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Summer C3 2020 Content Spotlight
CosmicTiff's "Plombier de Fromage" Hack!

Summer C3 2020 Content Spotlight
Darolac's "Of Jumps and Platforms" Hack Release!

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Summer C3 2020 Content Spotlight

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xHF01x's "Kruela Mario 2" Hack Release!

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RussianMan's SMB3 Hacking Thread!

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Darolac's ASM Releases!

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Summer C3 2020 Content Spotlight
Yoshin's "Eternity" Hack Preview!
Tip: When using custom palettes, remember that certain colors in palettes 0 and 1 will also affect the status bar.
Tip: If you're using the original SMW ending, remember that level 104 (Yoshi's House) will appear during it.
Tip: When determining a time limit, remember that players won't be as familiar with the level as you are. If you normally complete the level with the timer around 100, others might run out of time on their first try.
Tip: Do not put an excessive number of lives in a level; they should have a value to them.
Tip: You can draw more event tiles under the default Layer 2 Event tiles on the overworld for custom use!
Tip: Make sure that ALL exit-enabled pipes, doors, etc. lead somewhere, or else they'll take you to level 0 (the "endless" bonus game).
Tip: When making your overworld, mix the terrain up! Angled land and multiple colors looks much more interesting than square land and plain colors.
Tip: Do not set the music bypass to 00 in a level with a P-switch/star; the music will endlessly loop.
Tip: Remember to remove the original SMW events, both layer 2 and layer 1, when making a new overworld.
Tip: Only use a few different kinds of enemies per level. Overdoing it can make your level feel disjointed and clunky.
Tip: Don't place Yoshi coins near a goal post because they keep glowing when a level fades out.
Tip: Bad things to do in the title demo: Enter a door or a pipe, activate a P-switch or a star, complete the level, hit a message block, or die. These will either glitch the music, or force the player into an endlessly looping title level until they reset the game.
Tip: Don't use savestates when testing your own levels.
Tip: If you place too many sprites on the same screen, it will slow the game down and cause frustration to the player.
Tip: Don't use glitched graphics.
Tip: Add decorations to the overworld. Don't leave large empty grass or sea regions.
Tip: Linear levels aren't necessarily a bad thing. After all, most official Mario levels are fairly linear.
Tip: Layer 3 backgrounds and tides disappear when you hit a message box, so plan your level around that. For example, you can add a sublevel without layer 3 at the start/midpoint, and include your message there.
Tip: Press Ctrl+Del to delete original levels before making a new level.
Tip: Don't just modify the original SMW overworld; start from scratch.
Tip: Make a backup of your hack before using any external tools on it.
Tip: Read Lunar Magic's help file and SMW Central's FAQ, as they cover most of the basics of SMW hacking.
Tip: Ask the author for permission before ripping graphics from their hack.
Tip: Try not to use the exact same background more than once or twice in a row.
Tip: Don't put levels in overworlds that don't match (like a snowy level in a desert).
Tip: Create a fair "difficulty curve" - that is, start off easy and then get gradually more difficult as the hack progresses.
Tip: Unique level names aren't necessary, but they're a plus.
Tip: Even though good graphics may make people interested in your hack, what really counts is how fun it is to play.
Tip: Try to make a hack that is both hard enough to be challenging and easy enough to be fun.
Tip: There's a fine line between difficult and unfair. Avoid the latter.
Tip: Press F2 on the level editor to see sub-screen boundaries. This will help you avoid glitching Dragon Coins by putting them on the sub-screen boundaries.
Tip: If it's possible to carry a tileset-specific sprite (such as a Buzzy Beetle or Bob-omb) through a pipe, make sure it has the correct graphics and sprite palette on the other side!
Tip: Test your levels as all forms of Mario (small, super, fire, cape). If it's possible to enter a level with Yoshi, make sure to test that as well.
Tip: Palettes 0-3 do not work correctly on the overworld unless you use LM's option to disable the event reveal animation.
Tip: Try running your hack on various SNES emulators to see if anything is incompatible.
Tip: Verify that your hack's BPS patch is functioning correctly before submitting it.
Tip: Don't remake levels from other Mario games, especially popular ones (SMB1/3 1-1, for example).
Tip: Read all of the tips by looking here.
Tip: Proofread your message boxes for spelling and grammar mistakes.
Tip: Keep your graphics within a specific style. Don't mix cartoony sprites with detailed and realistic back/foregrounds!
Tip: The first column of the palettes list is the transparency. Don't change it.
Tip: Take advantage of easy to implement ASM hacks that can be found in the ROM map.
Tip: Fix any errors you see before releasing any demos; "I'll fix it later" isn't a good excuse.
Tip: A power-up is most useful to a player shortly after the midway point.
