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Why do you do SMW hacking?

Just a question. Is it a hobby or anything! I just love level designing that's why I do this. How bout you!?!? Why do you spend time creating hacks? What will you accomplish when you're finished with your hack?
I always liked Level Designing.
I started to hack SMW because there is already a big community about it.
Ever since I was little, I've always wondered about what if there were more worlds/levels in various Mario games. And I have a lot of interest in designing levels for a game.
I no longer have interest in SMW Hacking as I did when I first started several years ago.
Personally I thought designing levels for one of my favourites game is fun.

Though these days I'm just sticking to creating various resources for other hackers to use. You'll understand what I mean when you look at the size of the signature of my layout.
My blog. I could post stuff now and then

My Assembly for the SNES tutorial (it's actually finished now!)
Because it's fun, but today, not that much anymore, since i have absolutely better to do: i find ROM hacking a bit pointless as hobby, sincerely, so i do that only if i have nothing to do for real.
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Watch, i made a Super Mario 64 level
I don't.

Because IMO It is really hard to make something unique. Everything has been done. SMW Hacking has reached it's borders.

I want to stress that this is my opinion. Don't flame me for this.
Nowadays, I do it for SMWCP2, and once that's done, I'll probably be done with SMW (though I'd likely still dick around with YI a bit).
I hack SMW because I've always wanted to create my own game. I could do this in Game Maker as well but I didn't know about that until a year after I fiddled with Lunar Magic and Lunar Magic has always been very easy for me to work with so I prefer that instead. I could also try to program my own game in a language like C#, but I highly doubt I'll be able to create something enjoyable and bug-free with my current programming skills.

That, and SMW hacking is really fun. I am pretty decent at ASM and SMW hacking in general so I can make neat gimmicks, code custom bosses, design fancy levels, etc. I'm trying to make a very unique hack but that means I need to put in a lot of effort of course.

I kinda feel that SMW hacking is getting less popular nowadays, though.
I think that nowadays, I hack just to see what the result will be. I don't like forcing myself through levels, nor do I care a whole lot for the actual design process... but it's a whole lot of fun to come up with new things and make them work, and seeing a finished level in motion is the best feeling in the world for me.

Helping people out with stuff, especially with palettes, is cool too. Usually takes a lot less effort on my part compared to making themes, full levels and other things.
aran - Graces of Heaven
Mostly so I can have some idea of how you would design a level in a game, to help me if I get the chance to be a VG designer (I'm also going to start learning ASM soon, so that should help).

- BlackMageMario
First, because i see this Video in YouTube, and I thought it would be cool to make my own SMW levels, so, i'm here. #ab{:D}
When I was a child, SMW was my favorite game. I always wondered if I could create my own levels, so one day I googled it, blah blah, I'm here.

Nowadays, I don't hack as much as I done before, but when I do it is usually because I'm inspirated and I want to throw it out somewhere. I'm also used to keep multiple projects at once due to inspiration for making different kinds of hacks (vanilla, choco, strawberry, redrawn), and this kind of retards my projects, and so I get nowhere. That ruins my motivation at hacking.

I also recently got to create resources, more specifically custom blocks, and it's way funnier than hacking itself. Although they're despised by not having more than 10 downloads. #w{:<}
I like level designing
because i can make my own levels and i play them
plus i can share them with the public,
besides, i love super mario world.
Formerly known as nick 139
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I don't hack SMW necessarily because I love it (Though I do like SMW) but mainly because I like level designing. Although I hack for fun, I do enjoy it enough to continue on with it and show of levels on my youtube in such. Just a guy who has loads of creativity and want someway to use it. (Would like to be a VG Designer someday also, so its practice a little too.)
My Youtube Channel for Hacking and Gaming.
I hack because I can. I hack SMW because I like to design levels, and it's fun, though sometimes I'm always indecisive whether an section of the level is good or not and then I erase it #smw{:(}
Wow these are really interesting... pretty cool guys! Seems like everybody loves level designing. I mean what would you do after the release of your hack? Would you create another for fun?
Originally posted by Gamersoul
I mean what would you do after the release of your hack? Would you create another for fun?

Yes, though sometimes I take a break from my hacks.
Level designing too, but what really makes me to go on is the thought of seeing my works (in micro: levels, etc., in macro: hack) complete. Also, I like to make things to test others' skills and I like to bring up a good story and I think an SMW hack is a good thing to put a custom story into. I kind of consider it a hobby (I say kind of because sometimes I don't have time for this, and sometimes I have time, but not patience or inspiration so I "take a break" for some weeks). #smw{...}

Originally posted by Gamersoul
I mean what would you do after the release of your hack? Would you create another for fun?

Well, if I would make another hack, it would be a sequel of the first one, but with some improvements in GFX, gimmicks, etc. I don't know if I'd create it for fun or because SMW hacking is a hobby. Maybe it's just a need of mine to give more complexity to the first hack.
One of the reasons why I kept hacking for so long was because I wanted to have at least one finished project. A lot of people tend to abandon their hacks when they don't feel motivated enough to finish it; however, I for one, decided to continue my project until the end, even if I sometimes I didn't feel motivated enough, even if sometimes I felt like the hack was unfinishable, even if my studies and my social life got in the way, even if I had to play the levels millions of times, and even if remake most of them since I didn't like how they turned out. I encourage everyone to do the same and not to leave their projects no matter how many obstacles you encounter.

As for your second questions, I don't hack too much ever since I released my hack, but I might start a new project one of these day if I ever feel motivated enough to do it.

Originally posted by KevKot
Because IMO It is really hard to make something unique. Everything has been done. SMW Hacking has reached it's borders.

Creativity knows no borders, every single hack is unique as it is different from the rest.
Hell, I don't even know anymore. I just do it.

I guess if I had to come up with a reason, it's because it's fun?