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Tip: By pressing Shift while placing event tiles, they will be made "silent" and will not appear until a map transition happens. Always use silent event tiles to draw paths in other maps (i.e. a Vanilla Dome event while the player is on the main map), or glitchy tiles may appear.
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The 1st Yoshi's Island Level Design Contest (YILDC) (Submissions) Rules Updated: 9/13/12
Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 1st Yoshi's Island Level Design Contest (YILDC) (Submissions) Rules Updated: 9/13/12
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Updates in rules:
9/13: ASM/custom music/etc. will be allowed at the cost of bonus points, meaning that changing the game other than what I originally allowed will no longer make you applicable for the possible 3 bonus points. This is to ensure fairness to the lot of newbie YI designers who don't know how to edit Yoshi's Island other than level. Final jurisdiction unless massive public outbreak of zombies. Old rules that weren't superseded by this are still enforced (meaning rules from 9/9 and 9/11 still apply).

9/11: This contest will be all vanilla save the few things I said you can edit for bonus points and custom music (see rule added on 9/9). Editing sprites sets will be considered Vanilla. Editing graphics save for Baby Mario is prohibited (editing Baby Mario will not affect your score unless you use complete garbage/glitched graphics, which would decrease the functionality portion of your score)

9/9: Due to concerns about feasibility and it not being wide spread, any sort of custom music will not be influential to ones score, meaning points will not be increased if custom music is applied to YI! To ensure this I'm going to ask those who do use custom music, please provide 2 copies of their submissions, one with vanilla music the other with the custom. This is so the judges and I could play the level first and proceed with judging, then listen to the track afterwards and commend you on your efforts.

>SMWC still lacks a Yoshi's Island contest


Welcome to the 1st annual (currently unofficial) SMWC Yoshi's Island Level Design Challenge! (TLMBOSMWCYILDC:2012) For the first year running, I'm your host, FirePhoenix TLMB! If you're interested in competing for the shiny golden trophy that is "Best YI Level Designer (TLMBOSMWCYILDC:2012)" then look below to see the rules of the contest!

You have until October 20th at 11:59 PM Central Standard Time to make one level that you believe is a showcase of your best efforts. However, if I am playing your entry for over 30 minutes and I am at a loss of direction of either an exit or a specific item and I'm not having fun, not only will your points score low, you may be disqualified. (note: this specific rule may be altered, but please understand the shorter and sweeter the levels are the more helpful they would be to me and whatever judges I get [not that a long level will lose points out of bias]))


Judging remains the same as in previous years, using our tried and true 50 point scale. Each category is worth up to 10 points:

Creativity: Did you take the original Yoshi's Island and bend it to form new, creative puzzles, clever areas, and tricky obstacles
Difficulty: Is the difficulty just right? Is it not insanely tough, but at the same time, not insanely easy?
Appeal: Does the level look nice? Are there any graphical glitches?
Functionality: Does the level work properly? Are there any retarded places that are unfair/can kill the player too easily?
FUN: Is your level FUN OVERALL?
Bonus Points (out of 3): one for just making a level tile and a custom name, one if you make a level tile for your level and if it matches the gimmick applied in the level, and one if the custom level name matches the gimmick/level nicely.

The following list is a list of things that you can change that will not affect your overall score:

-Editing the "Nintendo Presents" logo
-Editing the Overworld
-Editing the Title Screen
-Editing the Intro and its message
-Adding and editing a Credits sequence if applicable

After the submission period closes, judging will begin. Judging will last the entire month of November and winners will hopefully be announced the second week of December. The reason why these dates are so late is because I am a senior in college who is hoping to finish his bachelors in bioengineering with a GPA over 3.5, I refuse to pay more to the university that gave me nightmares.

There will be four judges this year, however, they will remain anonymous until the winners have been announced. I'll also have to find a way to pick them too.


Here are some tips from last year's contest to help get you started or perhaps give you an idea or two for your level:

-Use Custom palettes: Custom palettes can really make a level look pretty. Having nicely done palettes will definitely gain you a higher score in Appeal. By the same token, they can also hurt you if you have clashing palettes so be careful.
-Combining ORIGINAL Yoshi's Island tilesets
-Unique ideas: Again, feel free to make any type of level that you wish. But know that having a really cool idea or gimmick in a level can definitely raise your creativity score.