Tip: Coins and Dragon Coins guide your player through the level and mark progress. Don't forget to place them!
Tip: Don't put a coin over a question block. It will create an invisible solid block above the ? block if the block is hit first.
Tip: Use palettes that don't burn the eyes. A blazing bright yellow and a night-black are not pleasant.
Tip: Don't make Mario die after cutting the goal tape. Fake exits are not cool.
Tip: Don't replace the first two Map 16 FG Pages with ExGFX.
Tip: Avoid blind jumps. If the player has to jump down a random hole to proceed with no indication at all that they can go down there, you've done something wrong!
Tip: If you give the player a cape, be sure they can't cheat and fly over the level with it!
Tip: The lowest row of 16x16 tiles in a level do not appear. Avoid having a low platform that looks like a bottomless pit.
Tip: Take advantage of easy to install Patches in your hack. The No More Sprite Tile Limits patch should be considered if you're encountering glitches where Mario and/or sprites are turning invisible.
Tip: Take advantage of easy to install Patches in your hack. Both of the Classic Piranha Plant Fix patches should be considered if you are going to use Classic Piranha Plants in your hack.
Tip: Try sketching out ideas for overworlds and levels. Even if they don't manage to fit into Lunar Magic completely, at least you have a base to work from, instead of doing it all from scratch.
Tip: Keep in mind that the maximum size for an ExAnimation ExGFX file is 16 by 13 tiles, rather than 16 by 8 tiles like you would expect.
Tip: The "No More Sprite Tile Limits" patch does NOT increase the limit for the amount of sprites onscreen at once.
Tip: Keep track of ALL patches and hex edits in case you need to transfer your data to a new ROM. It's definitely worth the trouble.
Tip: It's recommended to use these when ripping graphics.
Tip: When you're about to release your hack, make a patch first, patch it to a clean ROM, and then test that. This way, you are testing both the hack AND the patch.
Tip: If you edit level 0, make sure you also edit level 100. Both of them are used for the bonus game.
Tip: Yoshi wings take you to level C8 or 1C8. Which one you get depends on the overworld level you're in.
Tip: Before asking for help on the forums, make sure you've tried to figure out the problem on your own first.
Tip: Always check for updated files in the database by sorting them by "Date" in the various sections.
Tip: Use this patch to fix the bug where editing the upper right 8x8 tile of the sideways walking Koopa Troopa in GFX01 makes the coin sparkles look glitchy.
Tip: Try making new backgrounds using SMW's existing graphics. For example, if you have a hilly BG, rearrange it to make it look more unique.
Tip: Check for glitched graphics in all frames of an object or sprite (i.e., the ON/OFF block changing, etc...).
Tip: Never put a Hammer Brothers Sprite near lava. After being killed, it will still throw hammers until it sinks or goes off-screen.
Tip: Try not to place secret exits at the very end of levels-- the player will basically have to go through the same level twice.
Tip: Avoid making large, flat, boring stretches of land. Vary up the architecture and spritework in your levels.
Tip: If you use custom music, make sure your ROM has been expanded to at least 1MB.
Tip: ExAnimation also works on sprites!
Tip: You can edit the properties of the original sprites using Tweaker.
Tip: Make sure you can beat your own levels without savestates, slowdown, or rewinding.
Tip: Unless you've disabled the bonus game, don't use a goal tape in a vertical level. The bonus game won't appear if a player happens to reach 100 bonus stars there.
Tip: Create a thread for your hack in the Works in Progress once you have enough screenshots/videos to show.
Tip: ALWAYS test anything that you've made before submitting it to SMW Central.
Tip: Read the F.A.Q. before/after registering.
Tip: You can use the File Bin to upload screenshots, videos, etc. of your hack.
Tip: Check the Documents section. Tutorials and other useful information can be found there.
Tip: Check this thread to find extremely useful diagrams and data.
Tip: Check this thread for a list of SMW sound effects.
Tip: This thread contains data you might find helpful when coding.
Tip: If you're using the wall-running purple triangles in your hack, remember to add tile 1EB (or a tile that acts like tile 1EB) underneath it. Extended object 44/45 will include this tile for you.
Tip: Avoid "item babysitting". Do not force the player to drag P-Switches or springboards all around the level. This is not fun, nor does it make for interesting "puzzles".
Tip: If you place Dragon Coins in a level, make sure there are at least 5.
Tip: Remember, if you place a moon, midpoint, or Dragon Coin using direct Map16, it will always respawn when you re-enter that sublevel. Use the extended object instead.
Tip: The multiple midpoints patch can also be used to move a level's normal midpoint.
Tip: If you set the upper tile of the door to act like the lower tile, two-tile-high doors can be entered even while riding Yoshi.
