903-2419-9207
Commander Kahn: 0044-2497-4789
fabio: 0044-2482-0419
Animenoob: 4553-9640-8587
Kaeru: 3823-8201-3033
Exor: 3952-6682-1774
That Guy: 0559-6458-1729
Lucas: 1289-7884-0241
Giga: 4725-7627-7805
Supertails: 4296-2671-8731
Observer: 1676-3422-2541
Ann: 4725-7693-7462
TLMB: 0817-3407-5255
Matt: 4038-5681-3555
Scyther: 2234-6843-0035
BZM: 1160-9490-4581
Delmaru: 5412-9673-0950
Grenade: 3995-6255-3929
Dark waffle: 1976-9925-1180
Orbis: 3995-6307-6147
crakalaka123: 3222-5288-6733
FirePhoenix: 4983-4713-7355
General Raam: 2921-8778-0630
Boingboingsplat: 3780-8748-5809
Blynd: 3866-7688-1443
bored2tears: 0645-5425-8459
Pit: 0860-2905-0480
Piers: 5284-1089-6021
Jim: 5455-9277-4968
TheMonkeyBob: 3609-0931-4533
Pester: 1891-0893-0139
Lyner102: 0087-2143-5002
Amanda: 4081-5574-0086
XZ: 2191-7490-7003
Ganon: 5155-2759-5851
Pozeal: 0817-3533-0294
Wierdboo: 4167-4198-4203
BrawlSmasher: 0216-1213-9228
Quizler: 0087-2717-3153
Zozeycoasterman: 5370-0465-1235

just post codes here and I will add them to the list
Eh, I'll post mine here seeing as the other thread about the same thing is already starting to die. >_>

fabio: 0044-2482-0419

Oh yeah, PM me if you are going to add me obviously. It's useless adding my friend code with me knowing yours first.
Mines is:
4553 - 9640 - 8587
but like I stated before I'm having trouble with the online. It keeps disconnecting me from games. Anyone know why? I'm assuming my router is to far from my wii. ( router in my room, wii in my living room )
Check out my profile for awesomeness!
3823 8201 3033
I will fight with anyone. Prepare to be owned by Dark (Toon) Link.
Originally posted by Exor
Brawl: 3952-6682-1774

PM me for a match.
Please only PM me while I'm on. :)

PM or IRC only.
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Friend code:0559-6458-1729
pm me if your gonna add me and include your friend code because it might not be listed here yet.

If you want to Brawl, send a PM or Wii-mail. I'm only on during weekends though. Bet you can't guess which character I'm using...
list updated and sticky:P

Also in case somebody care I'm using Ness/Olimar

Gonna add everyone here. Maining with Wolf, Sonic, and Pit.

This is a thing that's happening, now. Achievements in old video games.
Thank you for the layout, Erik557.
Man, I wish this would've worked. Oh well.
If not for respect, but dramatic effect, take on the face of Guy Fawkes.
I can play on weekdays as well as weekends, and I main Claus (Lucas alt costume) and Olimar, though I need to practice him a bit.


I totally suck at this game, but whatever. If anyone wants me, there is the code.

Just for those who dare vs me while playing as luigi :P
I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Matt: 4038-5681-3555

Wario is my favorite character, but I don't always play as him.
I'll put mine down on the list:
i'll be posting mine say.......... next thursday
Your layout has been removed.

I'll probably be playing as Pit, but I'll play as anyone.
PM me if you want to play me ;)
I have added literally everyone in this thread, so ya'll do the same for me kthx.
<-- this is the dope on dope

Link Thread Closed