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24hosmw III: Rules and Submissions

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Here we are for the third time. In case you're new to the 24hosmw contests, the rules are simple: I issue a challenge, and you must complete it in 24 hours. Usually, these challenges are more than possible to complete within the allotted timeframe - as in, they're challenges which will probably take you 2-3 hours max.

Today's challenge is as follows:

Choose a level from the following batch:

-Yoshi's Island 1 (105)
-Donut Plains 1 (15)
-Vanilla Dome 4 (119)
-Butter Bridge 2 (D)
-Chocolate Island 1 (22)
-Wendy's Castle (1A)

Your task is to delete all of the layers in the level you chose EXCEPT for the sprite layer, and redesign the architecture to accommodate the original sprite positions. You may use any custom blocks and graphics if you feel they will help you, but you may NOT use any new sprites and you may NOT change the original sprite positions.

Submissions will be due 24 hours from now at noon EST. If you have any questions at all, post them in the discussion thread.

Good luck!

1. The background layer is a layer as well. Perhaps you could sacrifice a background and turn your level into a full-on layer 2 level.
2. You may NOT add, remove, or alter sprites in the level - however, levelASM and custom blocks are fair game.
3. In levels that already use layer 2 (eg. Wendy's Castle), remember that the spikes can be changed. The only thing that CAN'T be altered is the position of the Layer 2 Smash sprite.
4. You are given the choice of six different levels to allow for a bit of freedom. Choose the one which you think best suits your design strengths. Some are also purposefully easier to handle than others.
5. Remember, the only main requirement is that you cannot add, remove, or move sprites. You are free to edit their behaviors in the ROM map if you feel it is to your advantage.
6. You may change their graphics via the Super GFX Bypass option if you wish.

(WYEdit: added level numbers for extra convenience.)
My entry this

I hacked "Chocolate Island 1"
I'm not good at writing English.
This post uses the web translation.

Yoshi's Island 1 (105) edited.
C'mon, man, I try my best.
Well, here's my entry!

Warning: Level tested in Snes9x 1.53 only. I can't guarntee compatibility with ZSNES, but I'm pretty sure it works on bsnes.

Chocolate Island 1 was edited. And it's vanilla.
I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.


[22:25:05] <%andy_k_250> Turkey and Grease will one day be reunited - that day will be... Thanksgiving

I edited Wendy's Castle. Vanilla with custom palletes. I hope you like it, is not my best level. Well, my first participation in a contest! #smw{:|}
My entry now:
It should have had a reset door at the end, but because the rules didn't specify the allowance of r-doors, I removed it.

Layout by LDA during C3.
Here is my entree for the contest:

Here's my entry:
Vanilla Dome 4

Now the level is a cave and not is a night sky level.
Donut Plains 1 (15).

Good Luck to all #fim{^_^;} #smw{^_^;}
Its jowke
Layout by LDA during C3.
There you go!

Mine is Chocolate Island 1 (22), transformed into a lava pool.
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