Tip: The music in SMW's default castle/ghost house intros and boss battles can be changed by hex-editing. See $0584DB-$0584E2 in the ROM map.
Tip: Switch palace switches normally disappear if you replay the level. However, if you insert them as direct Map16 and use the hex-edit at $00EEB2 in the ROM map, you can replay the level without a problem.
Tip: If you give a Muncher tile custom graphics, it will still act like a coin when a silver P-switch is active, whether it looks like a coin or not. So make sure to use ExAnimation if there's a silver P-switch in the area.
Tip: If you plan on making long levels, be sure to include multiple midway points. A patch for this can be found in the Patches section.
Tip: Use Gopher Popcorn Stew to insert custom blocks into your hack.
Tip: Use PIXI to insert custom sprites into your hack.
Tip: You can use the SMW Customizer to edit tons of misc. features in SMW, including the speed of Bullet Bills, how many points a 3-UP moon gives you, and more!
Tip: Use the Iggy/Larry Battle Tools to edit Iggy/Larry's platform.
Tip: Check out the Current Contests & Events forum to participate in any hacking contests that may be going on.
Tip: You can insert custom sprites on the overworld by using Overworld SpriteTool.
Tip: Verify your ROM is unedited by using ROMclean.
Tip: You can use Lunar Magic's Overworld Layer 3 Editing system to edit or create your own layer 3 images (castle bricks, fish, rocks) and apply unique effects per level via the Layer 3 Bypass in the main editor.
Tip: Do you want to create custom blocks, but have little to no experience with ASM? Use Kipernal's Blockreator!
Tip: Do you want to make fancy HDMA but don't know ASM? Worry no more, because with Effect Tool, fancy HDMA effects can easily be created.
Tip: Stay up-to-date with new tool and resource releases on the SMW hacking scene by viewing this forum.
Tip: After changing, moving, adding or deleting a level from the overworld, use only EMPTY save files. 0s often contain the old version.
Tip: Doors and pipes act strange near screen boundaries. See this to avoid strange issues.
Tip: $5.27

<blm> zsnes users are the flatearthers of emulation
Just a backup for the C3 ropebox spotlight code.

SMWC3 Content Spotlight
Mogu94's Hot Graphics Rips!

SMWC3 Content Spotlight
TheBiob's Patch Manager!

April Fools 2017 Tips:
Tip: Remember to always use cement blocks. They help with the aesthetics a lot.
Tip: Don't waste your time reading pointless tips.
Tip: Item babysitting is an important feature to include in your level, as it teaches you about the real-life responsibility of looking after a child.
Tip: Praise be tile 1F0.
Tip: Layer 3 fog can only be used with a completely opaque palette.
Tip: Don't eat yellow snow.
Tip: If your hack works in any emulators other than ZSNES you will suffer the consequences.
Tip: Addmusic 4 is actually pretty cool.
Tip: To import your level into your ROM, press Ctrl + Delete.
Tip: Always use decimal mode for faster math calculations.
Tip: If you run into any trouble with Lunar Magic, contact the Lunar Magic Creator Ersanio.
Tip: If you want to make an ASM request, please contact Kieran. He's an expert and is always happy to help.
Tip: Post this tip on ten other websites and you will get good luck. If you don't then ZSNES will appear tonight and kill you.
Tip: Use older Lunar Magic versions whenever possible for maximum ROM compatibility and speed.
Tip: Use Romi's Boss Maker v1.05 to import bosses from other games!
Tip: Use Toad's Tool 64 to edit an SMW ROM.
Tip: Use Xka Shack to insert patches into your ROM.
Tip: Use Super BBQ Bypass on a sunny day to do some real-life hacking.
Tip: Use message boxes in levels with layer 3 tides to explain how they work.
Tip: You can join the Staff team by going to Ersanio's home and licking his shoes. If he's not wearing any, well tough luck.
Tip: Always print your SMW ROM by opening it in notepad for a safe backup.
Tip: Ensure that you place your 16x16 Map16 tiles one by one when designing a level so that you have maximum control over everything.
Tip: Brutal Mario is not real. It's in your imagination.
Tip: An A press is an A press. You can't say it's just a half.
Tip: The Multiple Midways patch means that you can have up to 255 midways per level. Use this to make engaging levels that will take hours to beat.
Tip: Make sure your palettes are always pleasing. I heard bright pink and bright yellow make great backgrounds.
Tip: Use trashar to convert asar patches to TRASM format for better patching 🤔
Tip: Take your ROM for a walk every morning. It will respect you more.
Tip: Don't do drugs.
Tip: Building up movement speed for several hours allows the player to traverse a Parallel Universe (PU).
