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Polling who know both ASM and any higher level programming languages
Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - Polling who know both ASM and any higher level programming languages
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Who knows both SNES ASM and a higher level programming language (e.g. C++, C#, Java, etc.)
Votes: 17 17.5%
Votes: 22 22.7%
Votes: 8 8.2%
Votes: 6 6.2%
Votes: 5 5.2%
Votes: 16 16.5%
Votes: 7 7.2%
Votes: 6 6.2%
Votes: 10 10.3%
Total voters: 97
Hi all. For quite a while now I've been entertaining the idea of making open source applications and DLLs for helping people make editors for SNES games. I've made a few items (not released) that I've somewhat lost the motivation to continue working on. The primary reason for this is because I am unsure how many people actually know both SNES ASM and higher level programming languages. It feels like a low number to me, but I could be wrong. I want to be wrong. So here I am polling users to get an estimate of who actually knows how much of each.

All input is welcome, especially in regards to which higher level languages you may know (e.g. I am most familiar with C++ and C#).

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Define "some"

I tried learning some C++, but i'm stuck on classes, with a lot of errors I don't understand, so i know the very bare basics. Is that enough?

ASM all day everyday.

Hoping to learn C++ or something though, since I've always wanted to make my own SMW hacking tools.
Originally posted by ShadowFire
Define "some"

I tried learning some C++, but i'm stuck on classes, with a lot of errors I don't understand, so i know the very bare basics. Is that enough?

I would classify that as some to little. Proficient would be being comfortable with templates and operator overloading at the minimum.

Interested in MushROMs? View its progress, source code, and make contributions here.

If you'd asked this question in two years time I would've been able to cover one of those answers. As it stands, the course isn't starting for a couple of weeks.

Oh well, I wish you luck with your endeavours.
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I'm moderately proficient in both ASM and c++. I lack experience in the really high end stuff for both, though... For ASM, I haven't programmed the SPC700 yet or any expansion chips, and for C++, I haven't extensively used some things like templates nor have I done any professional level projects. I have good proficiency in the basics of both and could probably learn whatever I needed to know for any particular project pretty quickly.
Some of both. I'm at what I'd consider an intermediate level in ASM (I know a fair bit, but I'm still far behind people like p4plus2, Roy, etc). I also have a fair bit of C# experience, although I haven't actually done anything involving it in quite a while.
I can program in ASM somewhat, but my programming experience in C/C++, C#, and Java is much better. Especially since I haven't touched ASM for quite a while now.

I don't particularly know much about SNES ASM, but I feel pretty comfortable in C#. I work with a lot of generics and lambda expressions, so... beginner-intermediate, I guess?

Celarix | [email protected] | Avatar by Uhrix
I've used 65c816, SPC700, and Jasmine assembly, though I am most comfortable in 65c816.

As for higher level languages, I am highly proficient in Python, Haskell, Java and C# (in that order, though I dislike Java and C#). I am pretty proficient C, C++ and PHP (still can't blank page PHP, I've only used it a handful of times and it has a pretty big and specific standard library). I just recently picked up Ruby(OnRails) and Javascript, though I have a pretty good grasp of them in that I can code at an average pace as long as I have the internet and Google. In a pinch I can code in VB(.net), Prolog, and perl, though Prolog is the only one of those languages I actually like. If you count SQL I can use MySQL, never tried any of the other SQL backends.

I'm also an expert in BrainFuck, though I don't know how pertinent that is.
I know quite a bit of ASM, Matlab (that programming language that costs over a few thousands to use), and a bit of C++.

I'd love to get better at all three but Matlab is the only course needed right now.

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Some to little ASM only. I know most of the basic stuff and how it works, I've coded a couple rather basic level gimmicks for SMW, as well as having submitted a block and a sprite(based upon others' works no less) to the site.

I've been thinking of learning C++ or another language, but I'm having problems getting off my ass and do stuff, as usual.

aran - Graces of Heaven
I'd say better than 'some' but not as good as 'proficient' for ASM since I have never delved into the SPC engine or other complex things like Mode 7. I can make most of the things I need with ease though.

I'm more comfortable with C# than ASM since I enjoy making SMW hacking tools but again, I sort of lack experience in the high-end stuff.

Would definitely love to see those .dlls being released. I remember finding your (and Alcaro's) C# .dll files really useful for ASMPad... which reminds me, I should work on that sometime soon.
I can ASM, but only "simple" sprites and blocks and such. Which isn't all that bad, for I've started with ASM only a few months ago.

I also can:
(gotta love the letter ^^)

I don't really know how good I am with those?
I'm one of the best in my class, but that doesn't really mean anything.
Comparring what I know about C# and what one could to know. I guess I don't know much.

I'm currently programming in C# a software to solve the rubik's cube for my school leaving examination (don't know if that's the right word, but that's what the dictionary told me)

I can also programm in STEP7 and TIA, though I somehow doubt that any of you actually know those ;P

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... what even am I doing with my life?
Above-average ASM skills, I'd say, though nowhere near those of the better ASMers here.

As for high-level languages... I know a fair amount of PHP and have read "C++ for dummies", that's about it. I'm a rather terrible high-level programmer.


I consider myself proficient in ASM.

Though, what is proficient higher-level programming? Stuff like events, delegates, and all those stuff I kept failing to comprehend? :P

My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
Reminds me of another of my projects: SHF - the Small Hacking Framework, a set of C# classes useful for making hacking tools. Its primary features included simplified file IO, address conversion, data decompression and graphics rendering.

Terra Stripe was built around an earlier, less structured version of SHF and I've since then made a few attempts at getting back to work on rewriting the framework to be less hackish - no pun intended - better structured and be less needlessly abstract.

Perhaps I should resume work on it.
I'll be honest with you, I can't even patch a ROM

been here for nearly 4 years
When it comes to ASM, I pretty much know the elementary LDA CMP BEQ stuff. I only know how to code simple blocks. I know jack shit about coding sprites.

As for other programming languages, I took some Basic classes in high school and college which were quite...basic (please, contain your laughter).
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Forum Index - Donut Plains - General Discussion - Polling who know both ASM and any higher level programming languages

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