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What Level Editors have you used other than Lunar Magic?

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Exactly what the title says. Here are some I have used:

-Super Mario Bros. X Level Editor
-Tomb Raider Level Editor (TRLE)
-Jazz Creation Station (JCS) which is a level editor for the game Jazz Jackrabbit 2.

What has everyone else used?
I've used:

- SMB1 Editor (forgot the name)
- SMB3 Discombobulator
- Golden Egg (YI Editor)
- Super Meat Boy Level Editor

That's about it really from what I can remember...
- Toad's Tool (for approximately 30 minutes or so - I couldn't get the hang of it and then stopped hacking SM64)
- Golden Egg (for like 10 minutes, not sure why I stopped though)
- I've made custom maps in RCT2, if that counts.

Yeah, pretty small and generic.
EggVine and Golden Egg, which are both Yoshi's Island editors.

I used mario builder and the trails evolution level ditor for the xbox 360
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-SMILE (Super Metroid level editor)
-DKC Resource Editor (DKC editor)
-SMB flash
-Portal 2 chamber maker
-Golden Egg (still trying to figure out what the heck I am to do. Finding the correct version ROM was fairly difficult due to various sites taking down ROMs #w{=(}
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- Toad's Tool
-EggVine: Made two full-length hacks and one mini-hack with it
-Golden Egg: Haven't made any full-length hacks, but did make one small demo and mini-hack with it so far
-Some SMB1 and SMB3 editors: Can't remember which ones but I briefly used them
Golden Egg and Eggvine: Both for hacking Yoshi's Island, though I barely used the latter.
LemEdit and Lemmix: Used for editing Lemmings levels.
Toad's Tool: For SM64, but I really didn't use it for long at all.
A SMB1 Editor: Obviously I don't remember the name.
Hyrule Magic: For A Link to the Past. I mostly just played around with it and never did much substantial.
And various official level editors, such as Super Meat Boy's, Portal 2's, etc., along with some others that I'm no doubt forgetting.
I should get a new layout.

Probably won't, though.
If these count...
Mari0 ingame level designer]
If not...I tried...
CaffieCraft Administrator
- SMB Utility
- SMB2 Discombobulator
- SMB2 Transmogrificator
- SMB3 Discombobulator
- SMB3 Workshop
- Toad's Tool

Probably some more that I can't remember right now.
I'm filling this space with useless info.
Reggie! for NSMBWii. I don't think I've ever used any other level editor for any other game.

As for official ones, the Portal 2 level maker and the Mario VS DK games.
Epic Edit (Super Mario Kart)
NOSE (Genesis versions of EA Sports NHL games)
PokeMap/GoldMap/CrysMap/JohtoMap/AdvanceMap/EliteMap (Pokemon series)
-Golden Egg
-DKC Resource editor
-Mari0 ingame designer
-SMB3 editor (can't remember the name of it)
-FFHackster (Final Fantasy I): Made an improvement hack that you can find in my file bin.
-Fuzee (F-Zero): Made half a hack with several tracks until the hack broke.
-Golden Egg: Nothing Much.
-EggVine: Nothing Much.
-DKC Resource: Nothing Much.
-Dreamtool (Kirby's Adventure): Along with TLMB, figured out the utility.
-SMK: Nothing Much. Might make something eventually...

I'll do more stuff as the days go on.
Editors I've actually used include Reggie, NSMB Editor, and an editor for Pokemon Ruby/Sapphire.

Editors I've downloaded and messed around with (or tried to), but didn't actually do anything, include editors for: SMB 1-3, SM64, SM64DS, SMK, Earthbound, and official editors for Super Meat Boy, Mari0, and Portal 2.
I'm using golden egg.
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Toadstool 64
Whitehole (Really awesome SMG2 level editor, you should try it)
NSMB Editor
Oh yeah, completely forgot about Reggie. Wonder where I can download Whitehole...
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