Tip: Use the BRK opcode if you want the game to \rdgj
Tip: Feeling hungry? Contact that bellisimo son of a mama Lui37 for the most amore pizza ever.
Tip: For the ultimate ROM hacking experience, install Lunar Magic on your Tamagotchi.
Tip: Put emoji in your text boxes to make them lit af 🔥 👌 😂 💯
Tip: Use TrustWav.exe to add sound effects to your hack.
Tip: yi_change.asm will fix the bug where the game you're hacking is SMW and not YI.
Tip: Open your ROM in Blender to enable 3D editing functionality!
Tip: To enable OGG streaming in Lunar Magic, go to "File -> Music -> Import" and choose your tracks. Note that the max allotted size is 8 MB per track.
Tip: Lunar Magic's voice recognition function allows you to place sprites at your cursor's location by hollering the name of the sprite into your computer's microphone.
Tip: Lunar Magic 3.00 was released yesterday, download it while it's hot!
Tip: If you want to insert custom sprites, download Brutal Mario and use that ROM as your base.
Tip: To add custom power-ups to your hack, press the yellow poison mushroom button in Lunar Magic's toolbar and fill the empty dropdown boxes in with your desired power-ups.
Tip: Adding the slow autoscroll sprite to all of your levels will allow the player to become fully immersed in your design.
Tip: Cleverly force the player to enjoy your level design by making them wait out a P-Switch timer on every screen.
Tip: Change the three bytes at $00F9F5 to EA 0B G7 to enable sound channels 9, 10, and 11.
Tip: All animals are equal, but some animals are more equal than others.
Tip: Respect your VilelaBot or else!!!
Tip: guys pls test my hack
made u look

Rip: 1996-2017
Tip: I love you c:
Tip: This is NOT a tip.
Tip: Unban the MarioBros980 at never.
Tip: If the tips are glitched, report it here.
Tip: Who are you?Logged in as Kieran Menor.

Your layout has been removed.
April Fools 2020 Tips:

Tip: Be sure to drop by the IRC channels to engage with users in real-time!
Tip: To enable night mode in Lunar Magic, press the Angry Sun button to turn it into Solar Magic.
Tip: Never clip into the backrooms.
Tip: Season 10 of Seinfeld is now available in the SMW Hacks section.
Tip: To change the palette the Special World submap uses, grab a paintbrush and start painting your monitor in the colours you want.
Tip: Buy Super Mario Maker 2.
Tip: SMWCentral will be shut down on January 14, 1978.
Tip: Presenting iMagic for MacOS devices. Only $199 for the license to use the level editor, and an extra $99 for the overworld editor.
Tip: ASM stands for Aioli Sriracha Mustard, the essential trio of sauces to make a solid hack.
Tip: The best way to get your hack accepted is to send at least 5$ to a Hack Moderator.
Tip: Want to help out with music moderation? Just accuse every port in the waiting section of plagiarism so we can instantly reject them.
Tip: To ensure your port gets accepted, make sure you’ve got at least two channels with @17, and volume no lower than 255 anywhere.
Tip: Lunar Magic 3.12 allows Munchers to float by giving them jetpacks.
Tip: Check out the SMW Recipe section to find out some delicious recipes you can make with Map16 tiles!
Tip: Check out the SMW Laundry section to buy some SMW-patterned clothes! All profits go to the Dino-Rhinos of Chocolate Island 2.
Tip: To change Mario’s starting point in a level, simply move your computer to the other corner of the room.
Tip: To download Mario, simply open Lunar Magic and click File → Download Brother. Note that you may get Luigi instead sometimes.
Tip: .bps stands for Bepis, which FLIPS must drink before it can patch a ROM for you.
Tip: Lunar Magic is malware. If you see it on your computer, delete it immediately.
Tip: The Echo 1 hex command always takes exactly 22.5 arguments. If your output SPC isn’t complete silence, you’re doing it wrong.
Tip: Using Terra Stripe will net you a slap from the Administrators.
Tip: Check out our Super Mario 128 hacking section now that Super Mario 64 hacking is deprecated.
Tip: Ghost Houses are scary, don’t edit them.
Tip: Set the level mode to 1F to discover the secret Diagonal level mode.
Tip: SMW instrument numbers are actually in hexadecimal. Try instruments @[email protected] to find the forbidden instruments Nintendo didn’t want you to know about.
Tip: The rats in the SMW Graphics section are harmless. Please leave them alone.
Tip: .bin stands for Recycling Bin, which is where your ugly graphics belong.
Tip: Extravagant ASM gimmicks can make up for what you lack in the level design department.
Tip: To design a level, grab a permanent marker and draw your level on your monitor.
Tip: To set the level theme to winter, put some ice inside your hard drive.
Tip: Try going down pipes in real life to have the best Mario experience.