How to submit your level

When you believe that you have the perfect level, make an .ips patch from your level and upload it to your personal File Bin and then post a link to it in this thread. DO NOT UPLOAD YOUR LEVEL TO THE HACKS SECTION. If you post your level and then find out that you made a small mistake, or want to change something, you have until the deadline for the contest to resubmit your updated version. ANY LEVELS OR UPDATED LEVELS SUBMITTED AFTER THE DEADLINE WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED. Additionally, DO NOT PM ME YOUR SUBMISSIONS. They must be posted somewhere in this thread or they will not be accepted.


LASTLY, this thread is to be only for Submissions. Do not use this thread for discussion purposes, only submitting your work. This means DO NOT POST HERE UNLESS YOU ARE SUBMITTING YOUR LEVEL OR AN UPDATE FOR IT. Use the TLMBOSMWCYILDC:2012 Discussion Thread for all contest-related discussion.

I hope that you have fun with this contest, and I hope to see lots of awesome submissions from you guys! If you have any more questions about the contest, feel free to ask here. Good luck!

Permission was granted by FP himself, and the reason why I wanted to judge this was because a number of YI level designers are on the mod team. I really hope people join this, I'd like to bring some excitement into Yoshi Island hacking plus I have some neat prizes and trophies for the winners :>

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
Triple-posting for a reason. Download update:
Alright, I've decided to go and make a level for this:
Rube Goldberg's Castle. (Note: This one's old now.)
Hopefully the level's gimmick will be obvious to those that play the level!

Made a minor tweak to the level (added a pipe in a later part of the level to allow players to easily backtrack to the beginning if they so choose). New link:
Rube Goldberg's Castle (V2).
I decided to join.
Here is my entry: Cheeto moutains.
This is my first time editing yoshi's island #smw{^_^}
P.s The level comes after the intro level,

Formerly known as nick 139
My YouTube channel
SRAM file

My Level: Big Puschel's Scary Fort

You need the SRAM file since the level I am using for the contest is 1-4. It's not all the way done yet so I will post a new version when I get done w/it, but I am about halfway done. I just want people to give me feedback, and I know the message block doesn't work b/c the message appears in 1-5 for some reason, but it won't appear in 1-4. I hope I can figure out what's wrong w/it, but I changed the name of the level, and I want to include one or two more rooms and possibly a boss if I have time.

Edit: I tested it in SNES9x v1.53, and it works fine.

Here is an updated IPS patch. It has an edited boss battle, but there is a strange glitch in it that I have to fix. It plays fine though except for that. I will probably post one more update. I have been working really hard on my level.
Updated IPS patch
Shark Tale. My first ever Yoshi's Island custom level. Slightly rushed, but I hope you still have fun. I used a hex edit to get rid of the intro level, so you can cut to the chase. Ha ha, get it?
NOTE: Try not to get a game over. One of the tools I used might have messed up the game over text.
Guess I might as well start on my one level Kaizo Yoshi's Island hack now.
Update of my entry. Had to change the item memory setting of one of the rooms.

Legacy custom music

Go to level 1-Extra to play. There is a .srm file included to access the level.
And it doesn't work correctly on ZSNES because fuzzy.
I think my level is pretty much done. I just need someone to test the message blocks in ZSNES. I tested it in SNES9x, and nothing will display in the game for some reason, but I can see the message in Translexhation. They are messages 0E and 55. I also have to fix one more thing in the boss, and it should be complete.

Updated IPS Patch
Please d/load the SRAM file in the first post to play 1-4.
I forgot to add this:

The worst level ever made.

Not sure if the patch will work for you (it didn't work for someone i wanted to test), but it works on the rom i have so blarg.

[22:25:05] <%andy_k_250> Turkey and Grease will one day be reunited - that day will be... Thanksgiving
Woo. Probably not the best level I've ever made, but I didn't have a whole lot of time to put into it, so...hopefully it's enjoyable regardless!
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
last minute submissions ftw yo
my entry

i will laugh if anyone can't 100% it. i will also laugh if anyone does 100% it.
That is IT for submissions for the the ex (post facto) official SMWC YI LDC! Thank you for all whom participated, please wait patiently for the judging (which may still take the entire month of November).

Edit: if a mod could close this thread up, it would be really appreciated (or if an admin gave me the power to).

I wonder what a HFD opcode would do in ASM...
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Forum Index - Sunken Ghost Ship - Old Contests & Events - The 1st Yoshi's Island Level Design Contest (YILDC) (Submissions) Rules Updated: 9/13/12

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