Tip: Is your emulator running slowly? Delete system32 to remove clutter.
Tip: To ensure that your hack is fun, try to add as many gauntlet levels as you can.
Tip: Hack mods love pit hacks, try making some.
Tip: If your hack can be beaten without any tool-assistance, it’s too easy.
Tip: Want to be a staff? Simply carve one out of oak wood and then astral project into it.
Tip: Do not place checkpoints, as they can corrupt your hack. The less you have, the better.
Tip: If someone says your hack is too difficult, that just means you're more skilled than them.
Tip: The B in bsnes stands for bad.
Tip: Remember that hack moderators are just like playtesters.
Tip: The Green Berries are considered vegetables. The Red and Pink ones are not, however.
Tip: VLDC stands for Vaccine Level Distribution Consideration, where you rate the vaccination rates of various populations around the globe.
Tip: Yoshi is neither dragon nor dinosaur, but actually a donkey.
Tip: Yeah, they'd be appreciated.
Tip: You can purchase fast food and disguise it as your own cooking.
Tip: One of your submissions got rejected? You tried your best and you failed miserably. The lesson is, never try.
Tip: Having trouble designing levels? Just grab level 105, move a few things around, and call it a day. If it ain't broke, don't fix it.
Tip: Don't know what a PKCS #7 Certificate is? It's okay, neither do we.
Tip: If you don’t feed Mario spaghetti in your hack, he’ll leave a bad review on it.
Tip: https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/480105844848066570/596611358993285120/mario.gif
Tip: To install ASM, just click ASM.exe.
Tip: Don't play hacks while on the toilet. Mario is a germaphobe.
Tip: Download Lunar Magic here: http://info.sonicretro.org/SonED
Tip: If your ROM is broken, no worries! There's nothing a little duct tape can't fix.
Tip: Mario got his name from Nintendo of America's lawyer, Jack Kirby.
Tip: Luigi's name was originally set to be "Slurngus" prior to the release of the arcade "Mario Bros." Please do not use this in your hacks, to respect Nintendo's desire to not use the name.
Tip: Make your ROM hack out of hanafuda cards to pay homage to Nintendo's history.
Tip: Wario.
Tip: Make hacks starring Waluigi if you desperately want to play as him since he won't ever be playable in Super Smash Bros.
Tip: Download YY-CHR for your smart fridge to edit graphics while you try and make up your mind on what to eat.
Tip: To extract ZIP files, simply open their zipper.
Tip: To edit levels in Super Mario World, simply pry open the cartridge and put the PCB in your oven. Bake at 200°C and your level should be complete in 15 minutes.
Tip: To insert custom blocks into your hack, simply grab the block you’d like and smash it through your monitor to get it into Lunar Magic.
Tip: Custom Sprite can be inserted with or without the can. Original, Diet, and Cherry all work. 7UP is no longer supported, however.
Tip: If you pre-order Lunar Magic, you get free access to palettes G, H, I, and J for levels only. Overworld palettes G, H, J, and I are paid DLC coming at a later date.
Tip: Lunar Magic only runs on Windows. Moving to a room with more windows improves performance.
Tip: Import a level from Lunar Magic 3.11 in Lunar Magic 1.0 for a neat surprise.
Tip: C3 stands for Central Carp Convention. Every six months, people from all across the site come together to compete for the title of Biggest Carp.
Tip: In MML, + is ♯ and - is ♭, while * is %, = is $, and / is &.
Tip: We've been giving you tips for 14 years, now it's your turn to give us some.
Tip: Where do you think you're going?
Tip: Wash your hands.
WIP: Under Construction
Tip: Who needs to go outside when you have SMW hacking?
Tip: Eat your pants for a nutritious meal.
Tip: Don't remake levels from other Mario games, especially popular ones (SMB1/3 1-1, for example). Feel free to remake Sonic levels though (Green Hill Zone and Chemical Plant Zone especially).
Tip: Stuck at home? Make a beach level to simulate going on vacation.
Tip: If it doesn't smell like sewage, it's probably edible.
Tip: Remember to adjust your clocks for Super Daylight Savings on April 2nd.
Tip: Remember that images are only allowed on the SMWC Discord server, not the site. See Rule B10.
anthro salamiToday at 02:36
Tip: SMWC is run by lizard people.
Tip: Congratulations! You won! This is not a joke! Click here to claim your prize.
Tip (noun): the pointed or rounded end or extremity of something slender or tapering.
Tip: Beginning in May, SMW Central will transition to a Super Mario Bros. 2: The Lost Levels hacking site. Download your favorite hacks and resources before they're gone forever!
Tip: Socks and sandals are not a good look.
Tip: Blame Spencer Nilsen for Super Mario World's US Soundtrack.
Tip: Blame Naofumi Hataya for Super Mario World's JP soundtrack.
Tip: Not if you paid your waiters their fair wage.
Tip: Missed the latest SMWC Twitch stream? Check out Dan's impressive Item Abuse 3 playthrough here!
Tip: If you do drugs, you go to Hell before you die.
Tip: April was a name invented by the Greeks in 1934. The actual Gregorian name is "Waluigi".
Tip: 10 Piano is the only valid vanilla SMW song.
Tip: Be sure to use ZSNES as your emulator of choice to get the most up-to-date, nifty features!
Tip: Brush your teeth, take your meds, drink your water. We care about you.
Tip: AddmusicK is incredibly buggy. It is strongly advised to use Carol's Addmusic instead, since it is much more stable.
Tip: If you're sad, be sad. If you love someone, tell them.
Tip: When using SMW's Tip: LevelTip Tag <span> was not closed.
Tip: Why not take a break? You can pause SMW Central by pressing +.
Tip: Using the newly discovered Mode -1, you can have six layers at once in your levels.
Tip: If MSU-1 is so good why isn't there an MSU-2, huh?
Tip: Power bill too high? Lunar Magic now has a secret feature that uses the light of the moon to power your computer.
Tip: Boardwalk, and the orange and pink properties are the most frequently-landed-upon spaces in the game. Make sure to go after those.
Tip: In the latest Lunar Magic update, there are 10 new easter eggs to discover! See if you can find them all!
Tip: Keep in mind that the maximum size for an ExAnimation ExGFX file is 16 by 247 tiles, rather than 16 by 8 tiles like you would expect.
Tip: Make your entire hack using only a hex editor for that smug sense of superiority.
Tip: Did you know by reading this message you could have done something much more productive like read a better tip that does not go on for a really long time that simply wastes your time? There goes 10 seconds of your life. Let this be a life lesson!
Tip: uhhhhh
Tip: Click here for staff leaks.
Tip: Talking to yourself is a sign of impending mental collapse.
Tip: You are now aware of your breathing.
Tip: Lunar Magic 4.1 is now out and comes with new features like importing Super Mario 64 levels and generating new levels in 2D format for your SMW hacks!
Tip: Lunar Magic 3.11 has been deleased. That's right, we're going back to Lunar Magic 2.6
Tip: Noivern's Mac and Cheese Recipe - 16 ounces elbow macaroni, 1/4 cup butter, 1/4 cup all-purpose flour, 1/4 teaspoon dried thyme, 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, 1/8 teaspoon white pepper, 3 cups milk, 1 pinch ground nutmeg, 1/4 teaspoon Worcestershire sauce, 1 teaspoon salt, 3 cups shredded sharp Cheddar cheese, 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard, 1/2 cup panko bread crumbs, 1 tablespoon melted butter - Preheat oven t
Tip: Using the standard Layer 3 letters, add "& Knuckles" (without quotation marks) to an otherwise unmodified SMW title screen to unlock Knuckles the Echinda as a third playable character!
Tip: The Magician shall rise again! Who is he? I don't know! I'm just a line of text!
Tip: System doesn't care. No really, she doesn't. Stop bothering her with pointless PMs!
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Tip: Knock three times when viewing this site for the first time each day to avoid angering Brelinda, the Evil Witch.
Tip: Did you know that user -1 existed? Sadly, they were patched out with the SMW Central 4/1/2020 update patch.
Dip: Ranch
Tip: Please don't tell anyone that SMW Central's database password is 1111 if you don't want the site to get hacked and possibly deleted.
Tip: A cyclops, who looks prepared to eat horses (much less mere adventurers), blocks the staircase. From his state of health and the bloodstains on the walls, you gather that he is not very friendly, though he likes people.
Dear Diary: Day 1, the residents around here seem nice...
Tip: Click here to delete SMW Central.
Dear Diary: Day 5, I found the buried ruins of some "forum". I don't know what that is. I need to have help sent! I have no food...
Tip: Color coordination is key to a well-arranged bouquet of flowers.
Tip: "pit" spelled backwards.
Tip: It's a monster house!
Tip: idk
Tip: Dear Diary: Day 13, I seen a man completely erased from existence... like from the sky came some kind of hammer and down he fell. B-but he just disappeared! I must discover what this strange power is...
Tip: After being audited for tax fraud, Yoshi no longer owns Yoshi's Island. Hence, please make sure you change the names of levels 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, and 106 to respect this fact.
Tip: Pit hacks too hard for you? Try a Pit: Light hack, which are made to be TASed in real time.
Tip: family guy isn't funny
Tip: Studies show that not looking at #world-of-insanity for just 24 hours can greatly improve your life.
Dear Diary: Day 16. I forgot what happened. Sorry...
Tip: Pay your taxes. (or don't, we're not the government)
Conseil: Apparament, on est un site bilingue maintenant.
Dear Diary: Day 31, I found the secret of SMW Central! The truth behind what is known as an "Administrator". Because this...this knowledge changes EVERYTHING! I must investigate the...
Tip: On second thought, let's not go to SMW Central. Tis' a silly place.
Tip: The current world record for "most money donated to Noivern by one person" is $8450. Try and beat it!
Tip: Don't test me.
Tip: e
Tip: Don't edit level 119. Worst mistake of my life.
Tip: No, mom, I don't need a coupon for two bags of milk.
Tip: Sonic
Tip: Ask again later.
Tip: $tip->generate_coolmessage(); //If you see this, this code is borked!
(Tip: Reminder text is not rules text.)
Tip: Issue with an SMW Central user? Use the Member Feedback form to send feedback anonymously to the userbase.
Tip: can someone tell me who mario is
Tip: Please insert a Floppy Disk into drive A:
Tip: Wanna be a regular user? AWESOME! All you need to do is register. Registered already? You won!
Tip: Press any key to continue...
Tip: You can drink cheese. But at what cost?
Tip: Speak to NPCs around the site. You may unlock some questions, and even get an exclusive item or two!
Tip: Placeholder text. Edit
Tip: Ask your parent's permission before going online.
Tip: This forum needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this forum by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and removed.
Tip: Make moderators' lives easier by rejecting your own submissions so they don't have to.
Tip: Stan Luigi
Tip: SMW Central has encountered a fatal error. Please restart your computer. Error code: KZ10013104
(modedit: removed tip)
Tip: The game.
Tip: Eat food.
Tip: Video games are life lessons. Always look for the glowy weak points for massive damage when fighting someone!
Tip: Don't die!
Tip: Pickle some radishes for a nice snack.
Tip: Drink warter to stay hydraded.
Tip: asd lkbs ;qbwd ;gr;onew;d a;jsdbb lhli3wuvebfpwrg hlaguwb;puejd ;bugr \;siudo ;\bu omg sorry my baby cousin took my computer
Tip: If you're out of snacks, just grab some fish out of your fish tank and fry them up.
Tip: Cheep Cheeps are not cheap.
Tip: 4 out of 5 doctors say sleeping is good for you. Unfortunately the 5th doctor couldn't comment.
Tip: By 2021, SMW Central will exclusively use face recognition technology for logging in. Get those selfies ready!
Tip: Time zones aren't real.
Tip: Some tips are lies, including this one.
Tip: Lunar Magic has menus, and even several buttons!
Tip: Click the icon on your computer to do a thingy.
Tip: Users who log in to SMWC with Facebook get a cool badge on their user profile page.
Tip: You can now steal badges from other users if you use a hammer. Just smash your monitor while on a user's page, and the badges will fall out, ready to take.
[STAFF-ONLY] Tip: You can find the secret staff forum here.
Tip: ExAnimation also works on sprites! ...right?
Tip: Encourage "item babysitting". Force the player to drag P-Switches or springboards all around the level. This is fun and makes for interesting puzzles.
Tip: Switch to the metric system if you haven't already.
Tip: Blocks float. So should your munchers, they are blocks as well!
Tip: Don't say swear words please. My mom uses this computer too.
Tip: Wearing a pant saves you 50% of the cost of pants!
Tip: NEW
Tip: OFF
Tip: Can't decide on a song to use for your level? Just use Last Bible 3 - Underworld Forest like everybody else.
Tip: Take advantage of easy to use BRR Samples in your hack.
Tip: Do not poke the giant hound guarding the SMW featured hacks section. He doesn't like it.
Tip: Click here to get banned!
Tip: Your SMW hack must be playable in ZSNES 1.17, Snes9x 1.39, and higan v106 to be accepted into the hacks section. Test your hacks to avoid crashes and bugs.
Tip: Lunar Magic is best supported on Windows XP systems.
Tip: Windows may not support Internet Explorer anymore, but we do.
Tip: bebn wuz here
Tip: Everything will be just fine.
Tip: These potato tips are not half bad!
Tip: Everyone loves some good chocolate tip ice-cream!
Tip: Don't fall for scams! Always double-check your hacking tools for signs of counterfeiting.
Tip: Please enter your password to your account (this is not a scam):
Tip: Some people speak in hushed voices of the secret of the Fortress of Solitude. Do not listen.
Tip: Read all the tips! Take the 2nd, 5th, and 10th (if it exists) character of every unique tip and arrange the letters into a secret message!
Tip: [This tip requires a CAFFIE GOLD subscription to view.]
Tip: This is Ted from the IRS calling about an audit stemming from your most recent tax return. Please enter your bank account info and SSN or you're liable for thousands of dollars in fees.
Tip: Stuck in a level? Rotating your monitor reverses gravity.
Tip: GFX37.bin contains graphics for the secret 10th world submap. But you didn't hear it from us.
Tip: Behind you!
Tip: 1F0 is a glitchy slope block that shouldn't be used in any platforming stage.
Tip: Don't use slopes, triangles are scary.
Tip: Don't use vanilla backgrounds if you want to keep your hack age-appropriate. Those hills in Yoshi's Island 1 look like... you know...
Tip: It's okay if you use savestates. We won't tell anyone.
Tip: Put your hack on a VHS tape and see what happens.
Tip: Flamingos obtain their pink color from their diet of shrimp and algae.
Tip: "Be there and be Square" is a good mentality to have for your Overworld design.
Tip: Make a big flat level with no blocks but ground tiles and one enemy. That's all your level needs.
Tip: Make "stop, go" levels! Tons of P-Switches and brown blocks with coins! Making the player wait for the end makes the ending all so much better.
Conseil: Pour votre sécurité, ne parlez pas anglais.
Tip: As a Canadian website, SMW Central is proud to be offered in English and in French. / Conseil: En tant que site web canadien, SMW Central est fier d'être offert en français et en anglais.
Tip: GIEPY is back and is once again the supported sprite insertion tool. Please wait patiently for the next sprite remoderation, after we finish with the current one.
Tip: Don't let anyone tell you your MS Paint graphics are bad. It's just a stylistic choice.
Tip: You're just refreshing the page to see all of the tips, aren't you?
Tip: Is browsing SMWC to slow for you? Open it up in 5 different tabs for blast processing speed multitasking.
Tip: If SMWC is such a good website, why isn't there an SMWC2?
Tip: You wanna know a secret? I don't think FPzero is really zero.
Tip: You're wasting your time. The NSMB series has better physics.
Tip: If you reach the Top Secret Area and jump 64 times off of Yoshi, you'll unlock Luigi.
Tip: L is real 2401
Tip: Level Design choices made at 3:40 am are always the best ones. Or any choices, really.
Tip: The music section has over 3,700 accepted submissions and none of them fit your level.
Tip: Scrap your level, start over. Or don't. It won't be good either way.
Tip: SMW Hacking is outdated. Windows NT Minesweeper hacking is where it's at.
Tip: When starting a new hack, always edit 105 before any other level. Those sliding Koopas had it coming.
Tip: That last restricted post you saw in #site-feed was talking about you.
Tip: Making your own graphics is simple, first make the outline of the ground tiles in black, then draw the rest.
Tip: Mario's canon height is 8' 11".
Tip: To get a Good Future in a SMW level, go to the Past and break all the Turn Blocks.
Tip: Be careful when using ice physics in your level. It makes Lunar Magic's controls slippery.
Tip: qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF qÁF
Tip: You can code custom sprites in Java. Just put import java.util.smw at the top of your program and you can write code for SMW! The resulting .java file can then be inserted with PIXI.
Tip: Each custom Super Mario World level has a secret B-Side that can be accessed by collecting the hidden cassette tape in every level.
Tip: Are you still awake? It's 4:37 in the morning, go to sleep already.
Tip: The SMW graphics section won't show up unless you store EFB copies to RAM.
Tip: Design and test your level somewhere else before you translate it to lunar magic. Examples include: Minecraft Creative Mode, Super Mario Maker for 3DS or Dreams.
Tip: I'm a chuckster!
Tip: Stuck in a level design rut? Ideas come to you much faster after your 8th cup of coffee.
Tip: C3 is canceled for the foreseeable future. I'm sorry you had to find out this way.
Tip: Check out my hack!
Tip: If you go to the Forum Graveyard late at night you can still hear the ghastly wailing of the Ghoul of the SM64 Hacks Section.
Tip: Why are you downloading hacks at the soup store?
Tip: Did you know? Hatsune Mike is the staff member with the most positions at once, being the section manager of all sections except SMW Music in 2015.
Tip: Animal Crossing: New Horizons is out! You should go play it instead!
Tip: You can collapse all forum sections at once and pretend the whole thing doesn't exist anymore.
Tip: Nothing outside of the Reality Corner is real.
Tip: Lunar Magic has a function that can edit the properties of Super Mario Odysseys Power Moons.
Tip: Submit a Tip
Tip: It's a beautiful day outside. birds are singing, flowers are blooming... on days like these, kids like you... Should be burning in hell.
Tip: Super Mario World Central Production 3 is set to release in February 2019.
Tip: Hack not doing so good? $10 for 20 5-star rankings w/ comment, contact bebn legg
Tip: Sexy SMW Central singles in your local area.
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